Best Kitchen Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Published on August 29, 2022

Cooking is messy but it’s fun as long as you don’t have to do it every day. Once it’s routine, it becomes exhausting. Planning meals, getting new ideas, doing grocery, all of it doesn’t seem fun anymore once you become habitual of it. It’s like working all day in the kitchen. So we all need kitchen hacks to save money, time, and effort. We have made a list of some time-saving and budget-friendly hacks. This is for everyone who is looking for stress-free cooking!

Easy Way To Peel Off Potato Skin

Potatoes can go with everything. Be it a simple meal or a lavish meal you are planning for the day. They can be used in so many ways that make it easier to make variety and add more taste to any food item. However, peeling potatoes is one challenge. In today’s chaotic world, no one has time to peel them off. So we have an amazing hack to peel potatoes. Put them in a pot and boil. Once they are hot, it’s easier to peel them. it doesn’t matter what you are cooking. Even if it’s fries, baked or mashed potatoes, you can always use these hacks.

Garlic Cloves

We all understand the pain of our nails and fingers when they had to peel garlic cloves. But they are important because we cannot make any dish without garlic. It’s a key ingredient that adds to the taste of every dish. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have found an amazing hack for you. Put garlic cloves in a jar and shake as hard as you can. Try this hack and you’ll see that the skin will fall off the garlic cloves.

We Don’t Want To Cry

The hardest challenge we all have to face is to try cutting onions without crying. You are lucky if you have a solution to prevent crying. We bet this hack will work the best for you. You must have heard of many mythical solutions but we have brought to you a simple one that actually works. You just have to put on your eyes a pair of goggles and you are good to go.

Pasta Always Works

Cooking pasta is not as easy as people think. Just ask an Italian if you think the same. You have to put in so much effort in making pasta such as time management and perfect touches. Making perfect pasta sauce is another difficult task but it’s actually easier. All you have to do is to use pasta water. Mix sauce together with it and you’ll have the best pasta ever with perfect consistency.

More Than an Ice Cube

We all know that ice cubes are only used to make drinks cold, right? However, the chefs call it a secret ingredient when it comes to removing fat in the kitchen. Ice block takes away all the fat from soup or stock. Just try dipping ice into your dish. You’ll see how fat gets to stick with it in a sold form.

We Are Berry Sure

You’ll love this hack! Try pitting strawberries. This is not only an easy hack but it’s also entertaining. You just have to grab a plastic straw. Place the strawberry in one hand and the straw in the other one. Then gently push the straw in the center of the strawberry. The stem can be popped out easily.

Say Cheese

You’ll think that we are crazy suggesting this hack but believe us, we are not! It is difficult to cut cheese even using a sharp knife. This hack is tried by Chefs too. They all say that the best way to cut cheese is by using dental floss. It works like magic. You can not only use it to cut cheese but also in cutting cinnamon rolls before baking them. It’s the best hack because you don’t have to worry about getting everything messy.

How to Make Crispy Chips!

This is the hack for you if you have been struggling with making perfect crispy chips. First cook potatoes a bit and then put them in the freezer before using them. Do not use water rather than putting them in the freezer because water makes them mushy. You can freeze them for some hours to make crispy fries. Interesting, right?

Low on Space? Not An Issue

Having a cluttered kitchen makes it difficult to even stand in it. This doesn’t mean you should have huge cupboards or shelves. However, the ideal storage part of the kitchen usually goes unnoticed. The cupboard doors are perfect storage spots. All you need is some hooks and you’ll have a tidy kitchen.

Let’s Get Creative

You have to be creative when it comes to baking if you don’t have fancy items for it. This person came up with the idea of using a mixer to knead the dough. It worked! Kneading dough is exhausting because it requires a lot of time and effort. Well, you don’t have to grease your elbows anymore. All you need is a mixer on slow speed. Now it is easier to make homemade bread and other baking items.

Long Live The Bananas

It’s a challenge to eat bananas before they turn black and all gooey. We promise to eat all bananas quickly whenever we buy them but it never turns out to be true. Three to four bananas always turn black and soft. You can save bananas using this hack. Wrap each banana separately in plastic.

We Don’t Need The Knife Anymore

It’s all history now when people used to cut vegetables using a knife. All you need now is an egg slicer. However, it may not be able to cut hard veggies, especially carrots. But you can cut mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and many other veggies using it.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

For The People Who Cannot Wait To Eat

It’s hard to wait for the fruits to get ripe so you can eat them. Do you know you can make them ripe faster? Many theories turned out to be wrong but this one worked. Store your fruit in a paper bag and it will help fruits to ripe faster. Works best for bananas and avocados.

Make Your Favorite Coffee

People in the world have different preferences when it comes to coffee. Some people want hot black coffee to start their day. on the other hand, some people drink cold coffee. This hack is for you if you are the second one. The worst feeling is drinking watery coffee. You don’t have to go through this anymore. Mix coffee with water and fill up an ice tray with it. Whenever you make coffee, use these coffee ice cubes.

Lemons In Microwave

Yes, we said it. This is an amazing hack. You don’t have to hurt your hands anymore to squeeze the juice out of lemons. Put lemons in the microwave and heat them for 7-10 seconds. Take them out, roll them, cut them and they are ready for use.

You Don’t Have To Waste Your Time On Mangoes

We all love mangoes but none of us love the effort they require to peel them. So we have found the best hack to peel mangoes easily. You just have to take a mango, and run it down on the side of a glass. The skin will peel off and the fruit will fall inside the glass.

Fridge Has Its Own Hacks

It is frustrating to use plastic wrap in the kitchen. It takes forever to unroll it. If you do it quickly, it will tear. Thanks to the person who found the hack of putting plastic wrap in the fridge. The coldness helps to open the plastic wrap easily without sticking.

The Perfect Match For Your Salad

It takes a lot of effort and time to cover a salad bowl using plastic wrap or foil. What would you do if you find that the foil or wrap is finished? You don’t have to worry. We know what you have to do. Go to your washroom, find a shower cap, and put it on the leftovers or salad. It works wonders. It preserves your food as well as keeps it odorless of other items placed inside the fridge.

A Little Bit of Spice

Spice is like the cherry on top of the cake. It adds flavors to meals. How do you know to add the perfect amount of it? This is an important question because adding too much spice can ruin your dish. Experts say that it is best to add spices when the dish is almost done. However, you can also cook spices in a dry pan and grind them for the best flavor.

How To Separate the Egg?

No one likes rotten eggs because they smell terrible. They even affect your mood. People say that cracking open an egg is a game of fate. However, it is more than that. We have a simple hack that will help to crack and separate the egg perfectly. Take a cup, add some water, and put the egg on it. If the egg floats, it’s a rotten egg. On the other hand, if the egg sinks, it’s perfect!

A Proof Drawer

Do you know what a proof drawer is? Well, it’s a low-heated drawer that helps to make the dough rise. It works best for all baking items. however, not everyone can have them. So you can use an oven instead. It is effective and affordable too. just use a bowl of hot water and keep it inside the oven with the dough.

Fresh From The Oven

Pizza is always tasty. No matter if it’s hot or cold. However, if you are a person who likes hot pizza, this is the hack for you. You can get your pizza all toasty and warm in minutes. Just use a pan and heat your pizza on low heat for almost two minutes and voila!

We Want Both

Do you know the best way to make the perfect grilled cheese? No! we are not talking about the toaster. You don’t need a toaster anymore. Rather use a waffle iron for it. Take a waffle iron, heat it, grease it and put your sandwich inside it. It’ll turn into a perfect dreamy grilled cheese sandwich in 3-4 minutes.

Are You On A Diet?

This hack is for the people who are on their diet and you are craving pancakes. Don’t make pancakes with sugar because they increase the risk of heart disease. Use bananas instead of sugar. All you need is two eggs, vanilla extract, and two ripe bananas to make perfect pancakes in minutes. They are tasty, gluten-free, and guilt-free too.

The Perfect Chicken Doesn’t Exis-

People suggest many ways to make perfect juicy chicken but we have found only this one way that actually works. Chicken is one of the most healthy food items. It can be used in many ways. We suggest making your chicken in a bundt pan, the one used for cakes. Place the chicken inside a bundt pan with the breast in the middle and facing upward direction. We bet it works! You won’t be disappointed.

Perfect Slice 

Have you seen the new cutting pizza scissors? They have become the new crazy trend. They are real game-changer! Even Italian restaurants started using them. Jim Lahey, an Italian cook says that these scissors are perfect as they are easy and above all cut out a perfect pizza slice.

Dracula Would Say Yes

This is a must-try hack if you are tired of cutting garlic the regular way. Use a cheese grater to cut garlic. It’s convenient, mess-free, and works wonderfully. Separate the cloves first and then peel off their skin. Grate them and they are ready to use!