Hilarious Laundry Fails That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Published on August 31, 2022

We cannot deny that we all have hilarious laundry mishaps that made our stomachs ache. So many times we have ended up picking up different clothes from laundry or having them all mixed colored. However, all these mistakes are funny. even if you don’t mix white and colorful clothes, we bet that you must have left pennies or stuff in your pocket. We feel so happy whenever we find a dollar or pennies after laundry. We are sure everyone can relate to this. Here we have made a list of many hilarious laundries fails that will make you laugh out loud. 

Extra Clean Earphones

Earphones are an essential part of our daily lives now. We can forget to pack lunch but we cannot forget to take our earphones whenever we go out. Even if we don’t wear them all the time, they are usually rolled up in pockets. However, we feel sorry for this guy. This is a serious problem. But it’s a good thing no? because now he has to go and buy the latest earphones. In the world of ear pods, who is going to look at earphones again? 

Lip Balm Is A No

People living in dry and hot areas need chap sticks for daily use because they have chapped lips. So they have to carry lip balm or chapsticks everywhere. That is why they usually end up in the laundry. Furthermore, it’s not a crime to leave your lip balm inside the pockets of your clothes. However, it’s a bad idea. Thanks to the tin container inside the washing machine that keeps our lip balms saved. 

The Ruined Family Photos

Family photos are fun and a beautiful way to keep memories. However, they become so much more meaningful and important when a family member passes away. All we are left with is memory and photos of that person. That is why scanning old photos has increased over time. Sadly, this mother got distracted and forget she had a photo inside her pocket and put it in the laundry. The photo is ruined but we are still able to recognize the little boy. We are happy that the mother got it scanned. 

Is This A New Shirt?

Many people in the world throw new shirts right into the laundry to get them cleaned. Some people just don’t do it. This trick should be used especially when the shirt doesn’t smell good. We cannot explain how a sticker got mixed up with this shirt. However, the design looks nice. It seems something like a shattered moon, right? 

Fire Extinguish

Who remembers matchbooks? We forget about them easily. That is why it is difficult for us to remember carrying them out before laundry. They keep in our purses or pockets for years and we don’t even remember. This is not surprising to us that this person forgot about taking out a matchbook that turned into wasted crumbled paper and matches. We hope no one needs a light again in the future!

No clear Instructions

We all are well aware of the instructions that are printed on clothes. Hence, we all follow them like good students. These instructions help us to keep our clothes as new as ever. But following these instructions can lead to disasters like this one too. Imagine if you have to do the cleaning after a pillow fight? Ah! It sounds frustrating. If we were in place of this person, we’d definitely right an aggressive letter to the company. 

The Pennies

Gone are the days when we used to carry pennies in our pockets.  In the world of online transactions, who carries pennies around anymore? Therefore, we don’t take notice of pennies anymore. It is good but it can lead to a scene like this one. People say that coins indicate prosperous years. But we don’t get it. How it can be prosperous if something like this happens? We hope that the pennies are not damaged. 

How Does It Feel When The Chores Backfire?

Helping your partner with home chores is one of the best gestures of love you can show to them. This girlfriend did the same but she forgot to pay attention to a small but important part of doing laundry. She forgot to check the pockets of the clothes before putting them in for laundry. Due to this, we can say that it is not always a good idea to go extra mile for others. It can end up otherwise. 

We All Love Clean Sheets

We bet that you have found more dryer sheets in the dryer than you have put into it. Many of us forget to take out two or more items from the laundry. But this person right here needs an award. He washed an entire box of Bounce strips unintentionally. But let’s focus on the bright side. The clothes would smell great now. This person new to the laundry now has an amazing story to tell his family. 

Please No More Pillows

We all have our own different ways to deal with stress. A stress pillow is one of these many ways. However, like every other pillow, this one needs to get washed and cleaned too. But we are reevaluating our thoughts after seeing this scene. Maybe the reason was that this one had a hole in it. Moreover, we think that this scene occurred because it was a large-sized stress pillow. Whatsoever, this needs some serious cleaning. 


Can you imagine that a paper towel could survive the vicious cycle of a washing machine? We are surprised and impressed just as must as you are! We love how the thing we underestimate the most turn out to be the strongest one. Besides all of this. Let’s be honest for a moment with ourselves. Who wants to use this paper towel now? Someone might actually do it because we bet it’d smell incredible. 

In the World of Dog

The worst thing one can do to oneself is not to take out the wallet from the jeans and put it into the laundry. A lesson one will regret forever. Afterward, you’ll have to spend a lot of time drying out your ID and other business cards. We cannot imagine what was inside the wallet of this person that lead to this imprint on it. Does it look like a dog to you too? or it’s just an illusion. If not, then this is a total disaster.


You won’t believe what this unlucky man found after doing laundry. We have so many questions in our minds. However, the most important one is what was an almond doing in the pants? It may seem cool but we still cannot get over the question of why was it there. We hope the laundryman didn’t eat it because it would taste like almond soap now. 

My Precious

Forgetting a pen or pencil in the pockets of clothes is not new. This mistake always leads to a disaster. However, we are shocked to know that this student had only one single pencil that went into the laundry. We all know that we should always have a spare pencil for situations like this one. Is it that difficult to keep a spare pencil or pen? 

The Most Expensive Lesson

What can we say when one technology makes efforts to reach the other one? Who can we blame? The person who forgot to take out the camera from their pocket? Blaming doesn’t matter here. This is an unfortunate event and no one deserves to go through it. We hope this person can forgive themselves soon. This is going to haunt him for a long time. We are not sure but we have a guess that this person’s wife wrote this sarcastic note for her husband to remind him of checking pockets before putting clothes in the laundry. 

Bubbles Everywhere

We have so many questions in mind. What was this person thinking? Is this a joke? A prank? How can a person do this? We would be able to answer these questions in no time only if the machine was used. One thing we are sure about is that we would be in a lot of trouble if this happened to our laundry. If we ever have to face this offender, we would make them wait until a whole load of clothes were washed. This might not be the case but we are not kidding!

RFID Tags 

RFID tags are increasing in the labels on clothing tags since many retailers started using them. these tags help to reduce the number of robberies. However, if you don’t know about RFID tags, you would end up like this guy. We are sure that this has affected other items in the laundry too. 

On The Bright Side

Let’s draw out possibilities. You are trying to wash your white clothes but you keep getting distracted by your phone and other home tasks. As a result of this, you have to shift all the white clothes from your closet and change them with pastel colors. Cool, no? You can adapt it, or grip the adjustment just like this person here. Rather than being worried about losing his white t-shirt, this person dyed his shirt. This is a perfect example of the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


It is not an easy task to take away a child’s favorite toy from them. However, they get dirty and they are needed to be washed. So the best time to do this is to take away the toy when the child is carried away with some other activity. But what would you do when the child would notice that his favorite toy is missing? This is going to be a tough and tragic story of unicorns passing away. What other way is to fix it before the child notices his favorite toy missing?

Another Laundry Fail

 The laundry needs attention. You’ll have to face consequences if you are not careful about the whole process. We must appreciate this classic comeback. We are on our way to turning off the microphone as soon as possible! This is not the time for us to stop talking. We’ll do the commentary instead. Besides the fact that it was a disastrous laundry fail, we kind of like our jeans better this way. Hey, welcome to the group bud!