Find Out How Much Did This Young Boy Earn From A Painting


A young boy fond of collecting paintings casually bought a new collection one day. He thought his new painting will help him earn a few extra bucks this time. However, the boy is in for a huge surprise ahead. Continue with us on this story of a boy who is about to make a big discovery.

Keeping Composed

The young boy who is a painter and a genius at drawing thought it was just another day at the American TV show for him. As he was working with the American edition of Antiques Roadshow, for quite some time now. On the other hand, David Weiss, the interviewer was ready for conducting a life-changing interview with the young boy. As the cameras rolled and the discussion started between the two of them. The boy sitting opposite Weiss was totally at ease. It was just another business day for the boy.

One Man’s Trash

From a very young age, the boy started becoming a sensation at the Antiques Roadshow. He had already sold many paintings that he purchased from different dealers. However, he was about to discover that the painting he bought with only a little hope of getting sold for a good price was going to turn out to be special…

Spinning The Yarn

People working at the Antiques Roadshow especially, the cameramen know too well what their audience love to watch. In addition, the staff of the show designs their shows accordingly, to the audience’s preferences. On the other hand, it is very important to hear out what information their guests have to offer as well as the history they can provide regarding their auctioned item. 

Dreams Of Glory

There had been many people in the past few years that came to the show only thinking that their antiques are of little to no value. However, when they came and talked about the history of their items, did they realize that the product they had in possession is of great value? Moreover, it can be sold for millions of dollars. It was just another lucky day like the one in history. The young boy who thought his painting can be a little special but still didn’t keep his hopes high was in for a surprise. 

Honing In On Mystery

All the people who come to the Antique Roadshow have very little knowledge about their possessions. So, to get the complete history of their old items they are willing to stand in long queues for hours. Not only this, some people think that their old stuff can be of great value but cannot even earn them a penny. Additionally, people just like to visit the Antiques Roadshow for the thrill it provides to its audience. 

A Long Road To Pay Dirt

When people who are fond of collecting antiques from the small stores visit the city. Their only hope is that the cheap item that they bought from a place near their village can help them in becoming a millionaire. However, this is not the case with everyone. Just like this little boy who was traveling from Richmond to Virginia, with only a tiny hope in his heart. He bought the three-dollar painting to the city thinking the experts in the field of antique items can help him identify the real worth of his product. 

How He Heard Of The Show

The Antiques Roadshow aired its first episode in 1978, in the United Kingdom. Apart from already having different platforms on which people were bringing their possessions live. Antique Roadshows became popular as antique collectors started to come to them. In addition, the show became so famous that people even from different parts of the country got to know about the new hit show and started visiting it. On the other hand, it was a special day for both the show and the young boy as they were about to discover something that would change the little boy’s life forever. 

Grasping On To History

David Weiss was in this profession of hosting and educating people about the real value of their antiques for a very long time. To be precise, he was professionally working with European arts for three decades now. Moreover, David had a piece of great knowledge of nineteenth and twentieth-century European drawings, paintings, and sculptures. On the other hand, he was interested in Oriental rugs as well. Besides, the young boy had all the professional background knowledge about Weiss that’s why he bought his piece for his show. The boy thought David was the only person who could give him some insight into his painting.

Supplementing His Day Job

Similar to other appraisers working with Antiques Roadshow, David too worked as a part-time appraiser at the show. Whereas, his main job was at the Freeman Auction house. Weiss holds a senior Vice President’s position in the auction house. Nevertheless, he achieved this position after working hard in the same field for another auction house in Washington D.C for a few years. In addition, appraising art is not the only job he is good at, he teaches business studies to students at Drexel University as well. 

Fueling His Passion

David explains his passion for his work on the official website of Freeman’s Auction House. As he loves working with different guests on the show who are eager to know about their discoveries. In addition, he wrote, “For me, the most rewarding experience as an auction house appraiser is the happy, unexpected discoveries that originate from private collectors and estates. The best, most memorable of these finds have resulted in massively successful prices realized.” According to his bio, a very exciting day was awaiting him.

A Personal History

Just like every other guest on the show, Weiss starts to ask the young boy about the knowledge he has regarding his painting. Next, he informs the boy that he is the youngest appraiser that he has ever interviewed. Smiling from ear to ear the boy answered, “I think so.” On the other hand, Weiss was quite astonished looking at the boy’s interest in collecting the antiques.

Making His Preparations

Following the young boy’s appearance on the camera. He particularly begged his parents into driving to Virginia from South Jersey for getting an appraisal for his painting. He bought the piece for only three dollars and was expecting it to be sold for at least a hundred dollars. After being successful at convincing his parents. They drove for hours to reach the place where they were going to do the filming of the show in Richmond. Finally, when the day of the show arrived, he decided to wear a dark red shirt on camera. 

The Inquiry Begins

Excitedly, the young boy entered the show. All the while thinking that his hobby which his parents took as something funny was about to be on air. On the other hand, Weiss was happy to know that the boy has been collecting many antiques for quite some time now. Next, David asked the boy about his favorite items so far. To which the boy replied, “I am fond of collecting glass, sterling silver, and art.”

Distinguishing A Favorite

By looking at the boy’s enthusiasm. Weiss was eager to know more about his finding. So, he started to ask several questions to the boy, to which the boy answered each question very quickly. However, one answer which especially caught Weiss’s interest was when he asked his guest about his favorite discovery. The boy answered, “I bought a silver serving platter, it looked very unique and beautiful to me.” Indeed, Weiss had come to know at this point that the little boy had enough knowledge about his previous finding. Moreover, the child’s interest in antique items was something more than a passing interest. 

Junk Jiving

David was getting more and more interested in the boy’s interest in antique items. So he asked next, “Where do you find all this stuff?” It turns out, that there is a special place called “a junky auction” back in his hometown, South Jersey. Weiss was enjoying the interview very much. As well as, getting surprised by the passing of every answer from the kid. At this point, the interviewer was sure that the boy loved to collect antique items. Nonetheless, the next answer completely shocked Weiss.

A Collector’s Choice 

Continuing with his line of questions. Weiss became sure that the boy’s hobby wasn’t just a normal hobby. So, he asked the kid, “Where do you like to store your discoveries?” This question could be easily answered by any other antique lover. As they only like to sell their findings to earn some cash. Or some people would like to pile up their findings as a memory. However, this boy was different. 

Profitable Endeavors

What the boy answered next, was not only surprising for the producers but Weiss as well. Causally the boy answered, “I like to sell them online.” To which Weiss shockingly repeated, “You like to sell them?” He was having a hard time believing his ears. Even though, the show had welcomed many guests from the past. Weiss was sure this kid would be remembered forever. In addition, more questions were coming for the boy before Weiss could take a look at his paintings.

The Business Of Planning

It was becoming very difficult for Weiss to understand what the boy sitting opposite him wanted. Moreover, the interviewer wanted to ask so many questions the boy. Firstly, he decided to know whether the boy sells all of his items or decides to sell a few of them and keep the rest to himself. So, David asked, “Have you made a lot of money selling silver?” The unpredictable child answered by saying, “I have decided to sell it in September.” Now the question arises, But why?

Silver’s Going Up And Down

It turns out, the kid keeps tabs on the prices fluctuating in the market regarding Silver. And that is the very reason why he was waiting for September because the price of silver will be high. However, Weiss confirmed his thought by asking, “So, you kind of keep up with when silver is up and down?” To which the boy simply nodded his head in acknowledgment. With each passing question, the appraiser was becoming very impressed with the boy. 

Saving A Work Of Art      

Just when the boy started to tell the story behind, how he got the painting, things got more interesting. Weiss, on the other hand, was sitting and listening to the boy with full attention. Further, the boy says, “One day, I took my father to the junky auction house in our hometown.” He continues, “There I saw this painting and was immediately in love with it.” However, David had thought, that just like other people who come to the show with buying items from the garbage sale. The boy too had done something like that, but he was wrong!

Taking The Heat 

It was summertime in New Jersey. While all the other kid’s dads wanted to just get back home from a hot day at work and get some iced tea. This boy had other plans. As he says, “This piece was found at an action down South Jersey. It was so hot there, my dad didn’t want to stay to get it, however, I wanted it.”

Did he pay Three Bucks For It?

What the boy says next astonishes David even more. It turns out what made the kid come to Antiques Roadshow was the idea that the three-dollar painting could be worth some amount. Not only this, he wanted to know the history behind the painting too. He thought the only answers which I am looking for will be at Antiques Roadshow. Nevertheless, Weiss was sort of words at this point. 

A Snapshot Of  Home

At first look, the painting didn’t seem extraordinary to Weiss. But, he knew by the boy’s expressions that is a history behind the painting. It was just a matter of time that the real value of the painting was about to be unrevealed. Apart from this, Weiss was looking at the canvas that was filled with mundane earth tones. This information was enough for the interviewer to investigate further about this painting. 

A Mother And Her Child

The most special thing about the painting was, what it represented rather than how it was constructed. The main theme of the painting was a mother sitting on a chair, reaching out to her child. In addition, the child also sitting on the chair. The beautiful picture was painted very carefully. Moreover, the small details in the painting made Weiss and the boy emotional. However, there was still a detail that the boy had missed. 

Taking Notice

Next, Weiss wanted to test the boy’s knowledge of the painting. As he was already impressed by the kid’s patience level. It was hard for Weiss to believe that a kid his age would prefer to buy this painting. Whereas, kids his age are most likely to buy a hots wheel car rather than an old painting. The boy then explained that he went through the details of the paintings after purchasing them. And he thinks it is a watercolor. Nevertheless, he admitted that it was hard for him to further examine the painting as it was covered in glass. So, he needed Weiss to help him explore the rest of the details of the piece for him. 

Assessing His Expertise

The boy was correct in his judgment about the painting, that it was a watercolor. For someone, who is keen on antique items. Especially, silver from such a young age, he seemed very good at judging items by their structure. Nonetheless, Weiss wanted to give them a chance to the kid, so he can tell the value of the painting himself. 

Finding The Missing Link

Before meeting the boy at the Antiques Roadshow live. Weiss quickly took a look at the painting and pointed at the signature which was on the bottom of the painting. But, he was not able to recognize the name. In addition, an appraiser can learn a lot by just looking at the signature on the painting. At this point, Weiss had all the answers he needed. However, he wanted the young boy to solve the mystery himself. So, he asked the boy, “Repeat what I said, earlier?”

Who Is Albert?

By taking the first look, the boy was able to tell that the painting was signed by the name Albert. However, the boy did not know any artist by the name of Albert. On the other hand, Weiss being an expert instantly recognized the other half of the signature. It took some time, but the boy too was able to understand who has painted this beautiful piece.

Time To Guess The Age

It was time for Weiss to provide the boy with more information regarding the painting. So, he begins to explain the history of Neuhuys’s (the painter) work. Weiss says, “Neuhuys was one of the Dutch painters. He was born in 1844, and he died in 1914. I think your watercolor was probably done in the last quarter of the 19th century.” Although this piece of information was new to the boy, he was trying to understand every word of it.

What Is The Painting’s Worth?

The appraisers at the Antiques Roadshow usually give their guests a chance to guess how much is their items worth. Moreover, some of the guests at the show underestimate their product’s worth. That is why they think about coming to the Roadshow. Most of the time, many guests return home in a stage of shock. On the other hand, the boy had received enough information regarding the history of his painting. Now, it was time for the boy to guess the worth of his painting.

Price On The Table

Weiss, firstly asks, “How much do you think is worth?” This was the question that the boy had been waiting for all along. Everything was at stake at the moment, from buying the painting in the hot weather to the long ride to Virginia. The boy only hoped it should be worth it in the end. So the boy kept the price on the table. He said, “Hundred and fifty bucks.”

Too Little Worth

Before they could further their conversation. What is your opinion about the price of the painting? Besides, the boy gave a reasonable worth of the painting according to his experience. Nevertheless, he was going to get the shock of his life, after hearing how much could the painting sell for in the auction.

Breath Caught

Weiss on the other hand wanted to have some fun with the boy for a while. So, he repeats the boy’s question, “Hundred and fifty bucks?” and he continues by saying, “I think it’s worth a hundred and fifty. I think it’s worth more than one hundred and fifty.” At this point, the boy’s breath was caught in between. He was carefully sinking in every word of Weiss.

The Real Value

It was time for Weiss to finally uncover the true value of the boy’s painting. He had already given enough history to the boy for him to make a good guess. However, never in his wildest dream could he imagine, what he was about to hear next. Weiss said, “Today if your Albert Neuhuys watercolor came to an auction, it would probably sell for about $1000 to $1500.” Upon hearing this, the boy was in a condition of utter shock.

No More Words

The boy had been speaking a lot over the past few hours about his collections and the total worth of those items. Now was his turn to just listen and absorb the information. After hearing the response given by Weiss, the boy was sort of words to speak. He could only say, “That is a lot of money!” The boy had only one thought running through his mind, he had paid only three dollars for this painting. How on earth can it value so much?

The Boy’s Talent

Weiss started to praise the boy saying, “So I think you have got a great career going as an art dealer. You should keep at it.” To which the boy replied, “I know”. He further said, “I think I’m going to be rich!” Weiss was sure of one thing, that the boy was going to make his dreams come true one day. Thanks to his parents as well, for supporting the boy in his work with the arts.


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