39 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Twin Siblings

Published on July 19, 2022

Our mind blows when we find out that a movie character and an actor or actress who played it are two different people. Because they act so perfectly. We get so emerged in the character that every time someone calls the name of character, we think of the actor or actress who played it. We find it difficult to differentiate between the actor and fictional character they portray. The person behind the fame and the star persona we see on glitzy magazines and online are at contrast with one another. This makes it hard for us to think of celebrities as being someone’s brother, sister, daughter or son. So just imagine what will happen to your mind when you find out they have a Twin!!!?? Mind blown!

All these celebrities on the list are twin. Start reading them and let us know which of these celebrity twins made your mind blown. Share these duos with your friends to know about which of these duos made them surprise.

39. Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

Picture Credits: Reel Rundown

They have matching tattoos that is “GMA” abbreviation for “Good Man Ashmore.” These identical twins have thing for acting, have good looks and share Canadian roots.

38. Alanis and Wade Morissette

Picture Credits: Nettv4u

Alanis Morissette and her twin brother were born 12 minutes apart in Canada. Just like his sister, Wade spent some time in music industry. But now he is an author, therapist and yoga instructor making indie rock albums with other yoga influences.

37. Gisele and Patricia Bündchen

Picture Credits: Dailymail

Supermodel Gisele posted  her 40th birthday photos on Instagram with her twin Patricia who used to be a model but then she decided to become manager of her sister Gisele. However, beauty runs in Bündchen family.

36. Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi

Picture Credits: Pinterest

These twins are both famous actors. Friends, Gone in 60 Seconds and Gangster Squad are all famous shows Giovanni starred in. while his twin sis starred in Dazed and Confused, Pleasantville, and Felicity. Whitley Kros is a fashion brand launched and owned by Marissa. She also got married to singer Beck. But later they split up in 2019.

35. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

Picture Credits: Newsner

Scarlett Johansson is a superstar. She is famous for many of her roles. Scarlett played lead role in a movie “Lucy”. She is a also known as one of an avenger, Black Widow and starred in all avengers series. Hunter Johansson on the other hand works as a CEO of his company Solar Responders. He lives a low-key life unlike his twin sister.

34. Jon and Dan Heder

Picture Credits: Insider

Both these twins loves karate and practice it. they are both into films although Jon likes to be in front of the camera. Dan loves to work as an animator and to stay Behind the camera!

33. Ashton and Micheal Kutcher

Picture Credits: Indiatimes.com

The twins struggled through hard phases of life. Micheal was diagnosed with Celebral Palsy. So Ashton started working as a model in order to earn money, get his twin treated and pay his medical expenses.

32. Judy and Joseline Reyes

Picture Credits: QoutesGram

One of these both identical twins, Judy is known to the world as Nurse Carla on Scrubs. Joselin on the other hand, is not known to many. But Carla’s fans must know her as she appeared on screen as her sister. However she starred in “Law and Order”.

31. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

Picture Credits: Pinterest

Vin Diesel recently shared a picture of his fraternal twin brother Paul standing next to his late co-star and friend, Paul Walker, on his Facebook page. “The Two Pauls” was the caption of this picture. because Vin thought they are both named Paul and both are a brother to him (one of them actually is) and there’s no coincidence in that.

30. Rachel and Kiefer Sutherland

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Kiefer Sutherland is one of the most honored celebrity in Hollywood. He is famous person well-known for his roles in dramatic movies and television shows. But he has a twin sister who is just seven years younger than him named Rachel. She works as a post-production supervisor as she likes to stay behind the camera.

29. Aaron and Angel Carter

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Aaron Carter is famous for his big brother Nick of Backstreet Boys fame. But wait! He has a twin sister? Yes, the aspiring model you see now a days and a singer, Angela Carter is the twin sister of Aaron and she is just a minute older than her brother.

28. Leslie and Linda Hamilton

Photo Credits: CelebSuburbs

Linda is famous because she starred in the Terminator. But she has a twin sister, Leslie. She participated in the franchise’s filming as a double numerous times.

27. Chimene and Cameron Diaz

Photo Credits: Celebrity Vila

The famous singer from the titanic movie song “My Heart Will Go On” has a twin? No. That’s not right. Cameron doesn’t have a twin sister. Her sister Chimene is two years older than her. But people find it hard to tell the difference between them and they think of them as twins.

26. Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate

Photo Credits: Glamour

These are the most famous twins on Earth. They are known to many people around the world. The Row is these twins clothing label and now they both are world famous fashion icons.

25. Tamera and Tia Mowry

Photo Credits: Page Six

Sister was a show that gained popularity around the world. Both these sisters starred in it and thus became star sisters. Now, Tia has her own YouTube channel. She also published a cookbook, Whole New You. Tamera is a co-host now in a talk show named “the Real”.

24. Rami and Sami Malek

Photo Credits: Insider

The famous Rami Malek who played lead role in Mr. Robot, a famous tv series. But did you know he has a twin brother? His name is Sami who is just four minutes younger than Rami

22. Laverne Cox and M Lamar

Photo Credits: Vim Buzz

Laverne Cox, the star of Orange is the New Black, made history in 2015 when she became the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy. She has a twin brother who was to play role of Marcus on the show but it shifted. However, Laverne’s twin brother M Lamar is a musician and composer.

21. Cynthia and Brittany Daniel

Photo Credits: Atlanta’s CW69

Brittany is a famous actress. She played many famous roles in Joe Dirt and White Chicks. But did you know about her twin sister? Cynthia starred on That 80s Show in 2002 for the first and the last time. Now she is a professional photographer. Both twin sister were born together at the same time.

20. Christopher and Parker Posey

Photo Credits: Pinterest

These twins were together only in their childhood. Later, Christopher when to Atlanta to practice law. Whereas his sister, Posey went on to being ‘Queen of the Indies.

19. Samantha and Charlotte Ronson

Photo Credits: US Magzine

These twins are super creative. Samantha is a DJ but she is more famous for being Lindsey Lohan’s ex-girlfriend rather than her career. However, Charlotte became a famous fashion designer.

18. Jacqueline and Jill Hennessy

Photo Credits: BakLOL

These stunning women, who are Canadian natives, have dominated television on both sides of the border. Law and Order and Crossing Jordan are the famous TV shows of Jill. Jacqueline is known for starring in Canadian show named Medical Intelligence.

17. Kelly Donovan and Nicholas Brendon

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Both these twins are popular for working in films. No one knew they are twins. Do you know when the world got to know they are twins? It’s when they both appeared as leading roles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. These twins born with the three minutes of differences.

16. Ben and Olly Murs

Photo Credits: The Mirror

Ben and Olly fought because one of the twin was not able to attend the wedding of the other. Their fight got the attention of the world. Olly was unable to attend Ben’s wedding so he could complete a show called X Factor. He was a runner up in that show. However, they both got together after a while. Olly told in an interview that, “no matter what, he will love Ben, always have, always will”.

15. Joseph and Jacob Fiennes

Photo Credits: GoldDerby

Joseph Fiennes is famous for his work of art in the world of entertainment. The whole Fiennes family is dedicated to work in arts. The only person who doesn’t is Joseph’s twin brother Jacob. He is a conservationist. The twins have a very strong bond with each other as Joseph says “I gained strength from my twin brother.

14. Joy and Eva Green

Photo Credits: News Unzip

Eva Green is a famous actress. But she has a twin sister who is non-identical is what the world didn’t know about. Joy is Eva’s twin sister. She is into business and married to an Italian count.

13. Kumar and Siva Kaneswaran

Photo Credits: Living Magazine

The world knows Siva Kaneswaran for his role in The Wanted and gained him popularity. But what the world didn’t know is that he has a twin brother named Kumar. It was revealed by Siva that Kumar loves to pretend to be Siva and goes arounf to meet his fans. He enjoys the popularity. He keeps going to restaurant so people can meet him and take pictures.

12. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Photo Credits: Somag News

This duo is one of the most famous one in the world. They started their career in acting since their childhood. They appeared in Adam Sandler film Big Daddy. Their career launched onwards. They both did many shows together and separately. Cole starred as Ben in famous TV series Friends. The Sprouse brothers got famous when they co-stared in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a Disney show. This show aired for seven years and made this duo the highest paid children in Hollywood. Today Dylan is the co-owner of a brewery in Brooklyn. While Cole gained more popularity for his role of Jughead Jones in TV series Riverdale that is currently on-air.

11. Jeremy and Jason London

Photo Credits: Us Magazine

In the 1990s, the London twins were popular among teenagers. A movie named Dazed and Confused starring Jason London got famous too. whereas Jeremy starred  in Mallrats, 7th Heaven and Party of Five.

10. Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager

Photo Credits: USA Today

Outside the shadows of their presidential parents, Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush, the identical twins have both established themselves as well-known characters. Barbara has actively supported gay rights by working closely with the Human Rights Campaign. While Jenna has worked as a reporter for Southern Living and NBC News.

9. Joel and Benji Madden

Photo Credits: Six Page

These twin brothers gained immense popularity in the world when they co-founded the most successful pop-punk band Good Charlotte. One is the lead vocalist while the other one is the lead guitarist. Fellow twin Cameron Diaz is the wife of Benji. However, Joel is the husband of Nicole Richie

8. Tiki and Ronde Barber

Photo Credits: CBS Sports

Tiki and Ronde Barber, identical twins, both had wildly successful NFL careers. While his brother Ronde played cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 16 years and won a Super Bowl, Tiki spent 10 seasons as a running back for the New York Giants. But the shocking fact is that they’re not the only NFL twins on our list.

7. Jason and Devin McCourty

Photo Credits: Pats Pulpit

Devin and Jason McCourty played college football together at Rutgers. But later this duo found their way in NFL. For this career, Jason went to the Tennessee Titans. Whereas Devin went to the New England Patriots. However, with the help of free agency, Jason joined Devin on the Patriots. Later the two of them shared a Super Bowl victory at the end of that campaign.

6. Evan and Daryl Sabara

Photo Credits: Seventeen Magazine

The Spy Kids franchise has made Daryl Sabra a superstar. On the other hand, his identical twin brother Evan is a famous voice actor.

5. Peyton and Spencer List

Photo Credits: Just Jared Jr.

These identical actors are famous for the television shows they have both starred in. Peyton made her Disney Channel debut in the show Jessie and also had a major role in the show Cobra Kai. But her twin brother Spencer has established himself with appearances on shows like Fringe, The Fosters, and Good Trouble.

4. Jaden and Javon Walton

Photo Credits: PopBuzz

Since playing Astray on the popular HBO series Euphoria, Javon “Wanna” Walton has become as superstar on television. Walton frequently shares pictures on social media with his twin brother Jaden.

3. Malika and Khadijah Haqq

Photo Credits: US Weekly

Due to their long-standing friendship with Khloe Kardashian, Malika and Khadijah Haqq have appeared in a number of episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. They both were features in several episodes of this show and got famous. Khloe claims that while she is equally close to both sisters, her relationships with each are completely different.

2. Noah and Chloe Schnapp

Photo Credits: Seventeen Magazine

The TV sensation nowadays, Nah Schnapp , the star of Stranger Things has a strong relationship with her twin sister Chloe. Schnapp took to Instagram on birthday, “Happy birthday to the best twin a brother could ask for. “Here’s to this duo for many more years.” Since then, fans are obsessed with this duo.

1. Kate and Karen Elson

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Talking about beauty with brains? This duo is a living example. These twins are not only famous supermodels but also are  filmmakers. They both had to get separated back in 202 due to covid-19 pandemic. Kate wrote on Instagram a heartfelt post while missing her sister.