32 Most Dangerous Cities In The world You’ve Probably Never Know Before

Published on August 30, 2022

Travelling is fun and relaxing. People search for places where they can enjoy their vacations peacefully. But a huge concern about vacations is traveling to a safe city. It is crucial to ask this question. Even look for any kind of violations when you decide to travel to a specific city. The criminal and violent in a city make it dangerous, not only for the tourists but for the locals. These crimes are a threat to the world’s peace. So, to make it easier for you, we have created a list of the 14 most dangerous cities in the world. This list is based on the number of murders per 100,000 people in a specific city.

Watch out for the dangerous cities!

32. Cali, Colombia

Population: 2,627,939

Murder rate per 100k: 37.56

Cali is home to the most important arts and sports centers. Many regional and international sporting competitions take place in this city. However, this city is famous for something the world is not proud of. From the beginning, Cali Cartel used to rule over Cali until it permanently ceased in 1996. Unfortunately, crimes still occur at a high rate in the city. Moreover, crimes like drugs, murder, and sexual assault all are common in Cali. The Murder rate is 49.6 per 100k people.

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31. Feira de Santana, Brazil

Population: 619,609

Murder rate per 100k: 67.46

Feira de Santana is not a famous tourist spot but it is home to many agricultural and commercial centers. Besides healthy businesses, it is home to the huge drug trade too. This city is filled with violent gangs. Crime rates in the city are high as the homicide rate is also 58.8 per 100k people.

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30. Aracaju, Brazil

Population: 664,908

Murder rate per 100k: 63

It is best to visit Aracaju if you are low on budget and you want to travel. This city has been a site for much recent modern transportation infrastructure. Moreover, Aracaju has many beautiful tourist sites including parks, beaches, and an aquarium. Unfortunately, Aracaju has a high crime rate and a high homicide rate of 58.9 per 100K.

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29. Kingston, Jamaica

Population: 1,180,771

Murder rate per 100k: 54.46 

Kingston is one of the most premium tourist destinations in the world. Although this city is rich with beautiful tropical beaches and breathtaking coral reefs, it is best to avoid the capital city, Kingston. However, high rates of crimes occur in this city. It is not a safe city especially for tourists because thieves target the tourists. Although, it is safe for tourists to stay in appropriate areas it is dangerous to wander alone in Kingston. This city has a high murder rate of 59.7 per 100k people.

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28. St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Population: 300,576

Murder rate per 100k: 87.83

St. Louis consists of the huge industries in the world. It is home to more than 500 industries. Being a big city, St. Louis has high crime rates. However, it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. The murder rate in St. Louis is 65.8 per 100k people. Although this city is filled with many tourist activities and famous tourist spots, it is best to not move away from the tourists or crowded spots.

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27. Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Population: 593,490

Murder rate per 100k: 56.45 

Baltimore is famous for its cuisine and artistic scenes. Thus is it a famous tourist attraction. However, Tourists should be alert to pickpockets because Baltimore has a high rate of crimes. Crimes occur in even the most secure areas in Baltimore. Besides robbery and theft, other violent crimes are also high in this city as it has a 75.33 per 100k people murder rate. Tourists are somewhat safe in this city but they should be mindful of theft. Please do not go to the dangerous areas of Baltimore.

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26. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Population: 318,441

Murder rate per 100k: 37.68  

This is the largest city in Puerto Rico but it has the highest murder rate. Around 42.40 homicides per 100k residents are recorded every year. Surprisingly, people refer to San Juan as a highly violent city. The reasons for crimes are poverty and civil unrest.

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25. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Population: 6,748,000

Murder rate per 100k: 38.2

As we all know that Rio de Janeiro is a famous tourist city. Therefore, it is a dangerous place for tourists. The US Department of State recommended to not visit the beaches after dark. Try to avoid wearing or flashing jewelry because it will be gone when you merge into the crowd.

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24. Salvador, Brazil

Population: 3,957,566

Murder rate per 100k: 46.80

Salvador is known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking skyscrapers. Unfortunately, it is one of the most dangerous cities too. Picking pockets is common in Salvador. Besides this, you’ll see many other crimes in this city such as robbery, theft, murder, and rape. It is better to use an armored vehicle rather than a regular vehicle if you are in this city.

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23. Johannesburg, South Africa

Population: 5,866,550

Murder rate per 100k: 37.9 

This city is known as one of the deadliest cities in the world. You can get kidnapped if you show off your wealth or even well-dressed in this city. Thus, you must be careful if you are traveling in this city. It’s better to use an armored vehicle for safety purposes.

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22. Durban, South Africa

Population: 3,981,205

Murder rate per 100k: 43.4

Although Durban is the third largest city in South Africa, it has the highest poverty rate. We are surprised to know that being the busiest city, Durban has a high rate of crimes such as robberies, rape, and murders. The key reason for such crimes is the unstable political conditions.

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21. Rustenberg, South Africa

Population: 801,259

Murder rate per 100k: 41.19

In 2009, this city was known as the former murder capital because of the highest murder rate. Tourists should not visit this country because armed robbery and sexual assaults are common in this country. It is not only common for tourists but also for locals too. Every person living or visiting this country should not use ATM. Most of the robberies occur at ATMs.

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20. Pretoria, South Africa

Population: 741,651

Murder rate per 100k: 38

Pretoria is dangerous due to high rates of robbery, theft, and gang violence. You are not safe from robbers in this city, even if you are moving into a group. Travelers should avoid going to this city. If they had to, then they should not go out at night time. Travel in bullet-proof vehicles in Pretoria for security purposes.

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19. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Population: 254,200

Murder rate per 100k: 54

People should not visit this city unless it is necessary because this city has the highest rates of abduction and kidnapping. Political tensions and civil unrest are the two major causes of crimes in this city. These crimes take place at a higher pace during nighttime. So avoid going out. If you had to go out, please have a security escort with you or go for the foreign office’s advice.

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18. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Population: 475,238

Murder rate per 100k: 83.24

Traveling, by all means, is dangerous in Pietermaritzburg. Be it day or night or private or public transport, you have to be extremely careful. You should be more careful if you are a traveler. Do not take out cash unless you are in a hotel or bank. The rate of crime is higher at night so avoid going out at night time. The reason for crimes is that Pietermaritzburg has a high population but low police officials and poor law and order.

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17. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela 

Population: 370,627

Murder rate per 100k: 69

Do you know that Ciudad Bolivar is known as one of the biggest mega-slum in the world? You must be wondering why. This city has high rates of drugs, violence running rampant, and gangs in the world. 699 per 100k is the murder rate in this city. it is a high enough rate to disrupt the peace. However, the key reason for such crimes in this city is the poor judiciary and poor law and order. This city is filled with so many active gangs that it is unsafe to travel in regular vehicles. You should use armored vehicles if you have to visit this city.

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16. Irapuato, Mexico

Population: 866,370

Murder Rate per 100k: 81

The population of Irapuato is less than 400,000. however, the murder rate is 81. This s not a big city but has a high rate of violence. All of this violence is due to the turd between the Jalisco Cartel New Generation and Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. Mass shooting is common in this city. It is not surprising to see men with assault rifles if you visit this city. You’ll find many viral mass shooting videos of this city on social media. Local police resigned from the responsibility of managing the criminal acts of this city. Moreover, the local police have handed over this issue to the federal government which is also unable to handle this violence.

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15. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 

Population: 1,512,450

Murder rate per 100k: 86

Ciudad Jaurez is a city full of entertainment, loud music, and nightclubs. Unfortunately, the rates of crimes went so high in the city that the rate of tourism went too low. Now it is the city with around 86 murders per 100,000 residents. This city is even worst for women. Women should not go to this city. Furthermore, all types of crimes including, murder, theft, robbery, burglary, and carjacking are common in this city. Please be careful whenever you go to this city especially if you are a tourist. If you happen to be in any unfortunate situation then you should not go to the police. Be careful about your safety and travel in bullet-proof transport.

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14. Acapulco, Mexico

Population: 687,608

Murder rate per 100K: 111

It is a shocking fact that around 6 murders in a day are reported in the Mexican city. Nobody is there to confirm it but no one can deny it too. Thus, it gives us an idea of how dangerous it is to visit this place. The murder rate is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, official statistics of Acapulco gave a number that 108 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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13. Tijuana, Mexico

Population: 1.8 million

Murder rate per 100K: 138

Tijuana is known to the world for its horrible crimes. It is located on the U.S border. Besides the fact that this city is located close to the United States, it has a high rate of murders. Furthermore, official statistics of Acapulco gave a number that 100 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city. it is horrible to know that fact that 1% of the people of Tijuana are expected to be killed. It is no less than a shock that how these both cities are big tourist attractions but they are dangerous.

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12. Belem, Brazil

Population: 2.08

Murder rate per 100K: 67

This city is getting worse day by day due to the increase in the drug trade. The high drug rate of Belem also led to an increase in the number of murders. Because we all know that crimes run in a circle; leading to one another. This city is currently dealing with the issue of policing. Even with over two million people, this city is not going to settle the issue of policing. Furthermore, official statistics of Belem gave a number that more than 70 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city, just like Vitoria da Conquista.

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11. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil

Population: 341,128

Murder rate per 100K: 51

Just like Tijuana, this city is known to the world for its organized crimes. It is one of the most dangerous cities in the world according to homicide statistics. Vitoria da Conquista has a small population but high crime. Furthermore, official statistics of this city gave a number that more than 70 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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10. Maceio, Brazil

Population: 1.025 million

Murder rate per 100K: 51

The largest state of Alagoas is Maceio which is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Maceio is a coastal town and attracts many tourists and residents for its beautiful view. However, the number of homicides in this city is increasing horribly. Furthermore, official statistics of this city gave a number that more than 63 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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9. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

Population: 877,547

Murder rate per 100K: 78

Venezuela is a popular tourist spot. However, it is not safe as it seems. If you are planning to travel to this city, then you have to be careful about your things. Because guess what? The people who are supposed to protect you are corrupt. You cannot trust the police of Ciudad Guayana. The underground areas of this city are the most dangerous. Do not go near these areas. Furthermore, official statistics of this city gave a number that more than 80 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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8. Natal, Brazil

Population: 890,490

Murder rate per 100K: 102.6

The police of this city are no better than robbers. Many policemen try to bribe and harass tourists. Many tourists confirmed it too. However, it is no surprise that a city with such corrupt police has a huge number of murders. Furthermore, the official statistics of Natal gave a number that 1,300 people are expected to be killed for every 1,300,000 people living in the city.

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7. Los Cabos, Mexico

Population: 202,694

Murder rate per 100K: 138.26

According to the rates of homicides, this city is the official second most violent city in the world. Tourists have a list that they call ‘no-go’ destinations. Los Cabos comes at the top of this list. It is because this city is filled with criminal gangs. The gangs fight over the drug trade which is also at a high rate in this city. Furthermore, official statistics of Los Cabos gave a number that 300 people are expected to be killed for every 300,000 people living in the city. The city has less population but high crime rates. There are always ongoing gang turf wars, keeping the security away. The views in this city are horrible because the gangs hang bodies near tourist sites to give the message of violence to other gangs and even local authorities. Luckily, the gangs don’t target tourists.

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6. Fortaleza, Brazil

Population: 2,703,391

Murder rate per 100K:  69.15

Fortaleza is a beautiful tourist spot famous for its beaches and red cliffs. While the beauty of this city keeps calling tourists towards it, the high crime rates keep them away. Due to high rates of homicides, it is advised to remain in certain tourist spots only. You should never go anywhere else other than tourist spots in this city. Furthermore, official statistics of Fortaleza gave a number that 83 people are expected to be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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5. La Paz, Mexico

Population: 250,141

Murder rate per 100K: 85

This city has high crime rates due to high cocaine consumption. La Paz consists of many drug gangs who get into fights on small matters, resulting in death. Even tourists have reported many cases of scams in La Paz. This city has a small population  but high crime rates. Furthermore, official statistics of this city gave a number that 85 people are expected to be killed for every 305,000 people living in the city.

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4. Culiacan, Mexico

Population: 1,000,000

Murder rate per 100K: 61

In Mexico, Culiacan is the most dangerous city. As this city has high crime rates, locals avoid going out at night. However, it is somehow safe to explore this city in the morning. Culiacan has such a poor murder record. So, 70 people for every 100,000 are expected to be killed in this city.

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3. Caracas, Venezuela

Population: 2.939 million

Murder rate per 100K: 111

All we can say is that it is not a safe place to travel. Why? Because this city has one of the most corrupt police in the world known as the Metropolitan Police Force. The statistics of Human Rights Watch say that 1 of 5 crimes in Caracas is committed by police. So, this is one of the important reasons why crimes in this city are increasing day by day. Besides this, the homicide rate of this city is also high. Furthermore, official statistics of this city gave a number that 111 people are expected to be killed for every 3,000,000 people living in the city.

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2. Cape Town, South Africa

Population: 4.618

Murder rate per 100K: 66

South Africa has managed to regain its place in the world after the end of Apartheid. But the racial issue is still there to some extent. This city is located on the South West Coast of South Africa. 2,493 murders were recorded in Cape Town, last year. So, it means that more than 60 people will be killed for every 100,000 people living in the city.

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1. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

Population: 305,115

Murder rate per 100 K: 86

This is the last most dangerous city we have on our list. Tourists are not advised to go to Ciudad Victoria. Also, the local people are surviving in this city with difficulty. Because gang warfare made it tough for the people to live in the city. Although, the population of this city is small, 330,000. It means that 91 people will be killed per 100,000 people living in the city.

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You must be thinking that Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico are the most dangerous cities in the world. They are indeed dangerous but there are many more dangerous counties in the world too. However, on the list of most dangerous countries in the world, Brazil ranks 48th, Venezuela 20th, and Mexico 24th place.

The most dangerous country in the world is Afghanistan. However, due to war-torn, the cities of Afghanistan are not considered as dangerous. Also, this country is ranked as the most dangerous on the basis of warfare but not for crimes.

Tips for Safety

Always remember the following four tips no matter where you are traveling to. All you have to do is to

  • Avoid areas in war
  • Listen to government travel advisories
  • Be smart
  • Avoid areas that are involved in drug activities
  • Don’t go out in the dark when you are in a city with high crime rates
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Be careful, be safe!