Fox News-Star Anchors

Published on August 26, 2022

Fox news is a multinational news channel based in New York City. It has been running successfully for the past twenty years. Many anchors have contributed a huge amount of hard work to the broadcast. The news channel has been reported as recording the most challenging and wonderful situations in the world. All thanks to the Anchors of Fox News! You can find plenty of the anchors still in this field, which is a proof that, you can still go after your dreams, no matter the challenges.


Hollie McKay

She is a Geopolitical Analyst, a Journalist, a war Reporter, Author and the list goes on! You can find Hollie in her mission on uncovering the story of people and their lives in the time of wars. She is found to be one of the most hard-working reporters in her field by her co-workers. The anchor has spent significant amount of time in US and the foreign troops, making interviews with the survivors of torture, refugees, war crimes.

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Molly Line  

Molly Line is an American media personality working as a news anchor for the Fox News Channel. She has been recognized for covering many high profile events and incidents. Molly has been working in the industry since 1999, and has worked with many local television networks too. Sources have estimated her annual income is almost Five million dollars. She has worked as a photographer and reporter before joining Fox News Channel and continued to work in the news channel for over 15 years.


Martha MacCallum

Martha has done her bachelor’s degree in political science from St. Lawrence University in the North Country of New York State. She can be found having worked as an anchor for many renowned Channels such as, NBC/CNBC, The Wall Street, Today, CNBC World. Martha joined the Fox News Channel in 2004 where she hosted The Live Desk from 2006 to 2010. She is currently working as the anchor and executive editor for the Fox News Channel.

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Jenna Lee

The American journalist who got rapidly popular for hosting Fox Business Morning show caught the attention of the viewers by talking about the interesting events happening on the Wall Street. She can be found holding two degrees, she first graduated in 2002 with a B.A in English and global studies from University of California, Santa Barbara and later in 2005 she graduated from Columbia University of Journalism with a master’s degree.

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Julie Banderas

This woman has a heart of gold! Despite being a famous news anchor and owing millions of dollars she volunteers to help people out in her free time. After Julie Banderas graduated from college, she had a golden opportunity to work for CBS and ABC affiliate stations, and she did it, to not lose the opportunity of gaining experience. Not any later, it was a ground breaking event in her life in 2008 when she started anchoring for Fox Report Weekend and also that she won an award for “Outstanding Single Newscast”. Currently, the talented Julia is serving as a rotating weekday anchor for Fox news as well as acting as a co-host.


Lea Gabrielle

Lea has an incredible story. She has worked as a Navy pilot for twenty years. Which rarely any anchor shares the same background as hers. After leaving the navy, she then started working as a journalist and correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She has done interviews with the White House and Political Correspondents. It was announced that the former Fox News Reporter will be joining the States Department to lead anti-propaganda efforts from foreign adversaries.


Kacie McDonnell

It’s not been a very long, precisely only three years. That Kacie McDonnell has joined the Fox New Media as a host. She also serves as co-host on the channel. Before the beautiful Kacie McDonnell joined Fox News, she was an anchor for a well know network called New England Sports Network. In which she covered the professional sports and even earlier to this she was a sports reporter for other Networks.

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Erin Andrews

America’s sports broadcaster. Andrews has been a part of Fox Sports since 2012, she has covered some big events such as, three Super Bowls, 10 NFC Championships and the 2014 and 2015 World Series. Before joining Fox Sports Erin worked for NCAA football and basketball games as a sideline reporter. Not just that, the talented anchor last year released a podcast with fellow Fox sports colleague that titled “Calm Down with Erin and Charissa” for iHeartRadio, there the girls shared about all about sports, life, gossip and other random topics.

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Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren the American Political Commentator, joined the Fox News five years ago. She shares her reviews on every topic from culture to politics. Lahren dislikes being called a journalist, she rather calls herself a “constitutional conservative”. Lets see, what’s she got for us in the future.


Ainsley Earhardt

It was in 2007 that Ainsley Earhardt joined the Fox news network after which she had been a co-host in several segment.  She has been conducting exclusive interviews with former President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and many more. Ainsley is not only a co-host but an author too. Her most recent book will be publishing in the upcoming month. She has completed B.A. in journalism from the University of South Carolina and is currently serving as co-host of FOX & Friends which, not to mention is the top one program for twenty years in a row. The beautiful Ainsley has a wonderful personality . She has also been named “Best Personality of the Year” in the past years.

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Megyn Kelly

The American television personality who was found giving straight reviews on the Channel. She did some recognizable work during her time as a journalist at Fox News. However, later had to part ways and started working with NBC at her own show. The show however didn’t last longer than a year. Now she is working where the opportunity is given.

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Patricia Regan

Patricia Ann Regan also known as Trish Regan, hosted the Trish Regan Primetime on the network. She was the Beauty Queen and was named one of the top news broadcasting anchor in 2006. Patricia graduated in B.A in history from Columbia University and started career in 2001 at CBS. The Anchor can now  captivating her audience with just a few words.

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