9 Best Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Published on July 14, 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has made everyone worried about their health. It’s a good thing that people are now conscious of taking care of themselves. However, you don’t need to worry every minute about getting a virus. Because your immune system is there to protect you from viruses and infections. But you need to make your immune system strong so that it can perform its function properly. Your immune system needs to be nurtured to function as it can get weak fighting with virus. So there are ways by which you can boost your immune system. Do you know them? Well, you don’t have to worry. We have 10 best ways by which you can boost your immune system.

1. Wash your hands properly

One of the best way to boost your immune system  is to keep your hands clean. It helps to keep you safe from germs. Wash your hands properly. Scrub soap properly  among your fingers, thumb, front and back of your hands properly. Take at least one minute to wash your hands.

2. Get proper sleep

Research studies shows that getting proper sleep is related with risk of getting flu. The less a person sleep, there are more chances they catch flu. Your body needs proper rest so it can function properly the next day you get up afresh. Every adult  needs average 6-8 hours of sleep. So if you get sick often, you need to focus on your sleep patterns.

3. Regular exercise

Regular exercise is important to keep your immune system functioning properly. You should work on making a proper workout routine of at least 15-20 minutes daily. This will help your immune system to get stronger. It’ll also lowers the risk for heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also keeps blood circulation to flow in rhythm which keeps your immune system strong.

4. Meditation

Keep yourself out of stress. Best ways to minimize stress is meditation and prayer. Spare 20-30 minutes out of your day to give rest to your mind and body. Use this time in guided meditation or prayer to maintain peace. You can also use this time in writing a journal. This will help you to keep your mind relaxed. This is an important way to strengthen your immune system. It is because of the fact that strong immune system is related with low levels of stress.

5. Healthy diet

One of the best way to strengthen your immune system is having a healthy diet. Diet effects the immune system the most. The strength of your immune system depends on the type of diet you take. It is important to take food rich in proteins and fibers. Whole, unprocessed foods are the best choice for boosting immune system. These foods contains good gut bacteria. It helps to boost immune system and reduces inflammation.

  • Fiber rich fruits, lentils, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats should be used.
  • Colorful fruits and vegetables are rich with antioxidants which protects your cells from any harm. Thus it is important to include them in your diet to boost your immune system. these rainbow fruits and vegetables includes orange, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, garlic, yogurt, kimchi, garlic and tofu.
  • You should also take vitamins to make your immune system strong.
  • Take Vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc supplements

6. Drink plenty of water

It is important to keep your body hydrated so that your immune system can work properly. Everyone should drink eight glasses of water daily. If you are not habitual of it, set water reminders for all day. Especially before meals. This will help to keep your body hydrated.

7. Maintain weight

It is important to maintain your weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index). According to BMI, 30 or more than it is critically unhealthy for adults because it indicated obesity. Obesity causes difficulty in immune system functioning.  It also leads to increased stress that can weaken the immune system.

8. Look on bright side

Positive people have strong immune system according to research. Be the person who always look on the bright side of every situation. Train your mind to always be thankful for what you have and even what you do not have. It can help you to keep your immune system strong. Be your own rainbow in rain!

9. Avoid added sugar

Sugar products have high amount of sugar which can suppress the immune system functioning. Thus you may don’t want to avoid them but you NEED to avoid them. These foods includes sweet treats, deserts, candies, cakes, cookies and also refined items such as bread, pasta, croissants, bagels etc.

All you need is to make changes in your lifestyle and diet in order to boost the functioning of your immune system. Be the bright sky not only for yourself but also for people around you. it is important to keep your immune system strong so you can fight diseases. Fight your stress, do meditation, enjoy the life and stay healthy!