Easy Ways To Use 20 Household Items for Different Purposes

Published on July 25, 2022

Household items can be used in more than one ways. Many bloggers have tried using these tips and they are very happy about it. besides bloggers many other people also tried these hacks around the world. Just as we thought we had life and our everyday routines under control. Get ready to be astonished by the usefulness of everyday stuff. Some things can even help you with more than one home task.

Let’s get started with the list of twenty household items you can use in more than one way.

Vicks VapoRub and Frozen Water

Rubbing Vicks VapoRub your chest can bring about immediate relief when you are suffering from flu or cold. Did you know a bottle of scented petroleum jelly also helps to clear your nose and ears while taking a shower? It works wonders! For this purpose, add two tablespoons of Vicks in one litre of boiling water. Keep stirring the mixture until the Vicks is completely dissolved. Then freeze the finished mixture into an ice tray. The next time your nostrils need some relief, simply put an ice block in the shower’s bottom and let the steam do the rest.

No More Eating Stale Chips

Racks with men’s apparel on the walls of a clothes store. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

You are in some way adding to waste every time you do shopping at a department store. It doesn’t matter if it’s the plastic bag they give you to take home or the price tag attached to a plastic thread. It can also be a hanger that keeps your clothes looking presentable. However, these hangers can now be utilized for a very special reason. You can remove the clip pieces from the hanger and use them to secure your food packages instead of discarding the hanger. Crisps, biscuits, and other baked goods can all be saved using this hack!

Jam jars have found their match

It’s difficult to imagine that the company ever employed a graphic designer and product packaging specialist when you look at some jars. There are some tall and thin jars that are absolutely useless. They can even make you decide not to buy them at all. However, chopsticks can help you if you bought these jars by mistake. You can use chopsticks to get out pickles from these jars without getting your hands dirty.

You’ll Never Forget Your Charger Ever Again

It’s really risky to leave the house for the day with only half of your phone’s battery. However, it can be avoided if you bring a charger. How frequently, though, do you forget your charger at home? What you can do is to make a loop in your charger. You can keep your house keys hung in the loop that you’ve made out of your charger. You’ll be forced to consider whether or not you should take your charger with you when you next grab your keys to quickly leave the house.

Reduce The Time of Waiting For The Microwave

How long have you waited for food to reheat in the microwave? You lose track of time due to the countdown timer and continuous spinning. But this simple hack will help you to reduce the time of waiting for your food to reheat in the microwave. Just put a cup in the center of one plate, then balance another plate on top. By doing this, you’ll be able to warm up two plates in place of just one in the same amount of time. Just be careful that the top plate doesn’t fall off and is appropriately balanced.

Bobby Pins To The Rescue

Bobby pins are one of those everyday items that always appear when you least expect them and are never available when you need them. You can utilize one of the movable clips the next time you see one laying around. Bobby pins work incredibly well to seal things in boxes, like cereal, and keep them from going bad. It’s a perfect item to keep your boxed items safe. Simply roll the plastic down to seal it, then use the bobby pin to secure the cardboard box.

Never Lose The Flavor of Your Coffee or Wine Again

Having an iced coffee or glass of wine that has warmed to room temperature and lost its energetic allure is one of life’s few truly disappointing experiences. However, there’s a simple solution for it. Coffee and wine can be frozen in an ice tray. These coffee and wine ice cubes will bring your drink’s temperature down to the right level without watering it down or reducing its flavor.

No More Messy Paints

If you’ve ever attempted to paint your home, you are probably well aware of the different preparations and methods required to keep the house neat and to prevent paint from leaking all over the floor. One of the processes when leakage is most likely to occur is while pouring paint out from tin into the roller tray. But Paint cans have easy-pour spouts that greatly reduce the difficulty of this process. But you may easily make your own by making a temporary funnel out of painter’s tape. It performs flawlessly!

A Simple Way to Meet a COVID Requirement

When a pandemic is present, everyone takes precautions to keep safe when leaving the house. This includes taking precautions like wearing a mask whenever you’re away from your home. If you are out for a long period of time, wearing mask can make your ears weary. The elastics can be looped behind your head to assist keep hair away from your face and relieve pressure on your ears. There is a single solution that resolves two issues.

Perfect Avocados at the Perfect Time

One of the best foods in the world is avocado. It’s difficult to match their full flavor and rich, creamy texture. But what happens when you cut into in the skin of an avocado and discover it to be extremely hard inside. The thrill of enjoying an avocado is turned into disappointment. It is much less expensive to purchase avocados that will ripe at home rather than the ones that are already ripe and close to going bad.  These unripe avocados be prepared for use in a day or two.

Protect Your Hands

Hands on the steering wheel. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever gotten sunburn on your hands from holding a baking-hot steering wheel? If you don’t park your car in the shade, the black leather can cause you to jolt away in fright and pain. When you park your automobile, spin the steering wheel 180 degrees to ensure that the area you touch is shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. You may ensure that your hands remain cool while driving by simply turning your steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Easy Way To Move Your Clothes

Stressful moving from one home to another is possible. Because there are so many things to pack and boxes to tape, it’s easy to overlook the most basic necessities, like your clothes. This creative individual came up with a simple yet effective solution for moving clothing. So your items are already hung up on their relevant hangers. All you have to do to protect them from dust and damage. So band them together with a plastic band and cover them with a black bag. The finest aspect of this trick is that it is just as simple to unpack as it is to pack.

No More Dirty Sneakers

A trendy fashion statement is a nice pair of spotless white sneakers. However, if your footwear is muddy and stained, you risk attracting unwanted attention. White, non-gel toothpaste is helpful in this situation. Use an old toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub in the dirt in the tough to reach places. This method can also be applied to the shoe bottoms. Your sneakers will look like new after doing this! Just be careful not to select colored toothpaste as it can produce a rainbow effect.

Best Way to Wear New Shoes

Nothing damages your feet more than breaking in a new pair of shoes. Although they look nice on your feet and even better in the store, they are not as comfortable as they appear to be. There is now a way to prevent sores and pain. You need to protect your feet from the irritation that blisters cause. So just use a substantial pair of woolen socks. Wear the socks around the home after putting them on to put on your new pair of shoes. They will be much more comfy when you eventually wear them outside the house.

Store Big Items In Zip lock Bags

Double the size of your Zip lock bags to get the most out of them. You don’t have to visit the shop and get a fresh pack in a bigger size. Instead, you can combine two bags with a lock and benefit from the extra room. Turning one into one and slipping it inside another is all that is required. They will be sealed together by the locking mechanism. A variety of goods can now be waterproofed with half the hassle and expense. Just be careful to check the bags first before putting them into one another!

Tennis Ball is So much More Than Just a Ball

Have you ever had a temporary holding scenario and wondered if a hook might be helpful? Use an tennis ball instead of drilling numerous holes in your wall to accomplish the task. Use the grip to handle a variety of objects by cutting a hole in a tennis ball. You can hang a dishcloth, a set of keys, or even a pen with a tennis ball. Without making holes in the wall, you can stick it there with a silicone stopper attached and remove it as needed.

Your Own Cinema In a Room

Pop sockets revolutionized the world by allowing sluggish tech addicts to play on their phones, watch films, and take pictures while remaining comfy. But your hand will inevitably start to cramp at some time if you want to watch a movie while holding the phone in your hand. This guy has the ideal solution for enjoying a movie comfortably using a phone. Put your phone in a clear zipper bag, seal it, and hang it on the wall. All that’s left to do is settle in and start playing!

Bread Heads and Heels Are Finally Used

Kids have an odd ability of making decisions and holding to them firmly. Even when they don’t understand why they are being so stubborn. One of these oddities is the refusal to consume the head and heel of a loaf of bread, which results in the discarding of several crusts. This smart parent made the decision to deceive their kid into taking the unnecessary piece. They tricked their  child into eating the heel of the loaf of bread by placing the strange end of the loaf inside. And guess what? It worked!

Put All The Meals Together

Does your kitchen lack a specific pan size for the food you’re making? Using the right size pan can save a meal that can be wreck using the wrong pan size. Whether you’re a new student or cooking from a recipe book. But don’t do it if you don’t have some tin foil on hand! To separate a huge pan into several smaller sections, use tin foil. To make the “walls” a little bit thicker, just layer the tin foil. Now, homemade dish can be served in the same size pan for one, two, or four people.

Magnet is a Saver of Your Screws

You can spend less money and have a lot of fun with DIY projects. But when you disassemble something, it’s so simple to lose important components like tiny metal screws. However, There is a smart move that enables you to keep the screws under control. When performing any DIY project, use a magnetic wristband to keep track of all the tiny pieces of metal. There are few chances here that you could lose a screw throughout the operation.