12 Hidden Features of Car You Don’t Know Existed

Published on July 16, 2022

Cars are widely used for the comfort, safety and reliability it provides. Latest technology is used to build cars. Thus it provides amazing features. Some of these features are unknown to many people. The manual enlist all these features. That is why these features are unknown to people because who reads the manual right? So we made it easier for you to know the amazing hidden features your cars offer.

  1. Shopping Hooks

Many people don’t know that they have chopping hooks right in the boot of their car. These hooks comes out when you press them. there are usually two hooks present in every car. You can hang your shopping bags right on them. Going on a trip? Need a space for your shopping bag of snacks in the car and not in your lap? Well, you can hang these bags on the shopping hooks. This will make your journey easy and comfortable. The snacks will be near you all of the time too.

  1. Sunglasses Holder

Your car has a perfect protection spot for sunglasses. It is usually in front of rearview mirror. This spot keeps your sunglasses safe from scratches. It keeps your sunglasses accessible to you all of the time. You don’t have to worry about your shades crashing down.

  1. Seats that can be removed

Many cars have this feature. In order to make space, the car seats can be folded down. it can also be moved forward and backward. This feature is handy. Imagine if you are moving to a new house and have to keep most of the important stuff in your car. This is the perfect feature to make space for your things.

  1. Take rest Notification

Cars are designed according to your comfort and safety. So when you are driving for more than two hours, cars show “take rest” notification. This notification usually appears with a sign of cup of coffee. This is a reminder that you need when you are driving too much. this feature was introduced in Audi and Mercedes long ago. Since then it’s been a part of every car.

  1. Hidden Umbrella in the Door

Umbrellas are huge. They need a proper space. So car trunks are used for umbrellas. But if it starts raining all of a sudden. You cannot walk out of your car and go back to the trunk to carry out the umbrella. So rain will make you wet this way. So now cars have a perfect spots to hold your umbrella. Here, there is no space is occupied by umbrella. This spot is in the panel of the door. You can easily get it out.

  1. Interior Lightening

Engineers have done a work of art. Most of the cars manufactured now have the ambient interior lightening. These soft lights turn on in car’s console, cup holders, handles of the doors, and the foot wells. Many people know this feature. But what they don’t know is that they can change the colors of these lights according to the mood and even to match the interior of car. Research studies proves that these ambient lights makes drivers and passengers feel safe. Even when these lights has nothing to do with safety. But they give a sense of safety to people.

  1. Tire Alert

All cars have installed inflated tires. They prevents accidents and improves fuel efficiency. Cars are now manufactured with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). It gives alert to the drivers when the car tires losses 25% air. Nissan offers easy fit tire alert which makes the tire air fill process easier. You start adding air in the tire. The car will honk and blinks the headlights when the tires of your car reaches the ideal level.

  1. Signal Alert

Waiting at signals feels like forever. Thus people usually get busy at signals. They start reading their favorite book, watch a video, eating lunch, checking notifications, starts talking to the other people present in the car. Being occupied,, you forget to notice the signal. So your car gives you an alert when the traffic starts moving. So that you don’t have to move by the horn of car behind you.

  1. Drowsiness Alert

Looking at the road for a long time can make any person feel drowsy. Even when the eyes remain open, the driver can go into state of unconscious drowsiness. Many cars have this alert notification to get the driver back on track. Mercedes makes the steering to vibrate to grab the attention of the driver. It make it easier for them to focus back again on driving.

  1. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

This feature is familiar to many people. But the owners usually have no idea of how it works. They don’t even know how to use it. It works as a sensor that detects if a wheel is about to lock during braking. Wheels are usually blocks in slippery conditions. they even lock up when the driver makes a panic brake.

  1. Hidden Built-in Vacuum

Car wash facilities are easier than washing your own car. According to research, 72% of people get their cars washed in facility. They don’t prefer washing cars on their own. This can be due to the fact that they find it difficult to take the vacuum out and then clean the seats of car. The hose of vacuum may not reach the smaller parts of the car. Thus, Honda Odyssey solves this problem. because it has a hidden vacuum with a long enough hose to reach even smaller parts of car. It helps to keep your car clean.

  1. Hidden Storage

There are many storage spots in a car. Many cars have a storage arm rest between the front seats. It helps to keep money, and other important things close to you. however some cares have storage spaces right down the passenger seat to provide more storage in the car. But these hidden storage are useless when you forget they even exist.

These are some amazing hidden features of a car people don’t know about. It is usually because they never read a manual. Every car manufacturing company have their distinct features. These features are very useful.