Homeless Man Who Was Unaware of His True Identity. He got to Know Who He Really is When He Turned 67

Published on August 20, 2022

Crazy Story

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Some people call this story a miracle because it’s hard to believe. But all of the events explained are true. A homeless person spent most of his life in poverty and was reunited with his family when he was 67. We bet you won’t believe who this person was. He had no means to get in touch with his family and friends. Luckily, a police officer helped him. The homeless man later said, Who would have believed that such a thing could happen to anyone, much less me?

The Beginning of life

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Myers is the name of the homeless boy who was born in 1950. His mother gave him up for adoption. A couple in San Leandro, California, adopted him when he was two. He was an average student and earned a B grade. He wasn’t successful in making a loving relationship with his foster family. All his foster siblings hated him. They all treated him as an outsider. However, he was very close to his foster mother. She was his only source of mental and physical support. But it wasn’t enough. Myers couldn’t keep a job for long and could barely meet his needs.

Adoption Didn’t Work Out for Him

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The couple who adopted Myers died. All his foster siblings and extended family threw him out and cut all ties with him. He lost all his childhood friends too. He was alone. Unfortunately, he had no one there for him.

Later, he started looking for a job. Sadly, he ran into an accident and could no longer drive. This problem ended his career and his life too.

Bounded with a Wheelchair

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After the accident, Myers had to use a wheelchair for more than a year. However, he didn’t lose hope. He went on to find a new job but wasn’t able to find one due to his disabilities. His health won’t allow him to stand for a long time.

Later, he did many jobs in the food industry, manufacturing, and motor vehicles. But due to his health conditions, he got fired from every job. 

As he was unable to do anything else. He started playing guitar on the streets, but it didn’t work either. In 2017, Myers turned 67 years old. Spending most of his life on the streets, he lost hope.


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Myers was forced into circumstances in which he had no choice but to follow the instructions of Alameda County Deputy Sheriff Jacob Swalwell. He had to find a means of making money. No one knew that Sheriff Swalwell was going to change Myers’s life.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

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Sheriff Swalwell had a conversation with Myers. They got into the depths of Myers’s life. He told Swalwell how he became homeless and all other details of his life. Swalwell wanted to do something for Myers. But unfortunately, he didn’t have an ID. Swalwell couldn’t get a place and job for Myers without his ID.

Do Everything You Can

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Swalwell didn’t give up. He did everything in his power to find a better place for Myers. First, Swalwell went into Myers’s driving history, but it was all a waste of time as no record existed. Swalwell needed Myers’s birth certificate to get a government-issued ID for him.

But he was unable to do so on his own. So he asked others for help. Some people from Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, Swalwell’s friends, and his pastor volunteered to help. They all collaborated to find his birth certificate of Myers. During the search, Swalwell found shocking information about Myers that would change his life forever.

New Identity or Original Identity

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Swalwell found out that Myers’s original name was Gordon Michael Oakley. Myers was shocked when he heard this news because he was unaware of it. This news spread to the local news station like a fire. Mark Askins is a private investigator who volunteered to work on this case.

Let’s Get to Know Mark Askins 

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He was one of the most successful and the best investigators of his time. Askins decided to work on this case as he had a similar experience of successfully reuniting a homeless man with his family. He contacted Swalwell and Myers to help him find his biological family. In fact, Myers was given a new sense of optimism. Askins started to work after getting information from Myers and Swalwell.

He Found Someone

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After investigating for days, Askins found an old case file named Marie Pauline Oakley. Gordon Micheal Oakley or Mick Myers was born to Marie and Albert Oakley a year after they married. Unfortunately, the couple got separated shortly. In the years to come, Mick Myers would become a famous musician. Askins also found out that Myers’s father had died. However, he wanted to give a shot to meet Myers’s mother. He wanted to know why she put his child up for adoption.

Time To Meet Marie

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It wasn’t easy to find Marie as it’s a common name. Askins thought she might be passed away, considering her age, but he still wanted to try. So he contacted Marie Pauline Oakley, two ladies living in California.

One of them was 85 years old. Askins was shocked when he found Myers’s mother. He was sure about it because this lady served in World War II just like it was written in the file of Myer’s mother.

Time For Some Questions

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Askins met Marie, and they both had a lengthy conversation. She was shocked and felt terrible to find out how his son was doing now. Askins asked Marie why he left her kid for adoption. She told him that he had a stomach issue when he was born, and they didn’t have enough money to afford his treatment. So they decided to put him up for adoption with a heavy heart, thinking that someone would adopt him, afford his treatment and give him a better life.


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Marie told Askins that she has never been able to sleep without thinking of his baby every night. Thanks to Askins, a mother and his lost child could communicate with each other for the first time in life. He arranged a phone call for them.

A Fresh Start

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A few weeks later, Askins and Swalwell arranged Myers’s tickets and went with him to meet his mother. Although the mother and son had never met each other before, they both couldn’t stop but feel thrilled and overwhelmed. Gordon was welcomed by his niece. Although, he didn’t know he had one.

Finally Reunited

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Myers and Marie burst into tears when theysaw each other. They never knew if they were ever going to see each other. Marie told Myers everything about her life and filled him in on all the photos in a photo album. Myers also told his mother how he spent his whole life in a foster family where he had few cherished memories.

Marie started crying and told Myers that she felt sorry about everything he had to go through just because she put him up for adoption.

Miracles Happen

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It was like a dream to Myers because he spent most of his life on the street. He didn’t have a family, but now he is surrounded by his mother, sisters, nieces, and nephews, who were excited to see him. Moreover, Myers moved to his mother’s house. Now Sheriff Swalwell was also able to get Myers an ID and even health insurance.

Happily Ever After

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Myers and Marie won’t be able to reunite if Askins and Swalwell don’t help them. Their efforts were appreciated and fruitful. Myers and his family will be thankful to them for the rest of their lives.