Actors Who Are Martial Artists In Real Life


You will be surprised to hear that there are many celebrities who not only perform very well in action roles but also in real-life martial arts. We have combined a list of actors who have amazing fighting skills. So they can fight them off in real life if they ever get mugged.

Milla Jovovich

The brilliant actress from The Resident Evil movie has worked in many other action movies. So, it does not come to us as a shock when we know Milla Jovovich has extraordinary talent in martial arts. Moreover, the actress displays her kinship towards MMA and works daily to shine as a Brazilian jiujitsu.

John Cusack

John Cusack has always avoided talking much about his personal life. However, let us tell you that the actor is a level six black belt in the martial art ukidokan kickboxing. Not only this, but he participates in sports as well. You can know more about which sport he is up to nowadays by following him on Twitter.

Jennifer Aniston

The secret behind Jennifer’s perfect figure is that she does Budokon. It is a mixed-movement exercise that helps a person gain power in their upper body. In addition, she does different yoga poses. Jennifer always makes sure to tag her husband, Justin Theroux, in doing yoga.

Forest Whitaker

A bit of advice never gets on the bad side of Forest Whitaker. We say this because the actor is a Kenpo karate champion. Moreover, he has won the first Dan award. On the other hand, Forest keeps his fans up-to-date with his daily high-kicking skills on his Instagram profile. So, do not forget to go check him out.

Jessica Biel

There are many actors, including Jessica Biel. She not only enjoys doing martial arts for fun but for keeping themselves fit. In one of her interviews, she said, “I am really into martial arts now-it is the most amazing workout ever.” Moreover, she discovered her kinship while working on her role in the movie, Total Recall.

Keanu Reeves

There is no harm in learning martial arts. However, going to the extent that it can be dangerous for yourself and others is not considered okay. On the other hand, Keanu Reeves has projected his obsession with learning judo to such an extent that he has also practiced the moves he learned in one of his movies. Not only this, the actor has studied jiujitsu too.

Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick has been participating in martial arts from a very young age. Surprisingly, she was only twelve years of age when she first won her black belt. Her love for martial arts has her running three different schools in different provinces. In addition, Katheryn works on taekwondo and karate.

James Caan

Did you know James Caan teaches martial arts to the Culver City Police Station officers? Not only this, the actor has amazingly earned the sixth Dan level in Gosoku-Ryu karate in the eighties. On the other hand, his mentor Takayuki Kubota has helped him throughout his journey of learning and practicing martial arts.

Sean Connery

The man might look like a gentleman. However, he can get into action anytime, given the situation. Moreover, the Scottish actor has been working on learning Kyokushin karate for a long time now. He recently shared his achievement with the public that he won a first-degree black belt in karate. Nevertheless, Sean also damaged James Bond’s wrist on the set of Never Say Never Again.

Ashton Kutcher

The actor who has made us roll on the floor laughing can turn out to be a student of Brazilian jiujitsu is astonishing for us. Moreover, he won a purple belt for his amazing performance in 2014. His teacher is no other than the famous actor Rigan Machado. Not to mention, he gets his training from The Gracies school of martial arts.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The beautiful yet powerful martial art participant has a first Dan in taekwondo. Besides this, Sarah from the Vampire Slayer practices other lethal games, such as kickboxing, street fighting, and boxing. On the other hand, we recommend you never mess up with this multi-talented actress, as she can break your bones in one go with her super high-kicking skills.

Naomi Watts

Do not go on the innocence of the actress from the horror movie The Ring. You will be surprised to hear that Naomi Watts has been practicing martial arts since she was young. In addition, she has participated in amateur judo competitions and later started to learn Brazilian jiujitsu.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is the best actor and martial artist too. He is an expert in Shotokan karate and Brazilian jiujitsu. On the other hand, the star from The Expendables three was asked whether he was ever required to use his abilities in real-life, and he replied, “It ended very quickly.”

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska is a martial art lover. While she was working in the Law and Order: SUV, she started to get her training for Shotokan karate in 1990. Furthermore, upon her excellent participation, she won a first-degree black belt. In one of her interviews, she said, “It exercises your discipline in a way I haven’t found in other sports.”

Jason Statham

The legendary star from the movie Transporter is a trainer for many martial arts, such as Brazilian jiujitsu, Wing Chun, karate, and kickboxing. Moreover, the secret behind his pretty face, along with his participation in such lethal games, is that he keeps his face covered while performing martial arts. On the other hand, in one of his interviews with the Combat Bear, he revealed his intention behind covering his face. He said, “Because there’s not a lot of contact with the face.” In addition, “As a result, the face will not be injured, which is critical in my line of work.” Smart move, right?

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba works in action movies because she prefers to practice her martial skills on screen. Recently, she has started learning Krav Maga as well. Furthermore, in her interview with Today magazine, she said, “It’s brutal, it’s fast, it’s to the point, and it was fun to do!”

Ed O’Neill

The hilarious star from the Modern Family is not someone we thought would be practicing martial arts. Not to mention, his mentor is no other than the well-known actor Rorion Gracie. On the other hand, Ed O’Neill has recently received a black belt.


The star might look very unapproachable from his facial expressions. However, he is a very funny person in real despite his kinship with jiujitsu and other martial arts. He prefers to stay low-key. The multi-talented actor prefers to work on his karate skills. A part from working as a rapper or for the Law & Order: SVU show.

Robert Downey Jr.

Our all-time favorite star from the Iron Man movie has been through some tough times in his life. From his fighting off addictions to quitting his work in the industry for some time. He had to go through all of it, standing strong. And the only activity that kept him steady fast was martial arts. Not to mention his trainer, Eric Oram, who taught him fighting styles. After Downey Jr.’s recovery, he stated in an interview with Oprah, “Martial has just been…I can’t tell you how much it has affected my capacity to stay healthy and focused.”

Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio is the star of The Karate Kid. Despite his lack of love for martial arts, he has performed different karate techniques while working on the sets of Hollywood movies. In addition, he showed a bruise on his chin that he got while a wayward roundhouse kicked during the Halloween night skeleton fight.

Jack Black

Did you know Jack Black had to undergo special training for his role in Tenacious D rocker? Not only this, the Kung Fu Panda voice-over actor has displayed his moves on stage as well. Our favorite is the tiger roll.

Gisele Bundchen

A part from Jessica Biel and other celebrities on our list who have a kinship towards martial arts for keeping themselves fit and healthy. Gisele Bundchen is another famous actress who performs martial arts. In addition, she has received her training from the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute. Gisele has also received Kung Fu and tai chi training from Yao Li.

Courtney Cox

You will be surprised to hear that the person who introduced martial acts to Jennifer Anniston is no other than Courtney Cox. Moreover, we already know how close they two are after their work in the sitcom Friends. In addition, David Arquette, Courtney’s ex-husband, was also introduced to workouts.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson

D’Brickashaw Ferguson is a black belt holder in karate and practices taekwondo too. Moreover, martial arts are in their genes. Ferguson has been practicing different martial arts from a very young age. In addition, his dad practices and teaches karate. On the other hand, Ferguson’s footwork, skill, and discipline play a very important role in his martial arts training.

President Barack Obama

Yes, you read it right. President Barack Obama also has a kinship towards martial arts. Furthermore, he has a green belt in taekwondo. While working as a junior senator from Illinois, he studied taekwondo for four years.

Dave Mustain

From a very young age, Dave has been practicing martial arts. Not only this, he is awarded black belts for both taekwondo and karate. On the other hand, he works for the World Taekwondo Federation as a goodwill ambassador.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille loves sports. He has also been playing in MMA for a long time. In addition, he wants to challenge one of our other celebrities on the list. Let us find out in a bit.

David Lee Roth

David Lee has learned many different martial arts. Including, karate and Kung Fu. Not only this, he even gives classes to students who are interested in learning martial arts. You can see him displaying his talent in videos uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Jose Canseco

The former baseball player, said to have used many drugs to improve his performance during competitions, performs brilliantly in martial arts. Nevertheless, he is the one who wants to challenge Shaq, the well-known basketball player, in the MMA competition.

Joe Rogan

According to the MMA viewers, Joe Rogan plays jiujitsu. Moreover, the comedian has learned BJJ from Eddie Bravo and is a brown belt holder. On the other hand, Joe has been practicing taekwondo from a very young age. He also won a black belt in taekwondo. At the young age of nineteen years, he was already a winner at the US Open Taekwondo Championship.

Mickey Rourke

The actor from Diner, Rumble Fish, and 9 And A Half Weeks studied boxing at a young age. His work in Hollywood began in 1980 and ended in 1989. The reason behind this was his criticism of the Charles Bukowski movie Barfly. On the other hand, Mickey started to do boxing professionally soon after quitting his acting career. He also believes he had little respect for himself while working as an actor. Whereas practicing martial arts has earned him a good name.

Jean Claude Van Damme

Another skilled martial artist we have got for you is Jean Claude. Ever since he was a little boy, he started to practice Shotokan karate. And by the age of eighteen, he was awarded his black belt. Nevertheless, Jean also began working out excessively, which resulted in him getting the title of ‘Mr. Belgium Bodybuilding.’ He also started dancing to build his balance. Even though he has learned taekwondo and Muay Thai, he uses moves from karate and kickboxing.

Dolph Lundgren

Hear out the unique story of Dolph Lundgren of why did he join martial arts. He says, “My father was my inspiration behind me, starting with the practice.” Moreover, the actor has done his academic studies in chemical engineering. However, he always wanted to learn karate, so he eventually did. Furthermore, he won the third dan black belt in Kyokushin karate. On the other hand, Dolph became the bodyguard of actress Grace Jones. Eventually, they started to date and then moved to New York. He has also started in the James Bond movie A View to a kill.

Taylor Lautner

We have another actor who started to learn martial arts from a very young age. To be precise, he started to practice karate at six, and by the age of eight, he had been awarded the black belt. On the other hand, Taylor acted splendidly in the movie The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava Girl. Moreover, based on his performance at a young age, he got motivated to do weight lifting, which eventually had him working in the Twilight movie series.

Neil Brown Jr.

You will be astonished to hear that Neil Brown has spent twenty-six years learning boxing and martial arts. Not only this, he participated in WMAC Masters martial arts TV show, and he fought with two professional fighters.

Mark Dacascos

The star has mostly played the villain role in action movies and has practiced martial arts since eight. Moreover, he won many Kung Fu and Karate competitions. He has also learned muay Thai with Kru puk, capoeira with Mestre Amen Santo, and wushu with Coaches Eric and Debbie Chen.

Michael Jai White

The actor had a breakthrough in Hollywood after his amazing work in the movie Tyler Perry films Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too. In addition, Michael appeared in other action shows, such as Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and its spin-off television series. On the other hand, He has been practicing jiujitsu since he was eight. Moreover, Michael has brilliantly performed in martial arts and has won more than nine black belts in different activities. Such as, shotokan, taekwondo, kobudo, goju ryu, tang soo do, wushu, and kyokushin.

Chuck Norris

Chuck eventually joined the Air Force in 1957. He got his first posting done in Korea. There he got the training for tang soo. However, his kinship with martial arts started, and he soon practiced different fight moves. In addition, he introduced a new style, Chun Kuk. Meanwhile, Chuck has awards of 10th-degree black belt in that, a 9th-degree black belt in tang soo do, an 8th-degree black belt in taekwond5th-degree black belt in karat3rd-degree black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu and black belt judo.

John Foo

John Foo has done many roles in action movies as a stunt performer in films, such as Universal Soldier: Regeneration and Batman Begins and the League of Shadows. Moreover, he did his studies in Wushu at the age of fifteen. On the other hand, when he was only eight years old, he started his Kung Fu and Judo training. His skills which he acquired from a very young age, got him into Hollywood. We are hoping to see John doing wonders in the coming future.

Jason David Frank

We couldn’t miss our childhood favorite Power Ranger. There is not a single actor who can compete with Jason in martial arts as Jason David Frank. Moreover, he has performed as Tommy Oliver on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As far as we remember, the actors from the show have been changed numerous times. However, most of them were real martial artists. In contrast, some of the actors had to get special training to participate in the Power Ranger show. Nevertheless, Jason was one of the actors who had already trained in martial arts from a very young age. He was only eighteen when he earned his first black belt. Jason is learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds a 7th-degree black belt in Shotokan karate.

Sho Kosugi

Sho Kosugi played the badass ninja in the 1980s movies. He had such strong fighting skills. Because of this, all his movies are real examples of brilliance. Not only is he a skillful fighter, but he is a weapons inspector too.

Michael Dudikoff

We have another ninja who has performed very well in the 1980s movies. Michael Dudikoff has played a fantastic ninja in the American Ninja series. Moreover, his mentor is no other than our very own Hollywood stars. Did you know he is a quick learner too? We say this because he has learned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a couple of months. Nevertheless, while he was learning martial art, there weren’t many scoops in the American industry.

Steven Seagal

Steven is in his late sixties and can still be seen doing wonders in the Hollywood industry as a great martial artist. However, we have heard that Steven had many fights with celebrities. Nevertheless, he is trying his best to keep good terms with the people he usually works with. His cooperation eventually gave him the title of one of the most well-known celebrities. In addition, he has won the seventh Dan black belt in Aikido. He has also worked as an instructor in martial arts.

Jackie Chan

We could never miss our favorite childhood actor Jackie Chan from this list. From appearing in Rumble in the Bronx to other well-known movies, he has always brightened the screen with his brilliant performances. You will be surprised to hear that most of his movies weren’t even shot in America. Yes, you heard it right. They were shot in North America and, to be more precise, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada. Nevertheless, he was already shining in America.

Jet Li

We have another actor that was not from America. However, he made his name in Hollywood by performing splendidly in villain roles. In addition, among other hit movies, is Lethal Weapon four. On the other hand, Jet Li is a gold medalist as well. His performance in the Chinese National Contest was brilliant.

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