12 Secrets to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Published on September 9, 2022

Worried about the huge amount of grocery bills? Don’t know how to save on groceries? Let’s just face the truth that food is expensive. Feeding a family is a challenge in today’s world where wages are getting lower and food getting more expensive. Apart from that, people usually think of all the things necessary and add them to the cart. It is difficult to leave one thing and choose the other. Thus we have some amazing secrets of how you can spend less on groceries.

Make a Budget List

Making a budget list keeps you in check about your finances. It helps you to divide your spending. It also helps you save money.

What you have to do

Make a budget list for every month depending on your earnings. Then break it down to weekly budget. This will help you to make sure how much money you can spend on groceries.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals before going to a supermarket will help you save your money a lot. Meal planning will allow you to only enlist the items you need for your meals. In this way you won’t buy any extra item or overspend thinking you might need it. This secret will also help to save food from going bad and ending up in a bin. Thus meal planning will save your money and food too.

What you have to do

Get a notepad and a pen. Enlist the days of a week. Start to write to meals you want to prepare for the whole week. Make the list of the ingredients you need to make these meals.

Make a Grocery List

This is an important secret to save your money. You go to a supermarket without a grocery list and you end up buying extra things. They’ll stay in your cupboards and rot. A grocery list will save you wasting money and food.

What you have to do

Take time to make a grocery list. Think of all the items you need. If you are a person who plans meal ahead, then you are already done with most of your grocery list. Enlist other essentials you need and voila! You are good to go for grocery shopping while saving money.

Be Careful About Sales

Don’t go running towards the sign SALE! Look for the items on sale. But ask yourself if you really need this item or you are only buying it because it’s on sale. If later is your reason, then you shouldn’t buy it. Because that will be overspending. You don’t need the item.

What you have to do

This is where you can use your grocery list and can check if your grocery list consists of the item on sale. If that’s the case then you are in luck. But if it’s not, avoid getting that item.

Never Go Grocery Shopping When You Are Hungry

This is a psychological fact that every food item looks tempting to you when you are hungry. Even if you don’t like the flavor or texture of a food item. So there are high chances that you end up making impulsive purchases when you go grocery shopping hungry.

What you have to do

Keep a snack, a nutrition bar or anything you like when you go grocery shopping so you don’t spend unnecessarily on food items. It’s better if you eat a proper meal before going to supermarket.

Go with a Calculator

A calculator is a must when you go for grocery shopping. Calculator will help to keep you on financial track. It will help you to know if you are going over your budget.

What you have to do

Keep a calculator with you. Add price of every item on it. Note it down. Add them all when you are done shopping so you get to know if you are following your budget or going out of it.

Make Your Purchase in Season

Get your fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Because they are inexpensive during season.

What you have to do

Buy fruits that are ready to eat and some fruits that will get ripe in some days. This way you can enjoy variety of fruits. This way you’ll be able to save fruits from going to waste.

Check the Expiry Date

There is always an expiry date on items. They are usually denoted as “best before”. Check these dates on the item when you go grocery shopping.

What you have to do

Look for the dates that can give you enough time to use these items. So that food items can be saved from being wasted.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Research shows that 74% people around the world eat snacks which is a lot! This percentage makes us aware how much everyone spend on snacks. Snacks are expensive than fruits and vegetables. They also contains high amount of calories. This cutting off snacks will help you save money in the supermarket. It will also help you to refrain from taking high amount of calories.

What you have to do

Don’t get sad. You can always have snacks 3-4 times a week. But you should not spend much on snacks. Spare only less amount for snacks so you can buy them but only limited in quantity.

Don’t Buy Prepared Items

Cut veggies, berries, fruits, cheese, sausages will only going to cost you much more money than usual. The more convenient it is, the more expensive it is. This way you can save money the stores are charging just for convenience.

What you have to do

You can spend an hour or two in kitchen cooking food and side by side cutting veggies yourself.

Bring the Reusable Bags

Grocery stores offer reusable bags that have enough space to carry your groceries. These bags helps to keep environment clean.

What you have to do

Pay for these bags for only first time. Every next time you go for grocery shopping, bring these bags with you and save yourself from paying every time for new bags.

Exercise Self Care

You might be thinking what self-care has to do with saving money on groceries. I am here to answer this question for you. When you are stressed, you are more likely to make impulsive decisions.

What Stress Do?

Stress makes us look for guilty pleasures. So the first thing you want to do when you are stressed out is to order fast food or takeout. This is going to cost you because fast foods are expensive. You may get out of your budget. But when you are stressed, you won’t care about it. Thus it is important to practice self-care so you don’t have to look for guilty pleasures and overspend.

What you have to do

 Be mindful of your mental health. Take breaks between works. Take some time out of your day to practice meditation so you can deal effectively with stress.

All these secrets will help you to maintain your budget. These tips will help you to maintain a balance between spending and saving. Keep these secrets in your mind to save money next time you go for groceries.