13 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made


We bet that you remember at least one mistake that you regret! Humans are designed as a way to make mistakes and learn. However, certain mistakes make you regret them your whole life. Be it finances or personal life, we all have made mistakes. No doubt, we tend to remember financial loss more than anything. To ease your discomfort from a loss, we are here to tell you about the most expensive mistakes ever made! One overlooked mistake proved to be a serious issue.

The list includes the typing error that came with an $80 million bill to the $15 billion train order that didn’t fit. Such human blunders have made huge losses. Be it losing a winning lottery ticket or a world-famous novel rejection. We never know what is going to happen at any moment. We are telling the most expensive errors ever. At least be grateful to get saved from such heavy losses mentioned in our list! The list includes big-budget entries gone wrong or a financial loss. Continue reading to get insights into the top 13 most expensive mistakes ever made.

Photo Credits:business-insider

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