5 Oldest Couples and Their Love Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Published on August 10, 2022

Many cute old couples kept their love alive. Even after years of living together, they remember the first time they saw or met each other like it was just a day ago. These old couples loved to share their love stories like it was one of the best things they had found in their lives. Thus, it proves how much these couples have been in love forever! During the interview, they shared smiles and glimpses with us when they shared their love stories. All of these gestures are enough to melt our hearts.

A Little Piece of Advice

Younger people connected some 100-plus aged couples in an interview around the world. Their love stories make us believe in love. In addition, they share wedding bliss like a newly couple even after spending decades together. So, w e are here to share the tips they have given us with you.

The most common answers we received were making each other laugh, prioritizing, being patient, and keeping the romance fire alive.

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Married Couples Ages Over 100

Being 100 years old is rare. But keeping your marriage alive like the beginning in this age is nothing less than magic. It shows how much people and their spouses are devoted to each other.

We have gathered heart-melting love stories of five old couples around the world

5. Mr. & Mrs. Karam Chand

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Karam Chand was 110, and his wife Kartari was 103 years old when they celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary. This couple got married in India in a small Sikh ceremony in December 1925. They both saw each other at a wedding ceremony because they used to live in different areas of the country. This couple spent a simple loving life understanding each other.

4. Mr. and Mrs. George Kirby

Photo Credits: The Independent

George Kirby, 103 years old, and Doreen, 91, engaged in 2015 on Valentine’s day. In 1988, they met on a dating service and dated each other for thirty years. After that, they got married. They are still devoted to each other at this exceptional age. These couples make us believe in true love again in the times when we see signs of love rarely.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Fisher

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Herbert turned 105 and his wife Zelmyra 103 when they celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary. They are a living miracle of finding soulmates in school. Zelmyra and Herbert met each other in elementary school. They became friends and later took their friendship to the next level, and they got married in 1924. This couple survived extreme events together, such as Civil Rights Movement, Great Depression, the Korean war,  Vietnam War, and World War II. They say that it is their faith in each other that kept their marriage alive.

2. Mr. & Mrs. John Henderson

Photo Credits: News18

John turned 106, and his wife Charlotte was 105 years old when they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. In 1934, they studied at the University of Texas and met each other. Although, they both went into different programs. Charlotte’s major was education, and John was a footballer on the team. They got married in 1939. They are living well and staying busy loving each other.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Matsumoto

Photo Credits: Guinness World Records

Love is what keeps us alive during dreadful times. It is the same as the story of Miyao and Masao, who kept their love alive even during the time of war in Japan. Miyako and Masao got married in 1937. However, Masao was sent as a soldier so they never had a proper wedding ceremony. Masao is now 108 years old, and Miyako is 100 years old. They get to know each other through a mutual friend in Oita, Japan.

These beautiful love stories make us remember a line from a poem

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

Robert Browning