14 Celebrities Living In Beautiful Houses That Are No Less Than A Dream

Published on August 18, 2022

Ant Anstead

Location: Laguna Beach

Price: Unknown

Ant Anstead, also known as Anthony Richard Anstead, has had a fine career. He began his television career co-presenting Wheeler Dealers and for the Love of Cars. Ant has also developed a strong reputation as a car function Object and motor specialist. Therefore, purchasing a luxurious home was always in the cards with the money he had earned.

He married Christina Haack, a property investor. They have a son named Hudson. Anstead purchased a home in Laguna Beach, California, in May 2021 for himself and Hudson. After exploring more than 30 homes, he has settled on the house of his dreams.

The beachfront home on a hill offers sunny areas, a garden in front, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean just a short distance away. Anstead believes that the house is ideal for the child.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach

Location: Nice, France

Price: est. $7.6 million

American-born Tina Turner, a Swiss singer, became well-known as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. She later started a solo career and was successful there as well. She was known as “The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” and had a huge following from 1957 through 2009.

Tina took a break for a short period. She returned to the spotlight in 2020 when she could not keep her love of show business away for longer. The 80-year-old musician has sold over 200 million recordings over her career and currently has a net worth of $270 million. She currently lives comfortably in her luxurious home, which she bought for $7.627 million.

The house in Nice, France, offers much more than just a stunning view. Bruno Guistini’s multi-level villa is a masterpiece. We are confident that Tina Turner adores the view from the patio of her hillside villa!

Dennis Rodman

Location: Orange County

Price: est. $2.5 million

As a basketball player, Dennis Rodman certainly did experience a lot of fame and fortune. He has left the courts, but he still possesses the wealth and reputation he earned through his game! He was known as “The Worm” and played for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Detroit Pistons, and the Chicago Bulls as an NBA representative. There is even more to it. He also played for the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Hot Spurs. He certainly made a lot of moves!

Furthermore, Rodman earned various medals and was admitted into the Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Thanks to his assets, he has no chance of becoming bankrupt. He has a house in Orange County that stands on an acre of Saddle Hill Ranch and costs $2.35 million. The residence offers a sauna in the master bedroom, a billiards area, a dining room, and a gourmet kitchen!

Jim Harbaugh & Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh

Location: Coronado

Price: est. $4 million 

Former American football player James Joseph Harbaugh is now the Michigan Wolverines’ head football coach. He became famous by competing in the NFL for 14 seasons, while he was a part of various clubs.

In 2008, he married the stunning Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. The couple welcomed four wonderful children. The family currently lives in a lavish mansion in Coronado. Moreover, the couple spent almost $4 million on renovating the house. We are confident that this doesn’t put a dent in their finances, given their combined fortune.

Modern design, six bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a spacious balcony for relaxing are all included in this seaside home. So it seems this couple has a spot to go if Jim ever decides to retire.

Jimmy Carr

Location: London

Price: est. $8.5 million

James Anthony Patrick Carr has his hands in a lot of different pies. Carr is not only a talented comedian but also an actor, writer, and television personality many people adore. He initially worked as a marketing executive before deciding to pursue a career in comedy in 2000.

After establishing himself in the realm of stand-up comedy, he has presented several Channel 4 shows, including 8 Out of 10 Cats and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Karoline Copping and Carr have been seeing each other since 2001.

The comedian’s London residence is incredibly beautiful. According to the sources, he paid close to £8.5 million for the property. He had to spend an additional £1.5 million on renovations. Later on, he might use this as his retirement house.

Kim Porter

Location: Toluca Lake

Price: $5.25 million

The model Kim Porter undoubtedly had a special place in everyone’s heart. She has had accomplishments in her career as a singer and an actress. She appeared in popular films, including Mama, I Want to Sing! and The System Within.

However, she became well-known due to her on and off relationship with Sean Combs. The couple had three kids together after being together for a while. Her fans found it difficult to process when she passed away on November 15, 2018.

She was deceased while living in her luxurious Toluca Lake house. The two-story home offers incredible features and is estimated to be worth $5.25 million. It boasts a vast entrance hall, a movie theater, a gym, a library, a wine room with temperature control, six bedrooms, and six and a half bathrooms, among other luxuries. A 9,655 square foot area is covered by all of these features. Kim Porter undoubtedly made a lot of memories at this magnificent house. We wish her family the courage to endure her demise!

Mike Wolfe

Location: Tennesse

Price: Unknown

Actor Mike Wolfe became well-known after appearing in the film American Pickers. He had a mesmerizing face and a chiseled jaw that made ladies love him. He earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top explorers who traveled in search of rusty gold. At 56, the actor has a $5 million net worth.

Mike Wolfe is a man who likes to have a quiet life and avoid the spotlight. It would sound different given that he earned recognition by appearing on reality shows.

He prefers to keep it that way; his house ensures he has the seclusion he needs. He currently resides in a 32-acre home in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Although the price of the home and its luxuries are not publicly known, we are sure that it is a wonderful house that provides this man with the finest luxury.

Kurt Warner

Location: Scottsdale, Old Mansion

Price: est. $5 million

Kurtis, The American football player Eugene Warner, gained attention while competing for the National Football League’s St. Louis Rams, New York Giants, and Arizona Cardinals. However, the original idea was for him to represent the Green Bay Packers that year. Additionally, his 12-year NFL tenure made him a big star. The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Arena Football Hall of Fame honored him as the only member.

The 49-year-old today has a $30 million net worth. And because of this, he is capable of paying for all the world’s luxuries. One such magnificence he acquired was the Scottsdale Old Mansion house, which set him back an astounding $5 million.

The mansion has many attractive features and covers 11,000 square feet. This features a bar, 10 bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a massage area, and a fun room for children. Is that not luxurious? We believe that the former footballer will maintain his extravagant lifestyle here!

Simone Biles

Location: Texas

Price: Unknown

Simone Biles has had remarkable success for a person who is only in their twenties. Her incredible Olympic accomplishments include winning seven medals across two Olympic Games. In addition, Biles has won numerous titles in solo competitions and is a five-time world champion. She undoubtedly is a source of inspiration for many people.

She is able to purchase all the luxuries on earth because of the wonderful achievements she has accomplished. It also applies to a lavish Texas home with a garden and a pool. Biles purchased this house in 2019 and hired the best architects to renovate it.

The home is equipped with every modern luxury, including living rooms, walk-in wardrobes, fully functional kitchens, and large lawns where she can relax and take in the sunshine.

Troy Polamalu & Theodora Holmes

Location: La Jolla

Price: est. $2.5 million

Former American football player Troy Aumua Polamalu became popular while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He endured a tough 12 years working for the National Football League. Eight Pro Bowl appearances and six All-Pro selections enabled him to become a huge star. 2020 saw the induction of Troy Polamalu into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In 2015, the 39-year-old put away his shoes and left the professional leagues. His current net worth of $30 million allows him to live comfortably. Moreover, he invested his earnings into a variety of different properties. This includes the $2.5 million he spent on his La Jolla house.

The house has eight bathrooms, six bedrooms, a bar area, three fireplaces, a spa, and a huge swimming pool and is on 1.75 acres. Along with his wife, Theodora Holmes, and their two kids, he resides here. We wish them a happy living in this house.

John Madden

Location: Pleasanton, California

Price: Unknown

In addition to improving NFL coaching approaches, John Madden also transformed the NFL broadcasting environment. He also ended up being the star of one of the most popular video games ever made.

As he continued on in his life’s path, some of his most charming personality traits turned out to be his irresistible enthusiasm and sheer love of the game. As a player, coach, or broadcaster, his passion for the game was obvious.

His followers were upset to learn that their beloved extrovert broadcaster had decided to quit and stay in Pleasanton, California. They acknowledged, however, that he also wanted to spend some time at his beautiful home. The Pleasanton house is just as beautiful as it appears in the photos. Even though the house’s worth is yet unknown, everyone can admire its magnificence! We know for sure that Madden was happiest there!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

Location: California

Price: $20 million

Famous American football player Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He became well-known by playing for the New England Patriots of the National Football League for twenty seasons. He played nine Super Bowls in NFL history and won six of them.

Currently, Tom has a net worth of $180 million. In addition, his stunning wife Gisele Bündchen’s $400 million wealth. They have $580 million in wealth. Thus they can purchase all the world’s luxuries.

They made a $20 million investment in a house in California. The home features eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped pool, a jacuzzi, and a wine bar. It is situated on a 3.75-acre property. The pair has undoubtedly made a lot of memories in this home and will continue to do so for many years to come!

Kate Middleton

Location: Chelsea

Price: Chelsea

Among the members of the British Royal Family is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. In 2011, she married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and the couple had three children together. She might soon become the queen’s consort because her husband is the next in line for the throne.

But like Diana, Princess of Wales, The People’s Princess, Kate is a humble individual with a dazzling smile. She lived in Chelsea before getting married but currently resides in Kensington Palace with her husband and kids.

The London apartment that Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton shared once cost about £1.88 million, or $2.47 million. The mansion radiates charm and elegance and says a lot about the Princess’ taste in design. This property was recently listed on the real estate market by the Duchess of Cambridge, and it quickly sold. Isn’t that remarkable?

Ronda Rousey

Location: Venice, California

Price: $5 million

Ronda Rousey, a legendary wrestler, requires no introduction. She has a long history in professional wrestling and a flourishing career in the entertainment industry. Ten of the twelve Ultimate Fighting Championship titles have been won by Ronda Jean Rousey. Do we really need to stress how good a wrestler she is?

With all this achievement comes a huge bank account, which is currently worth $13 million, given that she earns $1.5 million annually. We are certain that this will rise in the years to come! Her personal life has also been prosperous and fulfilling. In 2017, she got married to American mixed martial artist Travis Browne.

These lovers have since been living in a property in Venice, California. The mansion cost them about $5 million, but judging from the photos, the luxuries make the price seem fair. We wish them a long and prosperous marriage in this beautiful house!