A Home Renovation Turns Into A Discovery

Published on September 16, 2022

Every couple has a dream of buying a house that they can call “Home.” It takes years of saving to make this dream come true. The same happened with this couple. They saw a house in Ohio, liked the location, and thought of getting it. However, it was an old house from 1940 so a lot of renovation was to be done. They wanted to make it a beautiful and refreshing place for themselves. To begin with, they started to do the walls which seemed like they were about to fall anytime soon. This meant they had to do the basement too and as we know there are many unused things stored in the basement. Just when they reached this task, many discoveries were made.

Not only this, these discoveries were like some scenes from a horror movie. It wasn’t until things got out of hand that the FBI had to get involved. Read this story and find out how this couple who dreamed of living peacefully ended up in an entirely opposite situation. 

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DIY Renovations and All the Time in the World

The couple who were married and belonged to Ohio was very eager to move into their new house. It didn’t take them long to decide the place that they wanted to call home. The man of the family, who was of thirty years of age had the talent to work with different materials and renovate the houses. Moreover, he was very confident and excited to start his project. At this point, everything was normally happening according to the routine. The husband and wife had finally got their things moved from their old home to their new house. Following, their shift they were well aware that Cleveland was a fabulous location to start with their family. And that it would take them years to renovate this house. Nevertheless, they took up the challenge lovingly as they had all the time in the world. 

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The Top Done and the Basement Calling

The couple was spending most of their time fixing the house. They were fully dedicated and concerned about what they were doing. While they were getting done with the first two floors of the house they planned to start with the basement. The work they were doing was Indeed admirable. The floors were looking beautiful now, their handwork was paying off. On the other hand, an unforgettable experience was awaiting them. It wasn’t an easy task to work on this house as it was an old house thus, the couple kept working hard. Undoubtedly, the real challenge was coming their way soon.

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The Mysterious Vintage Suitcase

The husband and wife were getting started with the basement. When they suddenly saw a wall with graffiti. This was nothing big to what was coming next. Besides, they thought some children of the previous house owners might have drawn these. As they continued, the couple took some photos of the basement because they wanted those parts to be renovated. Now comes the shady suitcase. The husband and wife found it suspicious, like what is a suitcase doing in between slabs on the basement roof? Just when he was about to reach for the suitcase the ceiling came down and almost missed his head. However, this was the first creepy incident that took place, many more were to be followed in the coming week.  

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A Slow Buildup to an Unexpected Find

The couple didn’t budge even a bit. They dragged the suitcase out and started to guess all that could be in the suitcase from old clothes to some weapons. Not only did the suitcase look rusty but scary too. Following the couple’s guessing game of what could be in the bag. They cleaned it and were about to open it. Just as they were opening the green and gray colored bag, they saw something very unusual in front of their eyes and concluded that there is definitely a story behind to this suitcase. 

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The First of Many Life-Changing Discoveries

After finally opening the much-awaited suitcase the very first thing which they sighted was an object in a rectangular shape, wrapped in a very old yellowish wax paper. Obviously, their disappointment was clear after seeing this. Despite this, they didn’t lose hope and kept going. Soon after this, they opened the yellow-wrapped item and to their surprise, they found bundles of cash in the shape of rectangular form. It was a jackpot. Moreover, the old cash was in perfect condition. And so the couple thought of using some in their house renovation which they eventually did. On the other hand, many more mysteries were awaiting them and the excitement of unfolding them kept the couple going further. 

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The First Wad of Cash Succumbed to More Than $20K

The moment when the husband was steadily uncovering the wad of cash, they both realized that it was a feeling nothing less than winning a lottery ticket at the shop. It was real money. Just when they got done taking off all the layers of wax paper from the money didn’t they discover that the cash was about twenty thousand dollars? Imagine to your surprise if you had in mind that you will probably find just about two thousand dollars. However, when you start counting the fifty and hundred dollar bills and reach up to twenty thousand dollars. You would feel on cloud9. It was at this point that it didn’t even come to their minds to inform the FBI about the happening in the house. Why should they? They bought this house with their money and anything they find in it should be theirs. 

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They Were Now In Riddles With So Many Questions

No man on earth would not want to reach the bottom of the situation after finding twenty thousand dollars of cash. The same goes for this couple. Along with numerous questions running through their minds. Their main question was when was the cash printed and whether would it be more worthy now or later. Whereas, the answer to when was the cash printed was from 1928 to 1944.

Apart from this, there was no other answer that they could get from the cash. Nevertheless, it was an ever-ending mystery and the couple’s mind was running continuously for further clues. All that they could understand is that whoever hid the money wasn’t willing to let anyone else find them. However, the question remains. How come the money was in the same condition as if it freshly got withdrawn from the bank? Why didn’t someone ever use them? And what kind of a place is it to hide in the basement?

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Shedding Light on the Value of Their Discovery

All their attention was on the newspaper as their mind was running wild with guesses. However, all their assumptions were turning out to be wrong. That is when her husband came forward with examining the suitcase and concluding with it was from the 1960s. Because of its color choice and style. Once, they diverted their attention from the outer part of the bag did they realize that there was a folded paper on the right cover of the bag. Clearly, the newspaper was old and so it dated with twenty-fifth May 1951. That makes it around seventy years old. The article was from The Cleveland Plain–Dealer. Before, moving the cash from its place they decided to get an expert’s opinion and get some answers from them.

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They decide to Count Their Blessings

Just after getting an opinion on the matter, the couple discovered that money which was twenty thousand dollars worth is now twenty-three thousand dollars. They both were in astonishment and after some consideration on the matter,. They decided to spend the money on their house renovation as these things don’t come cheap. However, the question marks in their minds didn’t shut down. The Why? When? Where? We’re all in their mind. Nevertheless, the couple decided to be thankful for this little blessing and cherish it. This was just the beginning of the other mysteries they had to uncover. 

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The Husband Discovers a Second Suitcase Filled With Cash

The media got the news of the couple’s findings and were all over the place with the discovery made by the new couple in town. Wherein this continued for a few days. After media coverage was settled the couple got back to their basement renovations. And never in the husband’s dreams could he think of hitting the jackpot once again so soon. However, one day when his wife was out and he was home alone working in the basement did he find another suitcase in the same place as before. At this point, he was utterly in shock and couldn’t open the case alone as he waited for his wife to come back from work so they could open it together and see what was in that dusty suitcase this time. 

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Moments Before the Wife Arrives For the Opening of the Second Suitcase

As the husband was waiting for the arrival of his wife he thought of clicking some pictures of similar suitcases. So after dusting it off he kept them side by side and started to click some pictures. Moreover, he wanted to store this as proof of their surreal findings in the house. Which weren’t only occurring back to back, however, they were bringing media attention too. Not only did the husband decide to keep this new discovery to himself, but he also couldn’t stop imagining what would be in this suitcase now. Will they find the same amount of money in his bag too?

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Their Second Big Reveal Left Them With Mixed Emotions

Differing from the first suitcase, this one had money lined up in the case. Leaving no space for anything else to be put inside. Moreover, the money was stacked into small forms. As they were looking at the scenario in front of their eyes, many more questions surfaced in their minds. Now, where did all this money come from? Why would someone keep them here? However, the couple concluded that this suitcase will also probably have more or less the same amount as their previous discovery. Besides, this wasn’t just any good luck anymore. Things were starting to be suspicious and disturbing for the husband and wife. Nevertheless, this new finding had both of them puzzled and their minds were completely blown away at this point. 

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The Money Was Placed Differently to the First Suitcase

Unlike the first case containing money, this one had money spread out differently. The cash was very neatly in stacking condition with the help of paperclips. This bundle had money from twenty dollars to hundred dollars. Yet again they thought of getting an expert’s option on this case. And guess what?! It turns out that these bills were dated back to the same year as the previous money. Which makes them seventy years old. Undoubtedly, this finding was more than winning any lucky draw or jackpot. Furthermore, they knew that there was yet a lot to be discovered. On the other hand, this was their last happy finding as much creepy stuff was about to come their way. 

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A Small Basement Door Sparked up Intrigue in the Hopes for More Cash

After all, those finding done by the couple until now, they were thinking of what could be the house possibly be used for. And the answers they were coming up with were numerous. Their new house might have been used as a drug dealing point or a smuggling place. The possibilities were endless. However, this didn’t let the couple lose hope and they were still on their hunt for more money. In addition to this, the couple was informed by the property dealer beforehand that they could find a door in the basement which is basically there to hide the tank. Given this, the couple was not very surprised at seeing that mysterious door. 

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Where the Horror Began – Husband Breaks Through Mystery Door

Nevertheless, the husband got into the room after taking down the door. After the door was open, the couple hoped to find some more cash or hints. However, the sight which appeared in front of the husband’s eyes was definitely not what the property dealer said it would be. There was no water tank insight behind that door. In fact, what they saw was a huge room and some carpet pieces scattered on the wooden floor. It seemed as if the room was in use. Now what creeped out the couple was, how can the room be used as it had many locks from outside. Moreover, there were no windows in the place for anyone to get into this weird room.

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They Knew the House Held Secrets Darker Than They Could Imagine

At this point, the couple had started be feel uneasy. Considering the fact that after their new discovery things were very confusing. However, their last two findings were the only ones that bought some happiness to them. From now on things were getting creeper by the second and the couple was scared. Especially, because the room they were standing in looked like no man wanted it to be found. It had been quite a few years now that the couple were staying in their new home. Yet there were surprises waiting to uncover in this new creepy place. While they were exploring this new room they knew that they won’t give up until they find the root story of this mysterious room. Suddenly, the room started to feel darker and they were getting a feeling of something wrong about to happen. 

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A Hidden Safe and the Brown Leather Briefcase

Just when the couple took a few steps into the room and looked around they realized that the walls of the room were covered in some plastic sheets. It could be to avoid the sound made in the room to go out. Nevertheless, the couple kept going in the hope to find something of value. With their positivity level high they believed in finding more treasure. Whereas, what they discovered was a leather briefcase containing many envelopes with different currency cash, and antique jewelry. This was not it, as they continued to go deeper. They saw a black bag sitting in the right corner of the room. It was difficult to locate it at first but just when they saw it they quickly opened it and what they saw next had them give out a loud cry for help. 

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The Note That Broke Them

It took them about ten minutes to open that bag as it had many locks. Finally, when the bag was opened the very first thing that pops out of it was a letter. With shaky hands, the couple unfolded the letter and what they read had them sweating with fear. The note said in capital letters “SAVE YOURSELF”. Never in their wildest dream would they have thought of receiving such a note in their dream house. The very first thought which came to their minds was that ‘is this some kind of sick prank’. The couple was now feeling very nauseous. However, they decided to be strong and think of a solution to this discovery. Even so, the conclusion being that FBI’s involvement is not necessary as everything could still be managed by them. 

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They Found Coded Tapes Which Made No Sense

The next thing which the couple find just underneath the piece of paper was the “DO NOT” sign which upon moving aside they found some old box filled with video tapes. Their imagination started to run wild with all that they could get to see on those tapes. Moreover, this discovery was freaking them out and they decided to call in the FBI once and for all.

Before calling the FBI the husband thought of going a little deeper into the box and that’s when he found it. That the videotapes weren’t very old compared to the box itself. And there were codes on the tapes indicating the years the videos were recorded. However, the curiosity of the couple had them running upstairs with the tapes in hand. The content they found in it was horrifying to death. So they immediately called the FBI.  

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They Called the Authorities and the Criminal Investigation Began

Their dream home had somehow turned into a crime scene. In addition to this, the FBI had started with their investigation. The footage on the tapes had chills going down their spines. Not only this, all the tapes that they had gone through had the same disturbing content in them. According to the sources the making of those tapes were by some unhuman creatures as they were very horrific.

As soon as the FBI arrived they had their sweet home covered in special investigation tapes. Unfortunately, the couple’s home wasn’t a sweet home anymore. This soon resulted in the media covering the story of the mysterious and horrific house. This was not the end; it was just the beginning of the couple’s pile of creepy discoveries. The authorities, however, forbade the couple to describe the scenes from the videotapes to the media. And to this date, we are unaware of the content that the tapes contained.

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No Answers in Sight

For now, we can only respect the privacy of the couple and not interfere much in the matter. Still, we are eager to get the answer to these mysterious findings as soon as possible. This story didn’t just keep us on the edge of our seats throughout our reading. However, it had us raise many questions mark in our minds. Starting from where did the money that the couple found come from? Could it be that the money that the couple found was in any way related to the scary footage that they saw? What kind of people were there in those tapes? Was anyone who died or harassed on those tapes?

And the biggest question is why would the authorities keep the answers away from us. Were there more clues that we should hope to find in the basement that we are unaware of? All things aside, what started as a renovation for the sweet couple ended up being an Investigation by the FBI. Our hearts go out to the couple who had to go through everything alone. Above all, hats off to their bravery.

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