Groom’s Father Who Works As A Janitor Surprises The Brides Family With An Interesting Gift

Published on September 20, 2022

Amilia and Brandon are in love and irrespective of each other’s financial background they decide to tie the knot. However, Amilia’s parents are status conscious and they were astonished after learning that the guy Amilia choose to get married to is lower than them in money. There wasn’t a second that the family didn’t make a joke about Brandon’s family. Moreover, just when they were teasing the groom’s father he comes with a gift for the newly married couple on stage and shocks everyone. Especially, Amilia’s family. Nevertheless, it is very unethical to ever judge anyone based upon their family background. Read this tale of the family who learned their lesson on never to mock anyone ever again.

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Mistreating Nicolai’s- Brandon’s Dad

There wasn’t any other way left for Amilia’s family to further mistreat Brandon’s father- Nicolia. They were treating him badly with such strong efforts. That anyone else in his place would have opted to run away. Although, he is a very nice and hardworking man. Amilia’s family was blind to this fact and wanted to just get rid of Brandon’s father. Moreover, her family couldn’t bare his presence among their rich friends. Nonetheless, Nicolai turned out to surprise Amilia’s family in such a way that their lips got sealed. During all those mistreats Nicolai didn’t even utter a word just showed results at the end.

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Breaking Everybody’s Expectation Of Him

At the time of giving blessings and then gifts. The family and relatives of Amilia were trying their best to not let Nicolai come in the beginning. They were also making sure that he doesn’t get to mingle with any of their rich friends. Clearly, Amilia’s relatives were thinking of Nicolai’s gift being very small or unimportant. However, what happens next was a complete surprise for Amilai’s relatives and family members. Those arrogant people made sure that the gift they bought for the newlyweds must be the best of the best. Just for the sake of showing off in the society along with making Brandon’s father feel unimportant.

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A Present That Blows Everything Out Of The Water

The gift that Brandon’s father gave to him and his wife was unbelievably different. Not a single wealthy member of Amilia’s family could believe their eyes. Despite, the members of Amilia being very wealthy, their gift wasn’t able to beat what Nicolai gave Amilia and Brandon. What could the poor janitor have possibly given to the couple that made the competition so tough for her relatives and family of Amilia? Really makes us ponder!

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The Couple Show How Deep Their Love Is For Each Other

The love story of Amilia and Bardon is indeed directly out of a romantic novel. Along with falling in love at first sight. They decided on never to spend a single moment away from each other. Moreover, the couple was so in love that they started to tell each other the secrets which no other soul can bear to hear. Whereas, Amilai and Brandon had to fight off many ups and down’s in their relationship too. Just like any other couple have to. Nevertheless, they stood even stronger than before. They didn’t let any issue overcome their relationship. Besides, this was only the start of what her family did next.

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She Said “Yes”, And Then It Started

It had only been a year since Brandon’s and Amilia’s relationship. Despite this, Brandon popped the question. It took him a lot of courage to ask. Still, he did and Amilia was over the moon with this romantic proposal. Not only this, the surprise proposal was well planned by Brandon and his friends a week before. To begin with, he made a reservation at a very beautiful cottage. With doing everything himself starting from the cooking to the table settings. After all his efforts, it definitely paid off, when Amilia gave a “YES” with smiling from ear to ear. However, when the families of both the sides came to know about this news the one side of the family wasn’t very happy with the news. That being no other than Amilia’s family and relatives, they started to make an issue by asking many unnecessary questions related to Brandon’s background.

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Brandon Was Good But They Thought She Could Do Better.

In the beginning, when Brandon met Amilia’s family. They were clearly very impressed. Not only this, their thinking about Brandon was that he is a very simple and hardworking man. As he showed that he would forever keep their daughter happy. So what else does a family want more than this for their beloved daughter? In addition to this, Brandon’s attitude was showing how much he cares and loves Amilia. However, the family of Amilia turns out to be different than any other family. They were very quick to ignore the good qualities of Brandon and to start judging him on his family’s financial background. Moreover, the family was ignoring the fact that the personality that Brandon has is built none other than due to his background.

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Amilia’s Family Upbringing

The family of Amilia wasn’t wealthy from the very beginning. It was the hard work of her ancestors who came to the city and started to make a business. Besides, there was no hardworking and struggle from Amilia’s family. They basically got everything on a platter. This was the very reason why they were so arrogant. Moreover, Amilia’s ancestor’s struggles have set their coming generations for life. The family of Amilia always tried their best to get away from the business but failed until the most recent years. Despite this, their attitude never occurs to change for the good.

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The Relatives Made Clear Their Opposition

The goal of Amilia’s family was clear from the very start. They were hunting for a groom who would be very rich and handsome. However, their girl had other plans in life and fell for Brandon. Obviously, Amilia had made up her mind now and no one could change her perspective about Brandon now. She was completely in love with Brandon. Whereas, her family had set a very high bar for the poor guy. Moreover, there was a lot of arguing going on in the family, which made no sense. This only created a scene at their wedding.

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Brandon’s Household Was Far From Being “Rich”

The family of Brandon was just another ordinary family from our society. Given that, his mother was ill for a very long time. Despite this, she had tried to get out and support her family financially. However, she couldn’t due to her medical conditions. On the other hand, Brandon’s father Nicolia was working as a janitor for twenty years now. We are all well aware of the fact that a janitor doesn’t get paid very much. So this is the financial condition that Brandon was in. Nevertheless, his father always tried his best to provide well for his son. By sending him to a school that gave splendid education and lifestyle.

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Brandon And His Background Was Seen As A Joke

It was very difficult for Brandon’s family to meet the bar set by Amilia’s family. Whereas, his family was seen as people below average. Their ideas and conditions for their daughter’s husband were very different than what they were seeing in Brandon. On the other hand, Brandon was doing his best to keep Amilia’s family satisfied by working hard and building a name in the business world for himself. No matter what he was doing, Amilia’s family was finding him unfit to carry their family name and reputation in the future.

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Amilia Was Sure She Made The Right Choice

Knowing too well what her family would do after coming to know about her relationship with Brandon she went on. Besides, what mattered to Amilia is the fact that Bardon shows love and care towards her. Moreover, she was very confident about her decision to marry Brandon and couldn’t bare listening to any negative comments about him. Not only this, but Brandon was also sure to show that he would always give her the best. This was clearly, what the couple needed from each other. Love and Respect. Yet the family of Amilia was making things difficult for them.

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Amilia’s Primary Plans

Amilia’s plan was to take a trip to another country to marry the love of her life. Also because she wouldn’t need any permission from her family to travel. Moreover, she was very clear about welcoming them to her wedding if they intended to attend it without causing any trouble. But she was also aware of the show they would create for their wedding. And that is what happened. No matter, what her family had to say about Brandon she knew what she was about to do and it was about time that she took a stand for herself.

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Parent’s Number One Worry

Amilia’s parent’s main concern was that their beloved daughter would be living with a poor family. She would be asked to do all the household work as well. Apart from this, Amilia’s family was afraid that after marrying Bardon she would regret her decision shortly. And will not stay happy as Brandon won’t be able to fulfill her wants. All things aside, her family was trying to see their benefit in all this. Rather than hoping good future for their daughter.

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The Modus

It was a very clever part being played by Amilia’s family. The plan was that her family would be covering the complete wedding expense. As they were planning to have a grand wedding and thought that the groom’s family couldn’t afford to have anything nearly as such. The point is, they wanted to show inferiority toward the groom’s family. Nevertheless, the bride and the groom were unaware of this intention so they happily agreed to the offer. Until they realized the truth and it was too late.

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The Real Reason

The real reason for Amilia’s family is to cover the wedding ceremony expense, not for any good cause. Rather they had in mind that if they pay for the wedding and their daughter comes to know. Not only will she become furious with Brandon but will eventually end things with him. She will also call off the wedding. This is what the family wanted as they were well aware of the fact that there is no other way to stop the wedding from happening.

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The Costly Celebrations

The ceremony was indeed going to cost a lot for the family. No matter this they were ready to give all in. Just for the sake of showing the society that they were very wealthy and the opposite party belonged to a very poor background. Moreover, they were going to show the power that money holds. Despite this, their plan of overpowering the groom’s family with money was a flop plan.

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Two Households Encounter

As the time was moving the day of the wedding was nearing. It was the right time for the two families to meet now. Amilia was planning for the families to meet before the wedding and come to know each other better. Moreover, her intention was for her family of Brandon to put a good impression on Amilia’s family. Despite, the plan things were not going too well between the families.

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Time To Ride The High Horse

Amilia’s family was yet again planning something evilly big this time. They insisted on having the families meet at Brandon’s place. Whereas, the reason is clear. Even so, Amilia’s family knew that the financial condition and living conditions of the family isn’t too well. Still, they went ahead with planning all this and they didn’t feel any kind of guilt. Coming to the reason that they wanted Amilia to see that Brandon is very poor and lives in a very small and rusty house. So she should eventually drop the decision of marrying him.

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The First Thoughts

It was time for the families to meet. Obviously, Amilia’s family had everything planned and so they went to their place all dolled up. Not just this, the family came in their most expensive clothes and car. With the intention of showing off their wealth to Brandon’s family and making them feel small. On the other hand, Brandon’s father, Nicolia just walks in from his shift at the school. So clearly he wasn’t in his presentable state, being all messy. In addition to this, he didn’t have time to go wash his face or make his hair.  As guests were sitting right in front of him when he walks in. Little did he know this can create a negative impact on Amilia’s family.

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The Bullying Starts

Without a doubt, Amilia’s family was being a success at their plan. Soon after Nicolai arrives, the girl’s family starts to make fun of him. By not only passing negative comments but also by making it clear that he could hear it too. Nevertheless, Brandon’s father was trying not to pay any heed to all the comments. However, he had had enough and so he decides to get up. And excuses himself from the gathering by saying he has been feeling a bit unwell after a long day at work. This wasn’t it, the couple was silently seeing everything unfold in front of their eyes. Moreover, they were very disappointed that the very first meeting of the family was ending badly.

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The Finishing Touches

Amilia’s family was feeling very content after insulting the poor man. Not just this, they felt successful in their plan. The wedding ceremony was going to top everything up very well. On the other hand, Amilia and Brandon were very disappointed with the meeting of their parents. Nevertheless, Amilia was aware that her parents could create this show but not to this limit. Whereas, what happens next wasn’t to be expected by anyone. It was a great astonishment to everyone.

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Just A Week Before The Celebration

Just when the bride’s family was busy planning and arranging everything for their daughter’s big day. At the same time, Brandon’s family tries to come forward with a helping hand. But to their disappointment Amilia’s family didn’t want to get any sort of help from the poor family. Moreover, they were trying to keep them away from the venue as much as possible. Yet Nicolai did not stay absent as he had other special plans for the very important day.

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Nicolai’s Plan

No one was expecting Nicolai, Brandon’s father, to appear at the wedding. Whereas, Amilia was very disheartened, as she wanted her soon-to-be father-in-law to be there on their big day. On the other hand, Nicolai was prepping himself in his suit. Which he borrowed from a friend along with branded shoes. He even put an effort into styling his hair for his son’s wedding. The final result being he didn’t want his son’s in-laws pointing any fingers at his son’s background. Surprisingly, when he entered the venue, he could feel every eye in the room on him. Moreover, Amilia’s family too was astonished at Nicolai’s entry as he was dressed up very well.

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Amilia’s Household’s Foul Intentions

Amilia’s relatives make an entry and everything starts to go bad. Despite, everything being well planned from seating arrangements to the food. Her relatives start to rearrange things. Their primary goal was that the groom’s family members must not sit in the front row. Fortunately, Amilia was aware of this trick, that her family would be playing last minute. So she told both the families to just keep everything aside and enjoy their offspring’s big day.

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The Bride’s Reaction

After a very bad time spent at Bardon’s family place. Amilia came back to her house with her parents and started to argue regarding how they treated Bardon’s family. Apart from this, the bride had enough of her parent’s childish and unfair behavior toward the opposite family. She clearly asked them to stop with what so ever was going on and to grow up. Moreover, this behavior of theirs was going to spoil her very important day. And if they pull out any stunt at her wedding she warned them that she won’t even be able to look them in the eye ever again.

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The Trouble Was Already Brewing

After the dispute Amilia’s family had. They decided to keep away from any further discussion regarding Bardon’s family. Nevertheless, they had something big planned under their sleeves which they were going to play out on the wedding day. They weren’t the people who would quit from their evil plan. No matter if it even meant for the happiness of their child to be at stake. Moreover, their main objective was to play out everything safely keeping it away from Amilia. And along the way destroy Nicolai’s life. Clearly, the parents were putting their daughter’s happiness at risk but they didn’t pay any heed to it.

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The Celebration Was On Its Way

Only a few moments were left for the wedding to start when all of the guests started to come in and so the event begin. The parents from the bride and groom side were sitting in the front row. However, on different sides of the aisle. Both of sides of the family didn’t even care to look at each other from the start of the event till the end. Whereas, this tension in the air from both sides could be recognized by other guests. This being said, the pride that the families had was more important to them than their children’s happiness.

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Amilia’s Worries

On the other hand, Amilia was very worried about what was going around during the ceremony. She didn’t like anything about what was happening. She tried to talk things out with Brandon as she was confident enough in doing that. Although, Amilia was worried that anyone would suddenly get up and object to the wedding. This thought of her was taken from the movies she has watched since she was a small girl. Moreover, she was feeling anxious about her parents getting up from their seats at any moment and stopping the ceremony.

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She Was Afraid Most Of All Because Of Her Household

The kind of hate Amilia’s parents were displaying In front of the guests. She was afraid that other people will start to question her. Amilia thought if anything were to go wrong she will be the first person to be blamed. She already doubted her family for doing what she feared. However, she was feeling low about everything that was going on as it was her wish that her family could support her on her big day.

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Nobody Went To The Extreme

Amilia’s assumptions about her family not liking Brandon was accurate. However, Thankfully they didn’t do anything as such that could ruin their special day. Under all this pressure, Amilia tried her best to enjoy her event as much as she could. On the other hand, Brandon was also trying his best to lighten his wife’s mood. So she can have a great time and remember this day happily till the end.

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Then The After Party

While drinks were getting served. The family of Amilia was yet again just having a conversation with their family members. Whereas, the groom’s family was completely getting ignored. The bride and the groom were observing everything from afar and couldn’t do anything except being disappointed. As they were already aware of the fact that the families won’t be able to directly mingle at their wedding due to the huge background differences. However, the couple couldn’t do anything much except enjoying themselves to make good memories.

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It Is What It Is

The bride and the groom have come to terms that nothing can be done to help both the families come together and enjoy the event with them so they left them on their own for the time being. However, they were at peace knowing that the families weren’t planning and working on anything to do against each other. Luckily, this was because the couple had already tied the knot and they couldn’t do anything to break it. Unfortunately, Amilia’s parents were working on other plans.

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Everything Was Just Unfolding

The bride’s parents started to ask about when the present showing ceremony will begin. Continuing to say that they were very excited about this part of the event as they had something great for their daughter and son-in-law. This was basically, their masterplan behind a conspiracy that they had planned. Including showing off their wealth to the other party at the wedding.

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Wedding Presents

Their initial plan is to present the gifts from their side before the groom’s family could present theirs. At first glance, it didn’t seem like any trouble, as who gets to give the gifts at first? Because both the parties were eventually about to give their gifts. Not a single soul at the wedding ceremony could ever imagine what was going on behind the curtain.

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The Real Goal

Indeed, the bride’s parents had spent a lot of money on the gifts as they clearly wanted to just show off their wealth to Brandon’s parents. Moreover, they mainly wanted to present their gifts first so they can start with some kind of competition with the groom’s family. Whereas, the way they were planning everything. They just wanted their daughter to be kept in the dark about their motives so she doesn’t create a scene.

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The Lowly Man Went Above And Beyond, Again

Yet this was again their plan to degrade the poor and humble family of the groom. Especially, his father- Nicolai. However, everyone was unaware of what Nicolai had planned for the gift-presenting ceremony. Not even Amilai’s parents’ gift could stand a second in front of the gift he had under the curtain. The guests were about to get a surprise, especially the bride’s parents.

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The Love And Care Overpowers Wealth

Mostly the gifts which were presented at the wedding to the newly-married couple were quite good. This was the intention of the bride’s family. That they get to make the groom’s family feel small and poor in front of all the guests. Not only this, irrespective of the fact that gifts are given from the heart and no money can overcome the real value of the gifts. The intention that the bride’s family had was the opposite.

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It Was A Real Surprise

Thankfully, the gift-presenting ceremony lightened up the mood of the event. As the gifts presented by the groom’s side were witty and fascinating. Now the relatives of the bride were very eagerly waiting for the turn of the bride’s parents’ gift now. In addition to this, the guests were well aware that their gifts were going to be something out of the world.

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The Gift That Did Not Look At The Price Tag

The expensive gifts from Amilia’s parents kept on coming like they had all the money in the world. Starting from the most expensive gift that they gave. On the list was the two-weeks honeymoon vacation to the Maldives. The newlyweds were over the moon after receiving this gift as they were in desperate need of spending some time alone from all this drama.

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The Lavish Gifts Just Kept On Coming

This was just the beginning of what was coming next. Amilia was understanding slowly why was all this happening. Moreover, she could clearly see the intentions of her parents. She knew what her parents were doing. It was rather for their own benefit than for the happiness of their daughter. Not only this, she could see the joy on her parent’s faces after every gift they were placing on the table. And the other party was feeling ashamed seeing their own gifts. In addition to this, the rich parents even gifted Brandon a heavy motorbike as a token of Thank You from their side.

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The Other Family Gave Theirs

Finally, it was the groom’s family’s turn to start giving the gifts now. Starting with Brandon’s mother who gifted the couple some beautiful tea sets. This, however, was the custom of their family as she herself received these tea sets at her wedding. This ritual has been followed for many years. Despite this, the bride and the groom weren’t much of a tea lover. The wait was over. Next in line was Nicolai’s gift.

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The Humble Nicolai Was Declared The Winner

People were still trying to process all the expensive gifts the bride’s parents had given. Whereas, no one paid attention to the groom’s mother’s gift as well as Nicolai’s gift. However, the tables turned when the groom’s father came on stage and presented the gift to his daughter-in-law and son. All eyes were on the newlywed couple as soon as the bride opened the wrapped gift.

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The Message That Triggered Everything

Never in a thousand years could Amilia’s parents think of gifting something so precious and lovely to their daughter. Just when Amilia started to open the wrapped gift after a while she saw what was in it and tears welled up in her eyes. This is when people around her including her parents started to see what was going around and came rushing toward their daughter. When they too saw what was inside the box they were in awe.

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She Was Accepted To The Family

The box contained a plate. However, it wasn’t any ordinary plate from a market. The plate had a special message crafted on it by Nicolai himself. The message went by saying “Welcome to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Parker”. After reading this Amilia’s parents couldn’t believe their eyes. They realized that they could have never given something so special to their daughter.

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The Two Party Finally Made Amends

Everything got better after the realization of the parents, that their daughter is very lucky to be going into a family who have accepted her whole-heartedly. Furthermore, they realized what a childish behavior they were displaying in front of their daughter and the whole world. Shortly after this Nicolai walked towards the other side of the hall. Being a very down to earth man he thought of going and having a nice talk with the bride’s family. That is when Amilia’s father started to walk in Nicolai’s direction and apologized from his heart. In addition to this, the parents of the bride were very ashamed upon their act so they came up to the stage and appreciated the groom’s family on the beautiful gifts that they gave to their daughter.

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They Lived Happily Ever After.

After this both the families were acting normal with each other. Wherein, they even started to mingle all together. On the other hand, Amilia’s father was having a conversation with Nicolai about a job offer he has for him. But the generous man politely declined. Nicolai was very happy being a janitor. There is a lot to be learnt from his man. Who the bride’s parents use to think as a lowly man. Nevertheless, this man proved to the world that not everything begins and ends on money. A man needs to have a big heart rather than big bank account.

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