Celebrity Restaurants That Are More Recognized Than Their Owners

Published on September 2, 2022

Now a day you can find numerous celebrities taking the option of building their restaurants to increase their wealth. There are some who can be seen investing in properties, vehicles as well as shopping ventures. However, it is because they are well known and so they take up the risk of building such restaurants. Come along and check out some of the celebrities who are famous themselves and opted for opening restaurants. 

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International Smoke, Ayesha Curry

You might have already seen the host of The Great American Baking Show, Ayesha Curry. The multi-talented host doesn’t only have splendid hosting skills whereas, but she has a restaurant opened in collaboration with Chef Michael Mina in 2017. With the name International Smoke. Furthermore, in the world of sports people know Ayesha as the wife of famous player Stephen Curry. Apart from this, her restaurant is famous for local as well as international food serving. In addition, they serve some delicious ribs along with Ayesha’s signature recipe of Cornbread. It is after the success of the San Francisco branch did they decide to open a second branch of their restaurant in San Diego.

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Pronto by Giada, Giada de Laurentiis

The already famous Host of Giada At Home from the channel Food Network. Has worked hard and gone from being a TV host to a cookbook writer and then to a restaurant owner. Following, she established her name in the food industry by opening an Italian restaurant with the name Pronto by Giada at upmarket Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Apart from this, one look at the menu will make you drool. The restaurant not only serves yummy food but healthy salads and some delicious desserts such as gelato, cookies, and lemon ricotta.

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Walton’s Fancy and Staple, Sandra Bullock

At the time of filming for the movie Hope Floats, Sandra Bullock fell in love with the city of Austin so much that she started to call it her home ever since. There could be no better way to make a home in the place you love the most and then further to build a few eating places too. The Walton’s has a place in Austin city for quite a long time now. Moreover, the investment by Speed movie stars has it more recognizable. Nonetheless, the place is basically a hybrid market with having a bakery, gift, and flower shop. You can go to the store and can get anything from a coffee to a sandwich.

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Saints & Sinners, Channing Tatum

The theme and décor of Saints and Sinners are indeed candy to the eye. The restaurant is opened by non-other than our favorite hero from the movie Magic Mike. Saints & Sinners is in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans in 2012. Moreover, the menu of the restaurant is full of mouth-watering items such as crayfish, gumbo, and Cajun & creole fare. Don’t get saddened if you don’t get to meet Channing Tatum, however, you can take some good clicks with his quite popular cut-out. Last but not the least, the restaurant’s profits are distributed to different charity centers to help the needy.

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Estefan Kitchen, Gloria and Emilio Estefan

The couple Gloria and Emilion Estefan are very familiar with the eating house business. Starting from the Miami business that was so successful that they decided upon opening a pair restaurant. Just like the first restaurant, their second place is also inspired by the Estefans Cuban heritage. The place is mostly famous for its live entertainment offering guests the perfect ambiance. Along with the musicians that are hand-picked by the owners of the restaurant themselves. Moreover, the owners believe that the success of the eatery is due to the local artists who play a special role in running the business.  

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Chicken + Beer, Ludacris

Just a simple yet attractive name for a restaurant. Ludacris keeps things simple. We can judge his love for chicken and beer by his usage of the words in the songs he sings. The rapper has indeed immense love for food and beverage. Not only this, the ideal location of the restaurant which is in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport attracts not only hungry travelers as well as people who are looking for comfort food. Moreover, the place is a joint business between Chris and Jackmont Hospitality, Inc. Some items on the menu include stout-braised beef cheeks and the iconic Luda’s chicken and Pecan waffles with whiskey maple syrup.

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40/40 Club, Jay-Z

Jay-Z is a famous rapper who is quite known for his singing and also for an eatery establishment that he owns. The 40/40 club is not only famous for its unique name. However, it stands out in providing splendid services along with, a premium ambiance for a sports lover. In addition to the location, the club where resides in one of the liveliest cities in the world, New York. Moreover, the environment is something one can love. As the walls of the club have decorations of the gold baseball bats along with the bar displays of champagne bottles. Giving the place a look no less than a dream come true for a baseball player. 

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Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant, Arnold Palmer

The successful golfer, Arnold Palmer. He not only plays well but also has some very skillful videos shot to entertain his followers. The legend who was amazing with the golf stick when on the ground not only has his fans loving him for his skills but also for the restaurant he owns. The restaurant named after himself has an ideal location in Coachella Valley. The place has a typical country club feel to it. Not only that but what is really amazing is that every room in the place has a different name after various golf tournaments in which Arnold played. 

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Bedford Post Inn, Richard Gere

A refreshing yet charming place, The Bedford Post Inn. The county Inn set in the Westchester Country in Bedford, New York is an excellent gateway resort for the celebrities who know it well. The Bedford Post Inn is so far the best project of Richard. Moreover, it is offering a perfect dining experience in its two restaurants farm-to-table fare and more. Along with two upstate residents, Russell Hernandez and Carey Lowell. The restaurant was restored to the two-eatery inn built in the 1780s and 2007. The barn usually offers more casual meals and Campagna.

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Joanne Trattoria, Lady Gaga

The homey restaurant, Joanne Trattoria owned by the parents of Lady Gaga. Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta and the American Chef Art Smith. The eatery was given a name after her late aunt Joanne Germanotta, who passed on back in 1974. Undoubtedly, the ideal location of the place is on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York. The restaurant not only attracts the fans of Lady Gaga but especially the lovers of Italian food. Last but not the least, it is a go-to spot just for the amazing services and its Italian menu. Which not only has pizzas and meat dishes but also different delicious kinds of pasta. It has seating for 70 people, a well-stocked bar, and a cozy back patio easily makes it a favorite restaurant for many.

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