4 Easy Ways To Find Out An Unknown Caller

Published on July 16, 2022

Getting a single phone call from an unknown number is common. But getting frequent calls from a same unknown number over and over again can be frightening. It makes you wonder who it might be. You are not sure about picking up this call. But it makes you annoy. There are some paid services that helps you to identify an unknown number. But why do you need to pay when you can identify for free. Also, these websites or services might be a scam. So its better to avoid them. This article will help you to give quick and easy ways to identify the unknown caller.

  1. Identify Unknown Calls Using Websites

You can use websites that offer services of identifying the unknown caller. Some of these websites are free. Whereas some of them are paid. All you have to do is just follow simple steps.

  • Go to Google and write “reverse cell phone lookup”. It will show multiple websites.
  • Select one website. Then type the phone number on the given space.
  • They will provide you with caller’s name and street address. Not only this but it will also provide you the link of directions to the address.
  • You can get even more details if you want. But you have to pay for these additional services.

  1. Caller ID Apps

There are many caller ID apps that helps you to identify the unknown callers free of cost. These are mobile apps that have huge database of phone numbers from around the world. These apps use crowd sourcing to keep the database up-to-date. They provide you information about the caller’s name, company and location. These apps block spam calls automatically. You can also report spam numbers. These apps are functional on both IOS and Android. Some of these apps can identify the unknown caller without attending call.

  1. You Can Ask Your Phone Company

An anonymous Caller ID service is provided by every phone company. Because they have record of all your previous call records. You can also activate *57 service on your phone. This code helps you to identify the unknown caller because it reveals the unknown phone number.

  1. Search on Facebook

You can search the unknown caller by using Facebook. Type the phone number into search bar present on the top of Facebook. If there is any profile linked with this number, you will find it. however, if there is privacy on the profile, you won’t be able to see the linked profile.

All these ways can help you find out unknown callers. You can also block spam callers using these ways. However, the best to avoid all this annoying feeling, there’s one thing you can do. If you are an iPhone user. You can go to settings, then to calls and turn on the sign saying block anonymous calls. this will prevent every anonymous phone call. You will only see calls of your contacts and no one else.