15 Celebrities Who Made Comeback After Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Published on September 2, 2022

Kirstie Alley – Portion Control and Work-out

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Alley gained the attention of millions of people when she starred in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. She won a number of awards due to this role including Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Today, she is in her sixties but you won’t believe it! Because she still looks flawless today! Kirstie loses and gains weight on and off. It seems like she has a love and hate relationship with her weight. Once she managed to lose 100 lbs. She managed to get in shape with the help of a workout routine and a healthy diet. We hope she keeps it up!

Adele – Exercise

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No introduction is required for this popular singer and songwriter. She received, 18 Billboard Music Awards, an Academy Award, , five American Music Awards, Brit Awards Critics’ Choice Award, 15 Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and, to name a few. This list of awards show what an exceptional singer is Adele. She has a melodious voice that has won the heart of millions of people. Adele was always on the plus size. However, she herself and her fans never cared about it. But Adele adopted a healthy lifestyle after she had her son. She revealed to media that her transformation is possible only through a healthy diet and a regular gym. She has added fruits, vegetables, lean meat and complex carbs in her diet. Her weight loss journey is truly inspiring!

Alec Baldwin — Pilates and Modified Eating

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There is no need to introduce the already famous producer, actor and comedian, Alexander Rae Baldwin III. He won the hearts of many from his roles in Knots Landing, the CBS drama, and films including The Hunt for Red October, Beetlejuice and The Marrying Man. Baldwin completely quit sugar from his diet after being diagnosed a pre-diabetic by his doctors. Later, he started calorie-free diet. He loves to do Pilates and follow a strict routine for it. Alec looks terrific as he has been capable of maintaining the right weight and body type. We hope he keeps his health and fitness first and stays active!

Boy George – Diet Control And Fitness Training

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The iconic musician of of1980’s, Boy George example is a living example of how stardom can be messy. He had a history of drug addiction like many other stars. He also went to rehab on court’s order. He went on to 260 pounds just because of all this mess. Later, he made a comeback as a healthy individual. He maintains a fitness regime and healthy diet that helped him gain his body back!

Sasha Pieterse – Dancing With The Stars

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The famous Alison DiLaurentis of Pretty Little Liars, Sasha Piesterse-Sheaffer is an actress, singer and a songwriter. She got married to Hudson Sheaffer in 2018 and lives with him in California since then. Everyone was shocked to see her pictures after weight gain. She was diagnosed with PCOS due to which she gained weight. She was the contestant of Dancing with the Stars for 25 seasons during which she lost around seventy pounds in order to win. However, she didn’t won. Later, she managed to reach her weight goals. We love to see her healthy and in shape!

Celine Dion –  Working Too Hard

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Celine Dion is one of the most iconic singer in the world who captured the hearts of millions of people. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now and Because You Loved Me are two of her most famous songs around the globe. Due to her exceptional singing skills, Dion broke many records of the music industry. After the death of her beloved husband and brother, she was stressed out a lot. She had a tough time and due to it, she has lost much weight.

Queen Latifah – Diet and Work-out

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Queen Latifah is the stage name of Dana Elaine Owens who is a multi talented singer, rapper, actress and producer. In 1989, she made her debut and Girls Trip, Set It Off, Taxi, and Last Holiday are some of her famous movies. She has been an inspiring plus sized women for decades. How? Because she loves her curves and she always own them. However, she had to lose weight in order to maintain her health and she hired a trainer and made some changes to her diet. She lost 20 lbs. her weight loss transformation inspired many of her fans and they started following it.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann – Healthy Diet and Exercise

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The gorgeous singer gained popularity with her work in a reality TV series called The Real Housewives of Atlanta. People fell in love with her acting skills and she captured millions of hearts. She married two times as her first marriage to Daniel Toce wasn’t successful. However she found the love of her life when she got married to Kroy Biermann. Kim is a foodie. Be it sweets, fruits, pastas or veggies, she cannot stop due to which she gained weight. Unfortunately she had to face immense body shamming and Kim decided to fight back. So she went on a strict diet, quit taking red meat, started drinking a lots of water and a regular workout regime. She lost excessive weight and made her comeback.

Kelly Clarkson – Balanced Diet and Regular Workouts

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Clarkson got famous in early 2000s for her singing skills. She won American Idol before becoming a star on her own. She released many famous hits and became the ‘it girl’ of the music industry. She has a successful career in music industry to this day. However, she gained a lot of weight as she was dealing with childbirth, autoimmune disease and thyroid problem. She became obese in a numbered days but she didn’t give up. She looked for a solution to fight obesity. She started a plant-based diet plan with whole organic food items and just with that she lost 37 pounds. She didn’t even opt for a fitness routine. Can you believe that?

Fergie – Low-Calorie Diet

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She is known as the member of iconic The Black Eyed Peas. This famous singer, songwriter and actress gained attention of many people when she starred in numerous TV shows and movies namely, Fanboy & Chum Chum, Planet Terror, Poseidon, Married…with Children, Kids Incorporated, Nine, and Grindhouse. In 2009, Fergie married Josh Duhamel and they have a son Axl Jack Duhamel. She gained a lot of weightduring her pregnancy. Food was Fergie’s bbiggest addiction and she had to fight it in order to get back in shape. When she is stressed, she likes to eat to keep her spirits high. But after giving birth to her son, she hired a nutrition expert and started a low-fat diet. She lost 20 lbs. Now she follows a fitness regime to maintain weight.

Kaley Cuoco –Workout Regimen and Healthy Eating

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Cuoco became famous when she played the role of Penny in The  Big Bang Theory. She is a gorgeous actress who has amazing acting skills. Millions of people fell in love with her for her exceptional beauty. She struggled to fight against excessive weight gain. However, she didn’t go for extreme methods to lose weight. She just followed a regular workout routine and a healthy diet. We cannot believe that she once gained a lot of weight.

Anne Hegerty – Healthy Diet

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She is a famous intellectual celebrity who you must have seen at many TV quiz shows. She became popular as one of the “Chasers” on The Chase. This ITV game show was hosted by Bradlley Walsh. Hegerty was one of the participant on this show in 2018. It was a rough journey for her on this show. Along with her fellow celebrity, Hegerty had to live in the camp with nothing but the bare necessities. But she looked on the positive side. She was able to reduce her body mass by over 14 pounds while she was on the show. She believes her weight loss to be the greatest benefit she received from the show, despite the fact that she did not win it.

Susan Boyle – Healthy Diet

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In 2008, Susan was a performer in the famous show Britain’s Got Talent. She got after it. The video of her singing the song I Dreamed a Dream went viral on social media platforms and she became an overnight sensation. She released a single in 2009 that hit the top of the Billboard 200 for 6 weeks. Her second and third albums also gained popularity around the world. Later she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes that led to more diseases. But she decided to fight back so Boyle adopted a healthy diet as  she quit sugar permanently from her diet. She started walking 2 miles each day and today she looks like as healthy as ever!

Khloe Kardashian – Exercise and Dairy-Free Diet

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Khloe gained fame from the reality television show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is a 36 years old famous socialite, entrepreneur, model and TV personality. She appeared in Fashion Police, The Apprentice, Mad TV, Chelsea Does, and Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Her net worth increased immensely after gaining popularity.

All Kardashians earn million bucks then why not Khloe too! Khloe shared tips about her inspiring weight loos journey. She lost 40 lbs. by adopting a dairy-free diet and strict workout routine. She looks gorgeous as ever and we love to see her healthy!

Mark Labbett – Diet and Exercise

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Labbett is a famous TV personality who made his name as a chaser on the popular game show on ITV, The Chase. He has been the only chaser in American version of the show since 2013. However, in the Australian version, she is a chaser among six others. His fans gave him a pet name “The Beast”. At one point, this genius was of 378 lbs. standing at 6 feet just like a giant. But he started a healthy diet and a workout routine due to which he lost excessive weight. He also lost almost 11 stones which is surely a big achievement. We wish him all the goodness in life!