Here’s how to prevent your teeth from becoming discolored

Published on August 30, 2022

No one likes discolored teeth. Sure we don’t want glow-in-the-dark teeth, but they should be clean enough not to look yellow or discolored. This is something that most of you suffer with almost on a day to day to basis. There may be a number of reasons due to why the teeth turn discolored, one of which is smoking cigarettes. While some drinks and foods such as tea and black coffee can also be the reason for this discoloration, most of us can’t stop that. But we’ve got your back with some tips and tricks to help with it.

Brush your teeth twice a day!

Isn’t this something our parents have been trying to teach us ever since we were toddlers? but let us be honest hear. Brushing is one of the most boring things to do. Despite all that, brushing your teeth regularly is a very important step to incorporate into your everyday life. Not only this, it is important that you don’t brush merely for 30 seconds. Remember to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and in circular motions.

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Check Your Plaque Quotient

What is plaque? It is the thin film of bacteria on your teeth that keeps forming if not removed carefully. This film is formed after you eat or drink something. Brushing twice a day in circular motions and then using a disclosing solution that was suggested by your doctor is the best way to remove plaque from your teeth. This will help remove the remaining plaque after brushing that might stain your teeth if not removed. Plaque can even destroy the enamel of your teeth and if developed under the gums, it might affect the bones that support the teeth.

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Replace your toothbrush every three months

Who doesn’t love new things, right? especially when it is a new toothbrush. One gets disgusted with using the same toothbrush for a longer period of time after all it keeps going in your mouth and cleans it. It is advised by professionals that the head of the teeth brush must be changed after every three months. This will help with removing the plaque more efficiently. Worn-out bristles lose their ability to work as efficiently.

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Switch to Electric Brushes

Let us be honest here, Electric brushes are fun to use! According to the Academy of General Dentistry people who own an electric tooth are most likely to brush often. In addition to that, using an electric brush can help you remove plaque more efficiently. But then again it depends more on how you’re brushing your teeth rather than the type of brush you’re using.

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Eat “white” food

Discoloration can also be caused by foods with artificial colors. So it is advised by professionals that one must eat ‘white’ food. White food includes rice, fish, and chicken. Moreover, eat nuts, green and leafy vegetables, yogurts, and foods rich in fiber cheeses. Fiber will help strengthen your enamel and this will prevent discoloration.


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Limit your tea and coffee consumption

Consuming a lot of caffeine can be harmful to you anyways. But if we talk particularly about teeth, tannins are one thing that is common in red wine, tea, and coffee. Tannins are also called tannic acid. They play a vital role in eroding the enamel of the teeth, which may cause your teeth to turn yellow. So this is your sign to reduce your tea and coffee consumption!

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 Chew gum

Chewing gum produces saliva in your mouth which helps neutralize the acids. Furthermore, the movements caused by chewing helps remove the leftover food pieces from the mouth. Moreover, you can also find whitening chewing gums in the market. Then gums when consumed after every meal help remove food particles that may cause stains on the teeth otherwise.

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Eat raw vegetables

As boring and plain as eating raw vegetables are, it is extremely healthy for you. Not only this, but it is also very good for the health of your teeth. Raw and Crispy vegetables serve as a solution for the plaque formed on your teeth.

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