A list of healthy foods you can eat without gaining any weight.

Published on September 22, 2022

Did you ever make a diet plan? Do you follow one? Ever gone on only healthy food week? So, here is a list of healthy foods made for you to let you follow your ideal food schedule! The race of being slim is popular all around the world. You should always begin your weight loss journey with small steps. It also depends on your Body Mass Index(BMI). So, the first step is to know what to eat and when to eat. Goals are achievable once you are determined. More than cardio, what matters is your food. You are what you eat. From fruits to meat, every food has its unique properties. Every food brings its energy value. For example, a banana has 100 calories and so does an egg but both are rich in a different ways. While eggs are rich in protein, bananas are rich in potassium. Hence, losing weight is all about eating the right things at the right time with the right amount. 

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How Food makes you feel wholesome

Know how to keep your stomach full! Food, food, and food. So, select cautiously. Plenty of foods can make you feel filled. Moreover, its calorie count depends upon many factors. The calorie/satiety ratio is assessed using a satiety index scale. The satiety index assesses a food’s ability to make you feel full. It also reduces appetite. It helps you consume fewer calories and yes it can be the first step towards healthy eating. Some foods are simply better than others at finishing one’s hunger. The right would reduce your calorie intake.  

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Qualities of a filling food

Eat healthily and live longer! Yes, we all know that the quality of food affects your life expectancy. So, It is important to know the key qualities of good food. It must be hunger satiating. The following are the qualities of wholesome foods.

High volume

 According to some research, the amount of food similarly affects society as hunger. Try eating the volume of foods that contain a lot of water. Subtract calories by adding air.

High Protein

We are all fans of steaks right? But steaks are not the only protein-carrying food. Proteins satiate hunger more than carbs and fats. That’s why protein-rich diets are usually recommended. These are broadly followed all over the world to lose weight. A protein-rich diet helps more in keeping tummies tucked than low proteins.

High Fiber

Mandatory for a healthy life. Fiber adds raw material to your diet. We know that it is also good for digestion. So food with high fiber content will make your weight loss journey easy.  Keeping the digestive tract busy, helps you in feeling fuller for a long period.

Low energy density foods

Eating food with low-calorie content and low energy density foods. For example, vegetables are low calorie yet makes one feel full over one meal time.

So, you must know the food you eat. Here is a list of foods that you can eat keeping the weight gain anxiety aside.

 Whole Eggs

Easy to make and healthy to eat. The first food on our list is eggs. Earlier, eggs were considered to increase weight. This is not true at all! It is another meal that has been wrongly maligned. Eggs are a good source of proteins. High in nutrition, this meal is rich in important elements needed for human growth.

Don’t forget the egg yolk

Well, so many think that egg whites are enough to reduce weight. It is not completely true. Full of taste and nourishment, egg yolk contains contributes nearly half of the protein. Eggs are a complete protein, which means they have all nine essential amino acids in them. Moreover, they are satiating.

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What Studies Say About Whole Eggs

Want to make your morning a really good morning? Eggs are away! According to research, people who took eggs as breakfast felt filled in the morning. They had a good mood overall the day than those who took bread and tea. According to one study, those who ate eggs lost more weight, resulting in lower body mass index(BMI). 

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A few Last lines about The Wholesome Eggs

Eggs are high in nutrients. They are high in high-quality protein. For more than a day after a meal, they may help you eat less. With this plus, if you are looking for a food that is easy to make and low in calories, eggs are the right choices you must make.

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If oatmeal is your choice for breakfast! Then you are on the right track. Oatmeal is a porridge that is commonly consumed for breakfast. It’s filling. It comes second on the hunger satisfaction scale. The reason is its ability to retain water and contain high fiber content. As discussed earlier, fiber-containing foods are healthy and famous for breakfasts. 

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What Studies Say About Oatmeal

You will be amazed to know the hidden benefits oat brings. Oats are rich in beta-glucan. It is a protein soluble fiber that helps in digestion. It is also good at glucose absorption. Oatmeal is considered helpful at making you feel satiated. According to a study, if oatmeal is taken as breakfast, it will help throughout the day’s digestive process.

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A few last lines about oatmeal

High in fiber, and high in water absorption, oatmeal’s contribution to healthy food is a 10/10. It is hunger satiating. It can fill you up a lot more than standard breakfast cereals. Taking oatmeal for breakfast means you might eat less during the whole day. It’s a good choice for a “heavy” breakfast. It can even work great if taken at dinner.

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Thinking of planning your diet? Legumes are a good choice too. Legumes, like beans, peas, and lentils, are known for their protein richness. They are high in fiber content. This is the reason they are categorized into low-energy-density foods. This makes them a satisfying food. A one-time meal of a cup full of legumes may even help you lose weight. 

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A few last lines on legumes

Proteins are the diet materials for sure. Because legumes are heavy in protein and fiber, they make your stomach feel full and satisfied. They’re also low in calories. It makes them a good choice for anyone looking to lose weight. Adding to this, they’re good to be taken as snacks too! You can eat them anywhere and anytime you want!

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The famous quote, an apple a day keeps the doctor away is real.  Apples, in this respect, are given high importance. There are multiple reasons i.e. having low calorie and high satiety index. They are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Apples are hunger-satisfying and delicious. They contain pectin, a soluble fiber that naturally delays digestion. They’re also more than 85% water. This means it adds volume and satiation without adding calories.

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What Research Says About Apple

According to the research carried out by MIT, apples are known for reducing the risk of chronic diseases. These include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. They promote losing weight. Apples help improve mental health. Additionally, this fruit also promotes weight loss. It improves gut and brain health.

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 Apple juice or Raw apple?

In a study, the effects of eating an apple and drinking apple juice were taken into account. It was shown that people who ate solid apple segments consumed 91 calories less than those who ate apple sauce and 150 calories less than those who drank apple juice. The same study was carried out with other fruits and it was noted that in comparison to other fruits, eating apple segments resulted in higher fullness and lower hunger ratings.

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 A few last lines on apples

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, specific elements (polyphenolic) found in apples surely play a significant role in human health. Research shows that eating red tasty apples is higher in these compounds than many other types of fruits. Adding to this, The majority of nutrition lies in the skin of the apple. Unfortunately, that is usually peeled off. Not only for losing weight, but apples can also be a good “dessert” after meals! They’re sweet, healthy, and all-around good; what more could you ask for?

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Citrus Fruits

Juicy fruits always speed up an appetite. Citrus fruits can help to slow digestion. It also improves satiation. They also have a lot of water content making them fit for losing weight. Both oranges and grapefruit are high in water content. That is why these two are on our list. These fruits can fill you up for a low-calorie count! Know more about grapefruit and oranges ahead. 

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Sour taste but it’s worth eating. You will be amazed to know the health benefits of grapefruits. Grapefruit consumption has long been told to reduce weight. It is on our list because of its richness of anti-oxidant fiber. Having a sweet yet tart taste helps in weight loss.

Experiment on grapefruits

In an experiment carried out, obese people who ate grapefruit lost much more weight in comparison to those who ate other fruits. In another research, Grapefruit was titled being rich in Vitamin C and so powerful anti-oxidant, improving immunity. Not only this. In another study found that consuming half a grapefruit three times daily at mealtimes for six weeks resulted in greater weight loss and a considerable reduction in waist circumference.

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A healthy diet must count the oranges. Well known for repairing the damaged cells in the body, it is the juicy orange fruit. It is one of the healthy fruits you must eat if you are on your weight loss journey. They are citrus fruits, giving the best results for dietary programs.

What Studies Say About Citrus Fruits

Consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice before meals is a great way to reduce weight. According to research, keeping the calorie intake in consideration, this method results in a 7.1 percent weight loss, as well as a significant reduction in body fat and circumference. It is as helpful as just drinking water before meals.

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The next on our list is everyone’s all-time favorite, Fish. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A protein-rich diet is always recommended in the weight loss journey. It may help persons who are overweight or obese feel more satisfied as fatty acids are healthy fats good for the heart and brain. 

People across the world are now replacing chicken with fish. Fish rates are high among all items examined on the satiety index for their aforementioned qualities., Therefore, it leaves all other protein-rich foods behind. 

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What Studies Say About Fish

You must add fish to your diet if you are on your weight loss journey. According to one study, fish has contributed more to satiety than chicken or beef. According to another research, people who ate fish consumed 11% fewer calories at their next meal compared to those who ate beef. Moreover, beef is more difficult to digest than fish. Fish when grilled is lighter to intake making it a better option compared to beef or chicken.

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Final Verdict About Fish

Add fish to your food items now! Fish is abundant in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which may result in the stomach feeling full for an increased period. It is tastier than chicken and beef and can be prepared in a variety of forms. The only problem is the fishbone. It is absolutely not a big problem, right?

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Lean Meats

Add meat and feel full! The other item on our list is lean meat. Lean meats are rich in protein. These provide a great number of calories making one feel enough if taken as one meal. Hence, higher-protein diets result in reduced calorie intake. Lean meats are high in proteins in comparison with low-protein diets. If lean meat is taken as lunch, likely, people would not eat dinner according to a research experiment conducted. High-carb lunch always makes you eat more. So yes! proteins are the key to a healthy and low-calorie diet. 

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What Studies Say About Lean Meats

On the satiety index, beef came in third place among all protein-rich foods. Even though other lean meats like chicken and pork are also good for weight loss, lean meats are always good at keeping you fuller. Above all, Lean meat diets are rich in protein. It is also low in calories when compared to non-lean meats for example sandwiches and lentils. 

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A few last lines About Lean Meats

People that prefer low-calorie, low-fat diets use lean meats as meals. Selenium, vitamins B3 and B6, and choline are all found in livestock. They’re not only hunger satiating, but they’re also rich in protein. Consuming high-protein lean meat at each meal will help you take fewer calories in the next meals. This definitely will reduce meal proportion size.

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Cottage Cheese

Yes, you read right, it is cheese in the list of healthy foods to keep you full! So, another high-protein meal is here. Yummy and diet-friendly, cottage cheese has a low-calorie count. It has a high protein content. It also contains beneficial minerals. These minerals include B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium. All of these provide healthy food for the body and brain. Its vitamin-rich properties make cottage cheese a food suitable for weight loss.

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What Research Says About Cottage Cheese

According to research carried out by the Dietary department of American Scientists, cottage cheese helps in muscle gain. It aids with weight reduction due to its vitamin-rich properties. It is a flavored curd-like cheese containing protein, vitamins, and minerals. The high vitamins make it equally important as vegetables help you in your weight loss or weight maintenance journey.

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A few last lines About Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a high-protein, low-calorie food. Its satiety impact could be equivalent to that of eggs. Once you’ve eaten a lot of eggs. If you are looking for a new option that can replace eggs, so with almost the same qualities, cottage cheese got you covered.

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When it comes to healthy food, vegetables cannot be missed outright? So, the next on the list after completing the protein-rich recommendation is Vegetables. They are rich in volume. They contain low calories. Their property of being high in vitamins and minerals makes them perfect for weight loss. It is for this reason that they are an essential component of a balanced diet. Their nutrition-rich qualities make them suitable for any diet and can be taken at any time of the day.

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List of vegetables that keep your stomach full.

Vegetables like eggplants, broccoli, cabbage, and turnips can be even eaten in the boiled form to get a satiated stomach. Cabbage and broccoli are highly recommended for weight loss. an essential part of a balanced diet. They’re also high in water and fiber, both of which help you feel full.

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What Studies Say About Vegetables

Salads are highly recommended everywhere when it is about beginning a diet. With meals, without meals, they are a must. One of the reasons is that studies show that salads have helped in satiating hunger, especially when taken before a meal. In research, people who ate a salad before a meal consumed fewer calories while eating a meal. Hence, salad is a plus for diet-controlling. According to another study, even dressed salads have been used as a meal of the day that can help reduce weight.

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A few last lines about vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber content which makes them a part of the hunger satiety index. They are a good source to make you feel fuller for a longer period. Low-calorie salads can help you eat more vegetables. Adding to this, it also lowers your calorie intake. Furthermore, everyone knows that vegetables are good for the body. You can never go wrong with vegetables even in raw form or cooked. In both forms, they give a unique taste too.

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Thinking to get a snack while on a diet? So, here is the solution. The all-time love popcorns. Keep in mind that it is not a snack but a whole grain food, Yes! Popcorns and corns are a source of high fiber. It contains plant components. For this reason, they help in digestion. They provide a good supply of amino acids. This food also helps treat problems of anemia and increases brain activity. As it is high in volume, it makes you feel fuller and complete besides having low calories. Who doesn’t love popcorn? Their benefits as food will let you eat them on regular basis too.

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What Studies Say About Popcorn

No artificial taste is allowed! According to research, microwaved popcorns contain more calories as compared to air-popped popcorns. Microwave popcorns get microwaves while air-popped use hot air to get popped. Hence, microwave popcorns have dangerous additives as well so, must be avoided. 

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A few last lines on popcorn

Popcorn is a great source of polyphenols. They are anti-oxidants that are associated with improving blood circulation. It also aids digestive mechanisms. They also reduce the risk of cancer. They are more satisfying than carbs like potatoes. So, while taking a cup full of popcorn, don’t worry about your weight, you are on the safe side.

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What These Foods Tells us about our diet

We are sure that the list must have added to your knowledge and amusement. Foods that are usually ignored can pave the path to building your healthy diet.  Their distinctive properties make them fit enough to be a part of a balanced diet. The proportion of fiber, protein, and energy may vary. The same is the number of vitamins and minerals. What one should keep an account of is how many many calories he needs according to his BMI. The healthier the food, the greater the chances of quick weight loss. Instead of starting a diet, these foods can be the best choices for you to start with.

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Broth-Based Soups

If half of the year has passed and you are thinking to start a diet. Soups can be very viable. Soups are also on our high recommendation list. While solid foods can help you feel full, soups are a good source of water intake and vitamins. Some soups like cabbage soup are highly recommended for weight loss. It contains fewer calories than other soups. It also makes you feel full. Soups for the reason of the watery content makes you feel full.

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Experiment with the broth-based soup.

One experiment was carried out where people who had soup before the meal ate 20 percent less than those who didn’t. Several studies have found that eating soup regularly can lower calorie consumption, increase satiety, and promote weight loss over time.

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What Studies Say About Broth-Based Soups

Soups made with broth contain fewer calories compared with those made with cream. According to research, broth-based soups increase metabolism and give a boost to immunity as well. Keeping all the information in mind, broth-based soups are a suitable option for low calorie and high satiety indexes. 

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Boiled Potatoes

This one is my favorite on the list and I am sure yours too! Easy to make,it is the vegetable used with all the other i.e. Potato. It lasts longer in the stomach, boiled potatoes are high in fiber, vitamins, and carbs too. For this reason, they are always recommended to be eaten in the time of the morning. Potatoes are known for keeping the stomach full for longer periods. They also include resistant starch, which is a form of starch. Regular starch has half the calories as resistant starch (2 instead of 4 calories per gram). It works similarly to soluble fiber in your digestive tract, making you feel full.

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 What Studies Say About Boiled Potatoes

According to research carried out by WHO(World Health Organization), some countries use potatoes as food all day.  The people of those countries are found healthier with stronger immunity. Sweet Potatoes are loved in Japan. Japanese are known for their increased life span and health over all the world. Sweet Potatoes help fight cancer and chronic problems as well, So, who does not want to eat potatoes in a boiled form that are three times more satiating than finger chips?

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A few last lines about Boiled Potatoes

On the satiety index, boiled potatoes, which are high in nutrients, rank first. Fried potato chips are three times less filling than baked potato chips and are not recommended for weight loss. So, if you want to have potatoes and you’re on a diet, make sure to have boiled ones.

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When you carve for sweets, it is time to eat the Vitamin C-rich, berries. Not only healthy but they have good taste as well. So, a healthy way to satisfy your appetite is berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries – you can eat any of them at any time of the day. They can be even taken with milk or yogurt if you are picking them up for a meal. Your sugar craving is satiated by this healthy fruit, a must be recommended for those who are on the weight loss journey.

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The fermented milk dairy product is all you need to stay healthy. For a lot of years, yogurt is known for its health benefits. So, it is on the top of the healthy food list. It can be eaten at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Treating multiple diseases i.e. gastrointestinal can help increase immunity by limiting the fat in your body. It can absorb and adds good bacteria that help your body clean out your intestinal tract. It even helps burn fat – so there’s no reason to not add some yogurt to your daily routine!

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Without spices, there is no variety in food. An integral part of the food to make them spicy, chili is known for increasing metabolism and burning calories at a faster rate. Eating just one chili pepper, you can get enough beta carotene for the whole day. Not only this it is giving you TWICE as much vitamin C as you need for the day. This is all enhancing your skin color, hair, nails, and most important waistline!

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Have you seen a vegetable with multiple benefits? Yes! It is none other than cucumbers. Known for skin lightening, cooling, and weight loss, no diet is complete without a ton of cucumbers. They are mostly water, so they are super low-cal as well as filling. The best diet plan is incomplete without cucumber. Just add cucumber to your lunch each day and see how much less bread you need to eat as a result. Moreover, this healthy vegetable also reduces constipation, bloating and water retention-no doubt it has multiple benefits!

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Easy to make and delicious to eat, salsa can be made from all types of fruits and veggies. However, generally, it’s loaded with tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Mixing up all of these vegetables has lots of nutrients. They are super healthy and tempting. As salsa is also based on water, this makes it a low-calorie based food.

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Lettuce is not only for decoration but a portion of healthy food to take in. It is popular for being low in calories. It is known as the younger sibling of cabbage, spinach, kale, and all the other greens. Well, do not take lettuce out of your salad and hate it! Count lettuce in but choose the right one i.e. not iceberg. Romaine lettuce has vitamin B, folic acid, and Manganese. Other dark green and purple lettuce has tons of benefits as well.

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Quinoa is one of the trends of the moment – for some special reason. It’s low in calories, but extremely high in protein – making it the most suitable food for weight loss. It is an extremely filling addition to any meal, and a great substitute for rice, pasta, potatoes, and other starches. There are several kinds of quinoa as well, but less is nutrient difference between them! Hence, any kind of quinoa will work giving greater benefits.

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Cranberry Juice

Yes! We mean cranberry bitter juice, not the cocktail one we all are used to eating. This bitter juice is loaded with vitamin C, and is a diuretic, meaning that it helps your body get rid of excess fluids.

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Dark Chocolate

We knew you weren’t expecting chocolate to be on this list! Well, we are aware that diets aren’t easy. However, if you deprive yourself of the food you carve for, you may end up binge eating. This will ruin all your hard work. To avoid it, eating a few bars of dark chocolate can be very tempting. It can be a replacement for desserts and ice creams. Much healthier than other kinds of sweets, dark chocolate contains healthy fats. They are lower in sugar than other milk chocolates. Some researchers even show that dark chocolate is healthy for heart and brain cells. So! Here is a solution to your sweet craving during your diet, Yes, dark chocolate.

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Who doesn’t love the cute little and full-of-nutrition almonds? Just having about 7 calories per nut, almonds are the lowest calorie nut. Not only this they are also super rich in vitamins. They have a lot of protein and healthy fats that are required to lose weight. They are even full of vitamin E as well!

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Two or three sprinkles of cinnamon are a way to narrow down your waistline. Known for its benefits since the stone age, this spice stimulates insulin production, which regulates high blood sugar. It can even make your body more likely to burn fat at a high speed. It burns calories rather than holding on to it. Every house must have cinnamon. Good for health, used as anti-viral, and improves gut health.

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Bet you weren’t expecting kelp here! Do you even remember eating it? Now you will eat it. Adding Kelp to your diet will be helping you with your hormone regulation. It has tons of iodine. This iodine is hence super important because it works to create thyroid hormones. These are the hormones responsible for determining how your body will burn fat. Although it varies in color and flavor, it produces sodium alginate which is great at increasing immunity.

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It is time to introduce you to the king of vitamins i,e, Asparagus. A single veggie containing all the magic! Yes, it has vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, zinc, and potassium. Amazing isn’t it? One in all food with so much richness and taste. Always suited with salads, a bit sautéed or you can do a lot of creative cooking as well. Yummy- it tastes great.

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No, we are not talking about garlic bread but garlic alone! Although we understand how difficult it can be to eat garlic alone, its benefits are myriad. It’s filled with allicin. This substance helps kill off any bad bacteria or viruses. It improves metabolism. Many doctors recommend eating garlic with an empty stomach helps in keeping appropriate cholesterol levels and improves heart condition. One way to use garlic in your diet can be using it in omelets, veggies, and an easy to make dishes. However, be mindful of its odor. Don’t forget to brush once you are done eating this healthy food.

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Green Tea

Who is not aware of the beauty and benefits that green tea brings all together? Even then, not many of us make a place for this healthy food in our diet. By increasing metabolism, reducing bloating, and easing up constipation, this food is miraculous in its way. Replacing all the nicotine and caffeine with green tea is a must while you are on the way to evolving your body.

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What’s fennel, you ask? Well, it’s pretty much the magic veggie – what can’t it do! It’s completely packed with vitamins and fiber and has been used to solve digestive issues for decades. It can also reduce bloating and flush out toxins – and fennel tea can even be used to fight hunger.

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As discussed in the veggie section, this miraculous veggie is delicious too. It is healthy with a low-calorie and high source of fiber and calcium. Broccoli is good for bones and produces antibodies that help the body fight against bacteria. It is truly a magical food. Nutritionists all around the world recommend adding broccoli to the diet due to its numerous benefits.

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Brown Rice

Well, well. Your favorite food is on the list too. Forget the misconception that rice is not healthy and makes you fat. Brown rice, according to research, is filled with phytonutrients. These brown rice can decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Yes, it’s carbs, but it’s full of fiber. These are relatively low-calorie. So, when it is about meal time, make an afternoon meal of brown rice served with salad. Healthy and delicious coming to your side!

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Well, this one is a 10 on 10 recommended. Carrots are made for every person who thinks he needs to lose weight. They have high water content and fiber, making them hunger satiating. It gives you a feeling of fullness as it is rich in vitamins and is digested late. Moreover, it is a plus for your eyesight and immunity.

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Figs are a natural gift. Serving as the food that provides a solution to your sugar carving, figs are delicious with low calories. They are rich in fiber and sugar. It keeps your stomach filled for a long period too. Once you get used to eating this healthy food, we are telling you, it is addictive.

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Lemons make you go bananas. Yes, the piquancy lemon is a vegetable that can be used as an additive to your salads, dishes, and foods. Squeeze them or add them to your spice diet, it is the most taste-creating element. Their classy flavor gives them the edge to be used in any item in a small amount. They are also rich in Vitamin C.

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Make your diet a fancy diet by adding salmon. one of the best diets and plain old healthy foods of all time, yes it is none other than salmon! Whichever way you cook it – and there are a lot of options. Salmon is high in protein. Not only this it is magically low in calories. It contains both mono-saturated and poly-saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help in weight loss. It is even used as a food for heart patients. prevent heart disease. So go ahead, have a fish fry, sushi party, or whatever time of salmon.

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Avocados are the fruit known for their uniqueness. With creamy richness, fresh look, and naturally nutrition-rich, the beloved fruit strengthens eyesight and cardio health. Adding to this, it reduces the risk of some cancers. They contain millions of healthy fats. So a few avocadoes are enough to make your stomach. You can use them in multiple ways, with bread, making toast, or even eating them with lemon topping. It helps fight cancers, depression, bad cholesterol, or even chronic inflammation. So, when are you planning your diet?

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