A Woman’s Life Changes After She Discovers Why Her Husband Comes Home Late

Published on September 8, 2022

In the Beginning, Everything Seemed Normal

It all starts in October 2012, When Jonna Miller and her now Husband David started to date. At that time, they both were in their twenties. It was after one year they fell completely in love so they thought of getting engaged on Thanksgiving. On the contrary, they were expecting their first child too. So the couple was more than happy to welcome their newborn to the world side by side. In February 2014 they welcomed their first daughter Delanie and just a year after her birth in May Jonna and David were happily married.

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Indiana Girl

The young girl Jonna was basically from a small part of India. However, everyone use to call her by a unique name. Which was given to her because of her being blunt regarding everything in general. She was a “small town Indian girl with a big mouth”. Not only this, she was known for her nature of telling open jokes and creating weird problems. Her personality was built from this stage itself which lasted till her womanhood. Moreover, Jonna was a very active social media user. She use to film videos and had her very own page where she could upload funny stuff regarding Films. 

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The Blunt Blonde

Jonna has a very catchy name on social media, she goes by the name “The Blunt Blonde.” The Bio she has set on her Twitter account goes “People see me as a funny person whereas, I am not. I am generally an unpleasant person and I hate everyone equally. Not only this, her very first blog has a caption saying “If you don’t know me let me tell you I am fluent in English and Sarcasm.” I’m a woman of many trades, what can I say? I’m currently a stay-at-home slave. My boss is almost three feet tall, messier than shit, and piles the work on my nonexistent desk. So I’m pretty confident that I will not have any hair left by the time I reach my 30s..”. Whenever you get a chance to visit her profile you will be surprised to find many odd captions too.

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No Ties

On the other hand, David is a completely different person compared to Jonna. He belongs to an Amish Culture. His upbringing was done in an Amish Community. Apart from this, he is a Christian who is very rigid with his values and traditions. At the time of their wedding, the groom’s friends were wearing bowties. Jonna however, mentioned in her blog- “When I picked out ties for the guys to wear, my husband carefully notified me from a distance, ‘They can only wear bow-ties.’ I stared. He said slowly ‘Amish people cannot wear ties’. I was astonished.” Here we come to believe that indeed there are no limits in love. In spite of, belonging from totally opposite backgrounds.

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Simple Life                   

The couple fell hard in love with each other. David who belongs to the Amish Community is a Swiss-German devout group in general. Which is, that the German people tend to live a very simple and tech-free life. They do not believe in living lives with the help of technology. So how did they make it work together? While David states “Sure, we have different backgrounds but they say opposites attract, and in our case, this couldn’t be truer. He’s calm, I’m a psycho. He knows how to drive a buggy, they let me drive a pony cart once and I almost crashed into a tree. He asks me how to get on Google, I get on the internet and run my mouth every day. I love my in-laws, I love my husband, and dammit I may not be Amish but I’ve had it in me.”

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You Can’t take the Amish out of a Man

Jonna in one of her blogs discusses how her family background and David’s has had an impact on their relationship. She continues, that he has made an effect to change himself and adjust in with the new technology usage. However, there are yet some things that do not change and so she concluded that ‘we cannot take an Amish out of a man. Jonna realizes that before meeting David, she knew nothing in general about the community he belonged to. She says “All I knew about them was that they made doughnuts that would slap your taste buds with a happiness you’ve never experience before.”

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Not Your Average Mommy Blog

When you visit Jonna’s blog you will realize that most of her blogs are based on parenting and her relationship with her Amish husband. Furthermore, she gives her fans some unique tips and tricks on being an amazing wife and a mother. While Jonna’s blogs are quite different from any other regular mom’s blogs. She, however, adds some humor and her perspective to it. She is usually found amusingly portraying her life by bringing her and to flame things up she definitely has her Amish husband for it! 

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David On Duty

Jonna’s husband, on the other hand, works locally in an RV shop. He spends most of the time at work leaving Jonna to feel lonely most of the time. She states due to David’s long working hours he usually comes home late and by the time he reaches home our daughter is asleep. Not only that, but Jonna speaks her thoughts out by saying. I feel for the other women too who have husbands who work hard and come home late. Marriage isn’t how it’s shown in movies it has some bitter reality to it too.

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Takes a Toll

It was in December of 2015, that Jonna came clean with the problems she has to face being a mom who stays home to look after her child and household. In her blog, she goes on “I’m married to a hard-working man and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t take a toll on me. Sometimes he will come home after a long day at work and I’ll be waiting for him to walk in the door, so I can yell ‘you promised me you would be home at five!’ As if he would rather be working than spending time with me and our daughter.” Her idea of having a prince for a husband was starting to fade off from reality. She further complains of her husband’s hands being very hard and having cuts while he hasn’t even turned 30.

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The Struggle of a Mom

She goes on by saying “I’m putting him in a lose-lose situation. He literally can’t win. If he doesn’t work late, we won’t get the new furniture set that I have to have. If he does work later, he comes home to a nagging wife who is desperate for his attention. I am so selfish in our marriage and I know that. But, every once in a while, I’ll have my little ‘A-ha’ moment that gives me a sense of understanding.” The type of blogs Jonna writes is purely based on the day-to-day reality of a housewife. Along with going through daily life crises, she posts everything being so honest. 

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An Odd Wednesday Evening

It was just another regular day at Jonna’s and David’s house when one Wednesday evening. Jonna was with her daughter playing hide and seek, meanwhile her husband was at work. Just like every day, today also he was going to be back home late. So Jonna had placed his dinner in the fridge so he eats it when he gets home. “I don’t recall the Prince missing dinners because he was working overtime or going to bed shortly after he came home to his Palace because he was so exhausted. I don’t remember any of that,” Jonna says.

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Take a Deep Breath

By this time, she had had enough. Jonna was getting frustrated with each passing minute it was until she heard the sound of the washing machine coming to a stop. She paused her cycle of thoughts and started to take out the clothes from the dryer and gently fold them. This indeed calmed her down a bit. Nevertheless, her mind was still wondering about her husband’s whereabouts. Now the situation was getting out of her hand because she could sense David not keeping up to his promises. 

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A Peculiar Spot

While Jonna was folding the laundry, just like she normally does by Making two piles of clothes. One pile contains her clothes while the other one is of David’s. Just when she was getting done folding clothes, she sighted something odd. She says how can I fail to see this small detail before. Her attention was on David’s clothes as they contained something very strange. Jonna thought why have I never seen this before then it turns out that maybe she was always very indulged with her and her daughter’s tasks. 

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The Clear Difference

Why on earth did Jonna go into the coma of thoughts? What caught her off-guard? Jonna mentions in her blog stating- “Why did my clothes look so vibrant, clean and new? His were dingy, stained, and torn.” That is when she suddenly recalled all the times when her husband use to bring new clothes for her. Whereas, she couldn’t remember a single time when David went shopping and bought something for himself. This came as a complete shock to Jonna. 

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The Silent Sacrifice

After pondering on her thoughts for a bit, reality hit her hard. And that is when she realized that her husband has been sacrificing a lot for her and her daughter’s betterment. Whereas, he was asking nothing back in return. All his sacrifices were going unnoticed until now. She then mentions in her blog post – “This man provided more than I deserve. If I tell him I want something, very seldom will he tell me no?” Jonna then concluded that she has been very ungrateful to her husband throughout this period.

Feats of Labor

Jonna says – “I get spoiled with the fruits of his labor and he is okay with a pair of torn boxer briefs. I was acting as if he was out partying with his friends, but his laundry told a completely different story.” Many people might have not gone through what Jonna has been through. Nonetheless, we are very ungrateful to our loved ones for what they do for us. We instead keep our focus on the things that they are failing to do. If only we can start to see the things they are doing for us life will become a lot easier. 

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What no Father Wants

Jonna was taking her time thinking about the situation and came to the conclusion that not only her daughter was suffering from all this but her husband too. From the long hour’s routine. No father wants to stay away from his children and wife. The relationship between a dad and his family is indeed precious. No father goes away from his family without a valid reason. All he ever wants is to provide well for his family.

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Take this Oath

After coming to this realization. Jonna thought of making some major changes to herself. Her views toward her husband changed forever. She promised herself to become a better spouse for her hardworking husband. Not only that, she vowed to not bug him anymore for coming home late. However, she would be very careful with what she speaks out in front of him. Whenever she would feel like complaining she would recall all the worn-out cloths that David has in their closet. 

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The Ends Will Justify the Means

She continues to write in her blog – “Sure, I miss him and want to spend time with him throughout the week, but I have realized he is offering me the most beautiful form of love there is… He works to give our family everything we need. He works so his wife and daughter don’t go without, even though there are times I’m sure he does.” The couple has their ups and downs once in a blue moon. That is completely normal in every relationship. However, what matters it that how the couple tackles the arguments and what is best for their child. David’s perspective is that is values Jonna’s well-being just as he does his daughter. 

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A Word of Advice

Jonna finally has some important advice for us. She says – “If you have a hard-working man in your life and you can’t comprehend how much he loves you… Do his laundry.” This advice is directly from my personal life experience, with those women who think their husbands don’t provide them with enough time. Her target audience is a large group of people from different backgrounds so the message is for everyone out there. There was one comment on her post saying: “This is an amazing reminder. I used to stay home with our daughters when they were little, and I used to feel horrible doing the same thing. This is an awesome perspective to carry.”

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