17 Celebrities Who Are Seen Without Makeup but Who is A Natural Beauty

Published on September 15, 2022

Selena Gomez

photo credits: insider.com

The world-famous singer and actress needs no introduction. She is a natural beauty who radiates innocence everywhere she goes especially on movie and music video sets. All of this is not because she likes to wear natural makeup. But her recent bare-faced selfie went viral as people call her a heavenly beauty. Gomez gained the attention of many when starred in a Disney show called Wizards of Waverly Place. She got popular in her teenage. But this is not just it.

Gomez became the executive producer of a blockbuster Netflix show, Thirteen Reasons Why. She is making huge money and success as a producer, actress, and singer. Her songs are famous worldwide. A year ago, Selena Gomez launched her makeup brand Rare Beauty. She gives funds to mental health facilities from the money she makes through Rare Beauty. Not only she is a natural beauty, but Selena also has a heart of gold!

Gigi Hadid

photo credits: eonline.com

There is not a single person who talks about modeling without talking about Gigi Hadid. She is a top model who has had a successful career since the day she stepped into the industry. Gigi Hadid modeled for all the popular houses. She won the hearts of millions when she appeared in the annual Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show.

Gigi looks absolutely gorgeous even without wearing layers of makeup. She takes care of her skin and diet accordingly. That is why she has glowing skin. She is for sure a natural beauty who is at the peak of her career currently. We wish her success like now always!

Kendall Jenner

photo credits: stylesatlife.com

Kendal like many other Kardashians, gained fame from the show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kendall started modelling at the age of 14 years only! She featured in many modeling shows for famous fashion designers and also endorsed designer brands. She was also featured for cover page of  Vogue, international famous magazine.

Her fans love that she wears light makeup always. But she is a natural beauty for sure. She is famous for getting skin treatments and following strict fitness lifestyle. Jenner was among the top 50 beautiful people in the world in year 2014. She was also ranked in the 30 most influential teens.

Katy Perry

photo credits: www.pinterest.com

Katy Perry was on the top of the playlist of every teenage girl. She made her debut in year 2001 when she released her first album. She has a quirky personality which makes her fans love her even more.

Perry gains attention every time she makes appearances because her looks are amazing including her makeup and costumes. She surprised her fans when she went out bare face. She is pretty with or without makeup. People want to see her more often in her natural beauty!

Miley Cyrus

photo credits: www.best-shopping-weekly.com

This youngster singer became famous as Hannah Montana. But now she is doing everything to make people forget about that innocent girl and becoming a new identity of her own. Fans love her looks and the way she carries herself. But they even love her more when she shares her bare face pictures on her social media handles.

She looks absolutely flawless without makeup. Wrecking Ball and Adore you are her most famous hits. She is engaged in doing charity work a lot. Just because her net worth is estimated to be $360 million.


photo credits: becomegorgeous.com

Destiny’s Child was a famous band in 90’s and Beyoncé was a member of it. However, the band broke up. Beyoncé started making her solos and albums that gained popularity worldwide. Beautiful Liar, Crazy in Love and Irreplaceable are her most famous hit singles. Not only this but she is also a successful actress too as she starred in The Pink Panter, Dreamgirls and Obsessed.

Beyoncé reached the peak of her career and has a huge net worth ever since. She walked down the aisle with famous Jay-Z and they have three children. Beyoncé looks breathtakingly gorgeous even without applying makeup. She manages to radiate glowing skin being a singer, mother, wife and entrepreneur.

Kim Kardashian

photo credits: eonline.com

Kim looks gorgeous always because her makeup is always on point. She is rarely seen without makeup. However, once she was caught on camera without makeup and we cannot get over how beautiful she still looks. She denied all the viewpoints of experts who says that Kim had many plastic surgeries in order to enhance her features.

Kim is an entrepreneur who owns a makeup and clothing line. She must makes huge money from show Keeping up with the Kardashians as it is one of the most famous show. She is a billionaire, a mother who lives happily in a mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

Gal Gadot

photo credits: reddit.com

Gadot effortlessly worked as an actress for many years. But she gained fame when she made appearance in Fast and Furious series. Now she is known as “Wonder Woman” around the world after she became a DC Comic superhero or we should say heroine.

Gadot follows strict fitness routine to be in shape and she must be taking care of her skin because she looks stunning even without makeup. She was awarded as Miss Israel in year 2004.


photo credits: insider.com

Rihanna lives in the heart of many people because of her music. Especially due to the fact that she drop single hits time by time. She has worked with many famous acts in music industry like Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Calvin Harris, Dj Khalid, Sia and many more.

Rihanna is always on the go because she is a workaholic. That is why people usually see her in skimpy outfits and makeup. Her picture without makeup feels like gold because she looks absolutely gorgeous in her natural face.


photo credits: www.best-shopping-weekly.com

Shakira is heavenly beauty. She catches everyone’s attention when she makes performances with tons of makeup on. She also looks gorgeous when she goes out in public even without wearing makeup. Shakira knows how to be wealthy and famous.

She has a net worth of $220 million. Shakira won many awards including Billboard music award, three Grammy awards and MTV awards. She remains the bestselling artists as has record of selling over 75 million albums around the world.

Jennifer Lopez

photo credits: elle.com

Jennifer Lopez, known as J-Lo become famous musician. Besides it, she also worked in many fields of Hollywood. In Living Color, Lopez started her dancing career. She also made appearances in films like Hustlers and Anaconda. Lopez is a successful woman who have net worth in million dollars.

She works effortlessly to look good on the camera. She is praised for her beauty since she came in the field. However, she made some bare face appearances in public and online. People loved how she is so beautiful even without wearing makeup.

Kate Middleton

photo credits: www.pinterest.com

When Kate married Prince Williams, she became the Duchess of Cambridge and became an official member of British Royal Family. She lives a lavish life, always well-dressed at the Royal gatherings.

But when her photo without makeup was captured, she looked different but still gorgeous. Millions of women see Kate as their role model for the grace and elegance she carries. People now try to dress up like her. You do not have to be a model to gather a huge fan base.

Bebe Rexha

photo credits: siachenstudios.com

We should all learn from Bebe Rexha to own your skin and love yourself witout wearing makeup. A man commented on her photo that she is too old to be hot. So Rexha stood up for older women. The man must be regretting commenting that after this 29 years old star uploaded a photo in black t-shirt, without wearing making and still looking gorgeous and hot.

She likes to play with makeup to enhance her naturally beautiful features. Her most famous hit was Meant to Be. Bebe Rexha looks effortlessly gorgeous when with the dark circles under her eyes. Those circles are probably the result of long hours in the recording studio.

Meghan Markle

Before getting famous as the Duchess of Sussex and marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle always looked gorgeous on the red carpet. After becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan didn’t stop looking effortlessly gorgeous. All thanks to her healthy eating and the confidence she has. Meghan is known for her healthy lifestyle. She has shared many tips on beauty, food, travel, and fashion on her blog, “The Tig”. In an interview with Glamour U.K, she said that she feels more confident as she grew older. She feels more confident about herself. Meghan is of the view that when your outfit is perfect, you only need the confidence to look perfect. She isn’t afraid of going out bare face because she owns her beauty and is a self confident woman.


photo credits: insider.com

Adele is a famous singer who gained popularity after her hit single “Hello”. This song broke records of being the most downloaded song in a single day! She has a deep meaning in her songs and they are so melodious to hear. Adele’s album 21 is mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records multiple times.

She is one of the bestselling artists for selling over 120 million records around the globe. Fans immediately identified Adele when she posted without makeup selfie on her instagram handle. Adele looks gorgeous with or without makeup.

Gwen Stefani

photo credits: insider.com

Gwen used to be the lead singer of the famous band “No Doubt”. But later she surprised everyone when she released her single in 2004. Gwen looks beautiful even at the age of 50. She follows an expensive life and skincare routine and we can clearly see it.

Gwen portrays a different image when we see her no makeup photos. Her no makeup face has the same glow as tons of makeup can put on her face. This gorgeous singer sold more than 30 million albums around the world.

Cara Delevingne

photo credits: fabbon.com

Cara is a successful British model and actress who is a carefree beauty. She doesn’t care about the beauty standards the world offers. You can easily find her photos without makeup. It’s shocking how this 27 years old star has little difference with or without makeup.

She is a top model who loves to have fun with her fans. Cara was model of the year in 2012. She also made her debut role in acting the same year. She modeled for popular designers including Burberry, Dolce, Chanel, Gabbana and Jason Wu.

Lady Gaga

photo credits: eonline.com

The queen of controversies, Lady Gaga became popular as an eccentric singer. She won the hearts of millions for her voice and iconic songs. Chromatica, The Fame, Born This Way and Joanne are some of her popular albums. She is among the bestselling artists as she sold over 124 million albums.

Lady Gaga has net worth of $275 million. Everyone was shocked when she posted a no makeup selfie. But let’s face it, everyone knew they will be always surprised by this controversial queen. She has an iconic fashion sense. But Gaga made everyone crazy when she wore a dress made of meat.