20 Surprising Facts About Left Handed People You Don’t Know

Published on July 14, 2022

Left handed people are rare. Such as, in a class of 50 students, there may be any 2-3 left handed people. Only 10% of the world population is left handed. It is said that left handed people are more creative and they take more challenges.

There are some surprising facts about left handed people you didn’t know

  1. They are better at certain sports.

Research shows that they are better at basketball, tennis and badminton.

  1. They are more adaptable

They adapt to environment better than right handers. It is because of the fact that they take more challenges so they adapt better to changing conditions.

  1. High risk of developing a mental disorder

Some mental disorders are more likely to occur in left handed people.

  1. They are different.

They tend to do and see things from different perspectives than others which makes them unique.

  1. Risk of PTSD

Left handed people have higher risks of developing PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder).

  1. Famous personalities are left handed.

The last four presidents of America were also left handed. Great inspiring woman, Whitney Oprah is also left handed.

  1. They are World leaders

The leading tech brand in the world, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates is left handed.

  1. Famous artists were lefties

Many artists including Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Klee were all left handed.

  1. They are creative

They are highly creative that is why they are better at performing arts.

  1. Difficulty performing daily tasks

It is difficult for them to perform daily tasks due to the fact that many items of daily use are made according to the use of right handed people. These items includes scissors, can openers, school chairs, zippers etc.

  1. They are better at mathematics.

Research shows that lefties are better at solving math problems and doing calculations than right handed people.

  1. Legends were left handers

The most iconic guitar legends in the history were left handed.

  1. Left handers day

There is a holiday for left handed people. It is called left handers day and it is celebrated on 13th of August every year.

  1. Dogs are also lefties

Research studies shows many dogs are left handed. When they are taught some tricks , they prefer to do it with their left hand.

  1. Older women have lefties

Research studies shows that older women have a higher rate of give birth to left handers. Especially women above 40 are most likely to give birth to left handers.

  1. They have high leadership qualities.

Many famous personalities are left handed in the world. Such as the last four consecutive presidents of America.

  1. Better Recovery

The evidence of various research studies shows that left handers are able to recover back from injuries faster than right handers

  1. Left handers are highly competitive.

Lefties are high achievers. They stand out in the crowd. They are the focus on attention. Therefore, they are able to keep everyone engaged with them.

  1. Lefties tend to have better self control.

Left handed people are able to manage the temptations they have. Thus, lefties have self control.

  1. They have better typing skills.

Left hand types 3000 words on a keyboard. Whereas only 300 words using the right hand. Thus, the lefties are better at typing.