56 Old Toys That Are Worth Huge Amount Today

Published on July 21, 2022

Toys are the most precious things for every child. You must remember your most favorite and precious toys that no one was allowed to touch except you. Children loves their so much that they sleep with it. You can never replace your old favorite toys with new one. Although these modern toys are latest and have more upgrades. These toys are unable to replace the simple old toys you used to love.

But once we grow up and get busy in education and then work life, we do not find much time to play with them. Eventually, ours precious toys end up in some carton in the attic. But we never knew that the toys we used to get with small amount of money back in time holds huge worth today. So here’s a list of 56 toys that are worth a huge amount of money today. All you have to do is to search your attic and you’ll find them. Let the treasure hunting begin.

Sega Genesis Console

Get it out of your attic if you recall that you have one in your attic.  You will undoubtedly receive thousands of dollars if it’s still functional. Throw it away at your risk; if you do, you will have let $2,000 slip through your fingers!

Game Boy

Today the game world is filled with latest games but they can never beat the game of all times, Game Boy! If you think the no one needs game boy now. You are wrong. It’s still in demand. You should probably check your attic. The mint edition Game Boys demand high prices from collectors. You may collect hundreds of dollars for the special edition models.

McDonald’s Happy Meals

Were you a collector yourself? Then you must have saved happy meals toys from much time. Do you know how much they are worth now? $300 dollars! Yes you read it right. So go to the attic and get the box of your toys out. You’ll surely find some old toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals.

The Talkboy

These were built for the purpose of being used a prop for a film in 1992. It was created for Macaulay Culkin’s portrayal of the lead character, Kevin McCallister. Tiger Electronics created actual portable variable-speed cassette players in the form of the Talkboys used in the film in response to intense popular demand. You can count on getting $200 in your pockets if you still have one in your house today!

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

Just like old times, train sets are still huge demands as they were once used to be. The peak was having a railway set in your home. You could put it up anyplace in your room and use your imagination to arrange the tracks in any way. There are many modern variations of this toy, but if you have one of these old collectibles hanging around in your home, this train set will bring you $250,000. You’re looking at a six-figure toy, that’s for sure. Wow, that’s a ridiculous amount of money. You should better check your attic to make sure you didn’t miss out.

Original Monopoly

You are sure to get a large sum of money if you have an original copy of the game from the early 1900s. The original hand-drawn Monopoly game that Charles Darrow made himself in 1933 sold for $146,500 in 2015. Go in your attic for some treasure hunting if you think you had one!

First Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Within a few years of its publication, the book had significantly increased in value and was recognized as a collector. No matter how expensive it is, every Harry Potter fan would not hesitate to purchase the original edition. Just for your information, the market price for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is currently $6,500.

Beanie Babies

In 1995, these Beanie Babies were the first sensation of the internet. If you still have one of these guys, you might expect to receive a lot of money. The more rare your plush is, the more money you can sell it for. Some claim that $12,000 is the guaranteed jackpot price for a 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Bear, First Edition, with the box still closed.

Jurassic Park Figures

The second release, which had a jungle background, had the biggest impact. If you can recall one from your youth, hope it’s still in your attic. As it’s now worth $1,200.

Lite Brite

In 1967, Lite Brite was first released in Hasbro. Hasbro featured images of several cartoon characters, including Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony, Darth Vader, and Scooby-Doo, to draw in more children. It can be a good idea to sell it online if you have one in your attic. your parents must have bought it for $20. Ifyou decide to sell it again today, you can receive a fair price of $100.

Stretch Armstrong

At the 2016 New York Toy Fair, Hasbro declared that they would recreate Stretch Armstrong’s original design. Everyone was thrilled by the news, but toy collectors can’t get enough of the genuine one. According to some sources, an auction resulted in the vintage Stretch Armstrong doll selling for $10,000!

Barbie Doll

The Barbie Doll we see today are much more upgraded. Collectors are aware of how valuable the original versions of these toys are because of their vast variety. They simply accept the fact that real Barbie dolls cost a little bit more than $23,000. Someone who would spend that much money must really love Barbie.

Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Consider yourself lucky if one of these cards is still in your possession right now. Depending on the character represented on the card, the card’s production date, and its condition, these Garbage Pail Kids cards are now valuable. One man even earned a total of $4,000 for the entire 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Series One after selling a card for $300. All of this was made possible on eBay!

Vintage Super Soaker Gun

There was a time when guns used be the all-time-favorite-toys in the world. Lonnie Johnson, an engineer, initially presented the classic Super Soaker Gun in 1982. Today, you can buy a lot of inexpensive replicas that are of low quality. However, you better get ready to spend up to $1,000 if you’re seeking for an authentic water gun for your collection.

Hot Wheels

Even though there may be a lot of hot wheels vehicles on the market right now, very few of them are valuable. Some Hot Wheels are much more valuable because they were only ever produced as prototypes. For instance, if you own the “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” prototype, which was released in 1969, you can get $125,000.

Cabbage Patch Doll

The adorably curly Cabbage Patch Dolls were so popular that they inspired a variety of other goods, including board games. It was without a doubt one of the most famous collectibles available today. Currently, Pat and Joe Prosey own the most costly and biggest collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls. They spent $360,000 building a museum in Maryland specifically for their 5,000 dolls.

The Hamster Owl, Furby

It took the creators of this wonderful masterpiece nine months to come up with its adorable image. It was unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in 1998 by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung. But it’s not just children who adore this tiny creature. The adults who are child at heart are utterly mesmerized by its adorable wide eyes. For this reason, collectors today also do not want to miss owning this fluffy bird. You can imagine earning up to $900 if you have Furby in an unopened box.

The 80s’ PEZ Dispensers

The first PEZ was introduced in America in 1952. However, because of its intense peppermint flavor, they needed to develop a fantastic marketing strategy. They made new dispensers that had various forms, flavors, and cartoon character heads. And this initial release satisfied every collector’s wish. A 1982 Astronaut B PEZ dispenser just sold for $32,000 on eBay. It was indeed outdated, but gold!

Skeletor Action Figure

Many people adored this character, who earned the title “Lord of Destruction,” and collectors are yearning to get their hands on one of these Master of the Universe action figures. If you have one, you can end up getting $2000 for it if you decide to sell it online.

“Gotta catch ‘em all” Pokemon Cards

The very first cards were released in 1996. We can still clearly recall the excitement at the time. This is your chance to shine if you were one of the young people who had the opportunity to buy one of these fun cards! It’s worth could range into the thousands of dollars depending on its condition.

Mario Cart 64

Super Mario is still dearly missed by every kid from the 1990s. However, if you recall playing this game for years and you suddenly need some huge money, your attic is definitely worth a look. Today, a mint-condition Mario Cart 64 may be sold for $750.

First Edition Pound Puppies Plush

The Tonka Company and Michael Bowling created the original Pound Puppies Plush in 1984. You can get $5,000 in exchange for your first edition Pound Puppy.


Undoubtedly, these Transformers action toys were affordable to millions of children worldwide. If you still possess yours, you are really fortunate considering how much it now costs, which is roughly $2000.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Action Figures

The action figurines were easily accessible on the market after the comic books and TV series gained popularity. And today, you should consider getting at least $600 for each action figure if they are in mint condition. You can even get $5,000 if you are fortunate enough to discover one that is more rare in your treasure chest.

G.I. Joe Circa 1964

You may already be aware that the G.I. Joe toys were designed to represent the Action Marine (Marine Corps), Action Pilot (Air Force), Action Sailor (U.S. Navy), Action Soldier (U.S. Army), and subsequently, the Action Nurse. The collectors wants the original edition. Even though the toy evolved over time. Just so you know, the price tag can reach $10,000.

Fisher-Price Push Cart Pete

Collectors hope that their parents had saved one of the Fisher-Price Push Cart Petes for them because they are now quite valuable. They were first introduced in 1936. It’s time to part with the toy if you believe it to be in good condition that belonged to your parents. Fisher-Push Price’s Cart Pete from 1936–1937 is now shockingly expensive—$3,000.

Playmobil Adventures

With the help of the included parts, a child can use the toy to set up a scene and begin their own adventure. Some kids also enjoy creating original stories using their other toys. These sets are now worth $800.

Vintage Atari Cartridges

We have another old item on our list that has many fond memories. We are all aware that, in addition to the Sega console, there was also the Atari. It was the love of our lives at one point during our childhood. Finding one that is in good shape and has survived the years without a scratch is truly uncommon. You’ll be shocked to learn that someone purchased every game cartridge, though. Back then, there was an urban legend that claimed Atari had dumped hundreds of its gaming cartridges in the desert of New Mexico in 1983. That certainly proved to be very true! 881 recovered cartridges in all were sold for a total of $107,000. Wow!

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Star Wars is a fantasy movie series that broke many records when it was first released in 1977. This movie gained insane popularity and has the biggest fan base more than any other movie at that time. Even today, this movie has one of the most huge fan base. Later, the market was filled with Star Wars memorabilia. It was a toy series of all the characters present in the film. Fans started to collect all of these characters. In today’s world, many toys such as light sabers and high-tech action figures are released from Star Wars. But fans are still in search for the first release toy series. Fans want to have the biggest and most valuable collection of whole Star Wars toy series. This was the reason that a fan recently spent $25,00 to buy a Luke Skywalker Action Figure of 1978 edition from a child.

You are lucky if you have any Star Wars toys right in your attic because they are so much of worth today!

Darth Vader

The most iconic super villain Darth Vader who turned anti-hero is known to the world since the release of the movie till today. The original Kenner figure of Darth Vader is the best till date. There are only three to four characters powerful enough to have a vinyl cape combined with the double telescoping light saber. One of these characters was placed on auction. Star Wars’s fan following has even grown to the new generation with the release of its new movies. This is why today the original Darth Vader is now worth $30,000.

Obi Wan Kenobi

“Old Ben” Kenobi received the same two figure version deal as his younger protégé, one of which included the double telescoping light saber. But this little add on weapon was not durable and weak. Kenner as well as Star Wars fans realized this fault. Thus, you can make huge mo ney if you happen to find one of these figures. These figures were redesigned before its release in the market. There are only five original Obi Wan designs in the world. So if you find one of these you can make up to $7,000.


Kenner’s Chewbacca was first came out in 1979. It was just for $2.49. A green bow caster was also added in this toy Chewbacca because it looks more real than the one there was in the movie. This one feature makes sure that it this toy is from Kenner’s first release. This beloved character is already in high demand. But with this first release, you can make upto $4,155 after bidding it in an auction.


Star Wars: Droids was a TV show that was cancelled right after its one season. Even super fans of Star Wars fails to recall an episode of it. But there was this one this plucky bluish-greenish alien that no one got to know due to the cancellation of the show. Thus, it became a rare part of the Star Wars history. Thus this rare piece is worth the same as the original other big action figures of Star Wars. Today it is worth $4,000.

Holographic Darth Maul

People expected that the Star Wars will be a huge fail. Thus, the toy manufacturers weren’t doing much effort to make them in the lining. Because they thought that they are not going to make money from it. This is why the original toys became rare and valuable as gems. The Holographic Darth Maul by Funko Pop made use of such value. This unique design, which came after the bobble-head trend, was created particularly for the San Diego Comic Con in 2012. It is valuable because it is rare. Besides this, it is also valuable because for some reason, people enjoy collecting Funko Pop figures worth $2,500 today.

Death Star Playset

Some people like to have a castles or dollhouse. Star Wars fans are obsessed with Death Star. With this setup, children could recreate movie scenes or create their own interstellar adventures using the action figures (available separately). The huge set was not sold abroad because several countries thought it was too expensive. From the Storm Trooper-controlled gun turret to Luke and Leia’s pit to swing across to the famous trash compactor, the Kenner company’s 1978 release of the set matched closely to the plot of the film. You can make upto $500 if you have a top-notch conditioned set in its original packaging.


Kids today don’t have the option to run and rush into Toy ‘R’  US aisles and to play with their favorite toys. Parents must be relieved by this, but it is sad for the kids. The large chain used its Time Square site to host various promotional events during its peak time. It also includes the launch of the Lego X-Wing. The fact that this Lego Yoda is wearing the traditional “I Love New York” shirt demonstrates how much of a tourist he is. One of these tiny gentlemen can bring in some profit up to $450 if you manage to get your hands on it. But we bet you won’t be able to get over Yoda and you find it very hard to give it off.

Large(ish) R2-D2

This 8-inch radio-controlled R2-D2 was the ideal gift for kids back in the day. This model can move in four directions and needed two 9-volt batteries. It was the ideal height for a child back in time. This collectible is hard to come across on the market nowadays, especially find one in a good condition. However, if you manage to find yours in your attic, you can sell it for $700. It is much more than you paid for it.

Princess Leia

This action figure of Princess Leia is not in her iconic golden bikini but it’s in the outfit that she can be easily recognized in. The white dress and hood of Kenner’s initial Star Wars range from 1978 complement the iconic cinnamon roll space bun hairstyle of Princess Leia. It came out for $2.27, initial price. This figure comes with everything you saw in A New Hope, including Leia’s weapon. In addition, Kenner’s well-known vinyl cape too. Leia’s white dress has now been transformed into a pantsuit. However, the original one is worth $800 today.

Big Head (Han Solo)

if anyone asks you “who would you choose if you are allowed to have only one action figure from Star Wars?” Well, we all know an answer to that. It would be Big Head without a doubt. Han Solo is one of the most adored movie characters in history. However Kenner tried to replicate his appearance in the toys just like the way Harrison Ford portrayed him. The “Big Head Han Solo,” which at the time cost $2.49, was designed to be as similar to Harrison Solo as feasible. This tiny collectible can compete with the real thing with such a striking resemblance. Today it is worth up to $1,000.

Yak Face

The way the toy makers manufactured it needs a big round of applause. Selling this awkward-looking Yak Face to kids takes a lot of guts from someone. It is not difficult to understand why this collectible was excluded from the toy isles of Europe and Canada given its unattractive physical appeal and catchy name. Despite being rejected, the Yak Face returned with a fury. The Yak Face was present just before Kenner discontinued their line of Star Wars memorabilia in the 1980s. As a reminder of those times, the Yak Face’s success on eBay has beyond all expectations. It is because so many buyers are compelled to purchase one as soon as they see it for sale. Today it is worth $2,500.

TIE Interceptor

The TIE interceptor proved to be powerful. But the Empire needed some modifications by the time Return of the Jedi came along. The TIE Interceptor was their massive new heavier vehicle, along with a new Death Star. It is obvious why this piece is so precious to collectors as it was constructed with greater speed and firepower than its predecessor. This item has a more international presence than others, which increases its value. It was only sold at retail in Brazil when it was initially released in 1988. The writing on the box would have to be in Portuguese at that point, right? Collectors are attracted to place even higher bids for it by this linguistic paradox. Thus, today it is worth up to $2,000.

Blue Snaggletooth

This portrayal is accurate for what a snaggletooth looks like. On the bright side, you can use this character to challenge other Star Wars fans. True fans will be able to recall his brief appearance in A New Hope when Luke visited the Cantina. Kenner believed that this strange-looking alien, sometimes known as Zutton or Z-Tron, would be a hit on children’s wish lists. Today, however, a brand-new figure that is still in the box can demonstrate its value up to $700 at auction.

Han Solo in Carbonite

Think about inviting a few buddies over. You show them around the facility. The dining area, the living room with its large TV, the bedroom, then Han Solo Carbonite statue, and finally the kitchen. Yes you read it right. The Han Solo carbonated slab that was used in Star Wars has a replica that is 7 feet, 5 inches tall. What do you think your friends will be talking about after this tour?  This life-sized impression of Harrison Ford in character perfectly depicts the minute details of one of the franchise’s most iconic scenes. The side lights enhance the atmosphere and give you the impression that you are actually in the movie. However, it is worth $7,500 today.

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is seen as he was shown at the climax of Return of the Jedi. It was a part of the “Power of the Force” series produced by Kenner in the middle of the 1980s. This collectible’s already amazing worth is increased by the addition of the collection’s most valuable coin with the figure. It is poetic to have Yoda watch over Anakin on the coin because he served as a mentor to many Jedi. Despite the fact that this figure may be desirable in any condition, a full set in the box can be quite expensive (up to $7,500).


C-3PO became the first collectible to earn over $10,000 for precisely for the reason that gold is a king. This 14kt solid yellow gold Lego piece, which was released in 2007, was created to mark the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV and was exclusively offered as a prize in a marketing competition. Those five who were fortunate enough to win one undoubtedly stored it under their beds for a rainy day. It is worth $10,000 in today’s world.

Gamorrean Guard and Coin

The Gamorrean Guard and Collector’s Coin was one of 92 figures in Kenner’s “Power of the Force” collection. It’s difficult to find a set like this in decent condition with the coin included. It might be worth quite a bit of money if one is able to find one to complete the entire set. The engraving that reads “Special Collector’s Coin” should indicate how rare it is. That is why it is worth more than $5,000.

R2-D2 Lunchbox

Who needs a boring lunch bag with a dull handle when you can have an R2-D2 can as your lunchbox? Everyone in the cafeteria would be jealous of you. Not only because of your R2-D2 lunch box, but also of the money you had to spend on it. This droid offering you PB&J sandwiches has never been put into production, making it an extremely uncommon to find. There are 12 only. You if you get one, do not get it dirty. It is worth up to $2,600 today.

TIE Advanced

Kenner’s marketing strategy for its Advanced TIE model was clever. They mentioned that it was composed of die-cast metal and plastic. Die-cast metal is essentially a mixture of inexpensive metals that have been heated to a high temperature. It gave the naïve customer the impression that he was purchasing something more valuable. This piece of memorabilia sold at high rates right from the start. Thanks to its presentation as a top-notch collectable piece. Plus the fact that Kenner made more action figures that fit into the ship than the ship itself. Since then, bidders are prepared to offer significantly higher prices. Today, it holds worth of up to $4,000.

FX-7 Medical Droid

This entirely odd object is the ideal illustration of a bidding war. This surgical droid, which appeared in a background shot in The Empire Strikes Back, has generated a lot of attention since its release. It is difficult to see someone spending so much money on the toy droid from the Star Wars movies which is not even noteworthy. However, if you manage to get a few people to bid exactly right for a piece they value highly, the price can quickly exceed thousands of dollars up to $14,000.


Jawa first came out in a vinyl casing resembling those of other high-profile figures like Luke Skywalker in 1978. The company quickly realized, however, that it would be more profitable to market this figure with a cotton cape. Because of this, the original vinyl cape Jawa is highly valuable. Even more valuable than than the vinyl cape Princess Leia or the Big Head Han Solo. It is worth up to $18,000 today.

Boba Fett

This is it! The “showstopper” of the whole Star Wars memorabilia. The rocket launcher that was attached to this Boba Fett in 1979 never made it to the store shelves. Because Kenner was worried that it would be choked by a child. This prototype Boba Fett was uncovered and valued at $125,000 on an episode of Pawn Stars, however some claim it is even more worthy. The seller eventually sold it for $150,000. The most expensive piece of Star Wars memorabilia in history, Boba Fett becomes a legend, thanks to this magic number.

Corellian YT-1300

The Corellian YT-1300 was made by Lego in 2007 and sold for a hefty $500 retail price. However, it was terminated very quickly after it hit the market. The standard for bidding wars was altered recently by an eBay auction of a first edition model of Corellian YT-1300 and was sold for a price comparable to what some people may pay for a used automobile or college tuition. It came with a certificate of authenticity which increased the collectors’ enthusiasm for it. Today, it is worth $16,000 today.

Millennium Falcon Spaceship

This model spaceship has all the bells and whistles, including a “Battle Alert” sound, even if the action figures are offered separately. Due to its initial retail price of $24.77, this set can bring in significant earnings on its own, up to $3,200.

LEGO George Lucas

The parts are more valuable than the set as a whole. Just like, smaller figures are more valuable than large buildings. Surprisingly, the side figures that are added on to the sets as bonuses are more valuable than the sets. All you need to resemble George Lucas is a side parted hairdo and a white beard. It is worth up to $2,500. Only the prototype of the Lego figure was manufactured simply when it was published, making it a rare discovery on the market.

Lambda Shuttle Set

Since the Lambda Shuttle Lego Set had such a high selling price, many parents were undoubtedly even more hesitant to buy it. Today, though, they could believe it was a wise decision. Since Lego toys are often supposed to be put together, each piece is in its original plastic bag has little bearing on the set’s value. The figures that comes with it makes this set even more impressive. This set is worth of $2,500. There will be a lot of action with Luke, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, and two Imperial officials!

The Empire Strikes Six Pack

Do you know what’s common among do Darth Vader, a Stromtrooper, an AT-AT pilot, a rebel soldier and Yoda? Well they all can make huge money. A number of characters from The Empire Strikes Back are included in this pre-assembled set by Kenner, along with a vinyl cape for Darth Vader that will undoubtedly make the kids feel the evil. Although not all of these characters may be the movie’s major characters, they are all incredibly entertaining side characters to play with and collect. This set is guaranteed to make a mark on your wallet up to $2,100 with Yoda and Vader leading the charge and the rarely seen AT-AT pilot.

Marvel Star Wars Comic Book

Which franchise—Star Wars or Marvel—is larger is a difficult question to answer. Together, they are in charge of all aspects of global fantasy kingdom. The fact that they combined their creative energies to produce the Star Wars comic book isn’t a surprise. Marvel published 1,500 first editions of the comic book since they have shown to be a wise investment. Today these comics are worth of $13,000.