8 Mind Blowing Tips to Boast Your Self Confidence

Published on July 7, 2022

What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is about trusting your abilities and capabilities. Additionally, it means having a sense of control in your life. Self-confidence provides an in depth view about yourself. A self-confident person is aware of his/her abilities and qualities.

Difference between Self Confidence and Self Esteem

It is often confused with self-esteem. But both of them are different.

Self-esteem is about believing in our worth and value. Self-esteem gives us the idea what we deserve. It is different from self-confidence and self-efficacy.

Let us consider an example to make a clear difference among these two characteristics.

When you know you have the ability to play piano, you start to think that you can improve and be able to play piano perfectly someday. This is self-confidence.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, is knowing that you deserve to get an award for playing piano perfectly.

Benefits of High Self Confidence

  1. High self-confidence leads people to take more risks in their lives and test their abilities.
  2. Research shows that people who have high self-confidence will have more positivity, resilience and happiness.
  3. Self confident people have better health
  4. They set healthy boundaries for themselves thus dealing with stress effectively
  5. Takes out time for family, friends. They also out time for themselves.
  6. They have better relationships with others.
  7. Better adaptability with the environment
  8. Reduced negative thoughts, less anxiety and stress.

Why Boasting Self Confidence is Important?

People with low self-confidence can never take risks. They are afraid they cannot accomplish task. These people think they don’t have ability to do so. Thus they have high self-doubt. Therefore, they are unable to perform at work. Thus people gets stuck in their lives. They don’t know what to do with their lives and starts to think of themselves as a failure. They develop negative self-image. That will eventually lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to use ways and tips to boast self-confidence.

Mind Blowing Tips to Improve Self Confidence

Even a self-confident person sometime needs to boast confidence in some specific areas. Thus these tips are for everyone.

  1. Take Risks

You may have heard people saying if you are afraid of water, go stand on the edge of the beach. If you do so, you won’t be fearful of the water next time. Thus your self-confidence is built up that you can go into the water. So if you want to do anything in your life. Go for it. Don’t wait for others to tell you that you can do it. Tell yourself that you can do it. Apply to the job you want. Go sing at the karaoke bar. Even if you think you will mess up, try. Just tell yourself that this is an experiment you are going to try.

  1. Engage in Positive Self Talk

Negative self-talk develops “I can’t do it” response in our subconscious. So that whenever we are faced with any situation or work, our mind tells us “I can’t do it”. Even if you are able to do this task. Try to turn these thoughts into positive self-talk.

Next time you mind tells you “I can’t do it” tell yourself “I can do this.

If your mind tells you “I can’t handle this” tell yourself “I just have to try”.

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

Being kind to yourself means forgiving yourself when you make a mistake. Moreover, if you are unable to fulfill a task, treat yourself with kindness. It’s okay to make mistakes. Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone faces success and failures, ups and downs. Tell yourself that it’s okay if you had a setback.

  1. Take Care of yourself

Self care is an important step if you want to boast your self confidence. Self care allows you to take care of your mind, body and spirit. You won’t be able to develop self-confidence if you are abusing your body.

Following are the ways to engage in self care

  1. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet develops self confidence. When you treat your body right, you’ll feel good about it. Healthy diet is filled with nutrients that will make you stronger. It will make you feel energetic. As a result of which, you’ll already start to feel healthy and confident.

  1. Sleep

Taking a good amount of sleep helps to regulate your emotions and releases stress from the body. It also helps to increase self esteem and optimism leading to increased self confidence. If you don’t take proper sleep, you’ll end up getting stress and tired.

  1. Exercise

A proper exercise routine makes you feel energetic and good about yourself. It gives you a sense of being healthy, thus boasting your self confidence.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is important as it keeps your mind focus on all your qualities and areas you lack. You become aware about yourself and starts to accept yourself. Accepting yourself leads to boasting self confidence. Meditation works against negative self talk and thus helps to diminish negative self image.

  1. Be Around Positive People

People around you have a strong effect on how you feel about yourself. People who make you feel comfortable are important for your self confidence. They helps you to feel good about yourself.

  1. Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

Train your mind to learn “You are you and that’s your power”. This affirmation will help you to focus on yourself and feel good about yourself. You don’t have to compare your salary with someone else. Don’t compare your likes, looks, personality with someone else because they cannot be you.

  1. Celebrate Your Successes

You should celebrate whatever you succeed in life. Even if it’s a new dish you have learnt to make, or a new instrument you learnt to play. Even if it’s a card game you learnt. Celebrate the little achievements you make in your life. This tip helps to boast self confidence.

  1. Do What Makes You Happy

Engage in activities you like. Such as painting, singing, driving etc. when you do what makes you happy, you feel good about yourself. In this way, you improve your self confidence.

It is not an easy job to develop self confidence. You may feel like giving up in the process but don’t. You’ll get through it. Accepting yourself can be chaotic but learn to love yourself the way you love others. Be kind to yourself and give yourself space for making mistakes.