Celebrities That Secretly Got Hitched

Published on September 5, 2022

While we see many celebrities planning for their big day a couple of months in advance, going through all the stress. Because they prefer the spotlight and media coverage for their wedding. However, there are still some who would prefer to celebrate their marriage in a very intimate way. Along with their close friends and family only, away from the public eye. Moreover, the stars who quietly tie the knot go for a courthouse marriage with just a few guests in attendance. Let’s take a look below at some of the very famous stars who yet being stinging rich and well-known kept their important day a secret from the world.

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

The couple got engaged back in 2009 and it was not until 2013 that they tied the knot in a private ceremony. Kristen and Dax have always been very private about their whereabouts. The same goes for their wedding. Surprisingly, the wedding event did not cost them any more than one hundred and forty-seven dollars. While other celebrities were spending millions on their big day, Kristen and Dax’s courthouse wedding barely cost them a penny. The lovebirds just wanted the day to be about each other rather than some occasion where a lot of pre-planning and stress goes in. 

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Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha

The star got under the spotlight after her character in the show Scandal. Became quite well known in the television industry. The actress, however, gives very little information about her private life to the public. Without a doubt, her fans were eager to know more about her life. On the other hand, the star so secretly got into the marriage with Nnamdi Asomugha that their fans weren’t even given the benefit of the doubt. Their love story began in 2010, it was love at first sight. The couple later tied the knot in 2013. Despite their marriage to each other, they haven’t let the cat out of the bag in front of the paparazzi.

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Dave Franco and Alison Brie

Their story is no less than a roller-coaster ride. It begins with Dave Franco trying to propose to Alison first on the sets of the episode of the Late Night show. And the second time was on vacation in California. Following, the tragedy that Franco faced was rejection. However, that did not stop him from being together with Alison. He did not give up and so finally, that resulted in them becoming one in 2017. In addition, for their marriage, the couple’s fans were indeed disappointed as they awaited the moment for a long but the two of them secretly got into marriage in a very private ceremony. With only a few guests on the list. 

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Before their marriage, Kelly and Mark’s use be rarely spotted together. That is because the fact that they probably didn’t spend much time together before marriage. Did you know? That the couple got knew they were made for each other over their first pizza night date. Following the date night, Consuelos proposed to his girl, who didn’t take a second to say ‘Yes’. Interestingly, the couple tied the note in Las Vegas with Ripa wearing something as simple as a two-hundred-dollar dress from her closet.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

The famous actress from our favorite TV show Friends has always been candy to our eyes. However, Jennifer gave a shock her fans by secretly getting married in a ceremony arranged in her backyard. Despite, not conforming to the love affair she had with Justin, in the end, she did just the opposite. Nevertheless, after their divorce in 2018, there was a story out there that despite their divorce the couple reunited secretly. All we know is that their wedding consisted of seventy people only both from the bride and groom’s family. Not only that, they had the presence of the brilliant singer, Sia who performed a marvelous song at their event.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce

The two biggest stars of the music industry, perhaps choose to get married secretly. The couples tied the knot secretly, however, it wasn’t a surprise for their fans. As the couple was already seen together very often in public. Moreover, Jay-Z and Beyonce did not have a simple event. They had their marriage ceremony on the three-thousand square foot penthouse patio which was coved with a huge tent. It was decorated with Beyonce’s favorite white flowers especially, imported from Thailand. Not only that, their guest list included forty Very Important People along with Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, and ex-couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

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Emma Stone and Dave McCary

Being a very private person, Emma isn’t open about her life outside the movies. Besides, the actress didn’t even let us get a glue about her romance with the director and writer of the show Saturday Night Live. The love story of the couple begin in 2016 when they first met on the TV show Saturday Night Live, where Emma appeared on screen as a guest host. We couldn’t even get the news from Emma herself as she isn’t a social media user yet. However, Dave McCary is so when the actress gave a ‘Yes’ to the proposal he excitedly shared the news with the public. Unluckily, we haven’t got to see their wedding photos yet. Following, their engagement in 2019, the wedding took place in September 2020. The event was however delayed due to the lockdown.

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Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

The couple share one of the sweetest love stories in Hollywood. Despite, being very private about their romance, Benji and Cameron share adorable clicks about their relationship. Their love story starts from the time when Diaz first hosted a dinner party at her place. Her guest list had Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, among others. Whereas, the pop star bought his twin brother Benji along. Within six weeks after their first encounter, they were all over the news, saying that the couple got engaged. Following, the news, in 2015 Cameron got hitched in Beverly Hills.

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Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn

Being a celebrity comes with having to share your private life with the fans as well. However, Ed Sheeran had kept it a very good secret. If it weren’t for his song ‘Remember Me’ where the singer included the word ‘wife’ referring to his childhood sweetheart. We couldn’t have known that he was married. Nevertheless, the story of their union is just adorable, where the couple exchanged vows in a secretly planned ceremony in the presence of just a priest. Just after that Cherry and Ed Sheeran went home and to celebrate they had a bowl of curry. Just adorable, right?

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Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

If not for their trip to the countryside we could have never known about them being married. The couple didn’t want to welcome their first child before getting into a marriage so a couple of days before the arrival of their baby girl they took a two-day trip and got hitched. However, they are very good secret keepers due to the fact that it’s been more than five years since their wedding and we haven’t gotten any tiny bit of details about the ceremony yet. The couple sure are very good secret keepers.

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Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

The couple met on social media while Nash was still married to her ex-husband. Even so, the love story of Nash and Jessica is a story written in heaven. If we turn the pages back from when they met, we cannot believe that they are not only still together as well as married too. In addition to this, Nash and Betts tied the knot in 2020 in a private ceremony. In spite, of this, the couple is very particular about making it their big day about themselves, without having to take people over the sideshows. Nash and Betts are just a fairytale couple, who give some major life goals!

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

The couple is indeed inseparable! That is due to the fact that despite having to part ways for a short period, they came back strong. And ended up getting married. Jessica and Cash’s first encounter was on the sets of Fantastic Four, where they immediately fell for each other. At first, when Jessica was already a known star and Cash was still working to make his name so the couple decided upon parting ways. However, their fate wanted to bring them together. So just after the couple conceived, they wanted to marry and did just that without wasting any time. Their marriage took place in a courthouse without having either of their family members present at the event. 

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