Man Gets Surprised After Finding Out What The Creature Is!


While Jonathan was camping in the forest along with his friends one day. He spotted a white tiny creature that resembled a monkey’s baby. He slowly moved near to it and saw it lying on the ground helpless. Therefore, Jonathon waited around for a couple of minutes for the baby’s mother to come. However, no one came to attend to the creature, so he thought of taking it home. Nevertheless, he did not know what a mistake it could turn out to be.

Is It Even A Monkey’s Baby?

Upon rescuing the creature from the forest, Jonathan thought he should take it to the vet for confirming whether it is a monkey or not. When he made it to the veterinarian, it was time for the big revelation. At this point, Jonathan was sure that the creature wasn’t a monkey. And the vet confirmed it too after a while.

An Error

While Jonathan was waiting around for the results. Suddenly, the veterinarian appeared out of his office and said to him, “I know it’s not your fault, but you made a huge error.” In addition, Jonathan was standing in front of the veterinarian in complete shock. Further, the vet exchanged introductions and tried to calm the man down. Nevertheless, Jonathan started to say, “I only wanted to help the poor creature.”

He Should Have Left It Behind

He realizes that he should have not rescued the creature in the first place. Questions start running through his mind. He thinks of what kind of creature could it be. Where was his mother? Why was it left all alone in the huge forest?

His Love For Animals

Ever since Jonathan was a little boy, he had an immense love for animals. As far as he could remember, he use to always ask his parents to get him a pet or go on rescuing animals from the street. On the other hand, he never knew that this time would be different. As the results so far were making him regret rescuing the unknown creature from the woods. Could it be because the creature turns out to be dangerous to humans? Let us find out.

Rescuing Animals

Given Jonathan’s experience in the past with helping out different species of animals. He thought this time too he was doing a good deed. He had helped many animals, such as rabbits, dogs, sparrows, and even a tiny squirrel once. Nevertheless, he never wished to call himself a hero in front of the world. Furthermore, he helps the animals because it makes him feel happy not because he needs a title from the world.

A Tiny Animal

As Jonathan had been helping abundant small creatures for a long time. He was familiar with many vets in town. As he use to take the rescued animals direct to those vets so they can pinpoint the issues for him. However, this was a unique case, because this baby did not have anyone near him. Surprisingly, there was more to the story.

A Cry For Help

While Jonathan was walking beside a tree in the forest. He was sure he heard an unusual sound from a nearby place. To make sure the sound was real and not his subconsciousness playing around with him, he waited around a couple of minutes to hear it again. And after some time, a sound like someone crying was back. So he started to follow the sound.

Looking Around

So far, he was thinking it was a cat that got lost and ended up in the forest. Yet, his mind was running with different scenarios. Moreover, the sound of a cat crying was getting difficult to locate. Due to, the crying stopping in between. Just when he thought he was very near to the helpless creature, he realized that he went a bit far away. So he returned.

An Unusually Small Thing

Luckily, Jonathan located the animal and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The animal was so small that he couldn’t even fit his palm. Astonished, he picked it up with both his hands carefully and started to examine it. After a while, he concluded that it is a baby monkey. However, he was about to get the shock of his life.

Is It Hurt

He was looking at the creature for any injuries when it started to cry again. Although the baby wasn’t hurt, it appeared to be very scared because it was left alone in the forest without the care of his mother. And God knows for how long the animal has been lying on the cold ground. On the other hand, Jonathan was debating on the thought, whether it is a monkey or not.

What A House!

It was very strange to see that the baby had a comfortable bed beneath it. Jonathan was surprised to see this. As who on earth would place a bed for an animal in the forest? Could it be, the baby’s mother had designed it for him before leaving him all alone in the forest? However, Jonathan was very confused as well as scared at this point.

Maybe Another Human Did This  

The option of another human already coming in contact with the creature was surreal. Why would someone come all the way to the forest to place the tiny baby in the woods? In addition, is it even a monkey’s baby or not? Jonathan was finding it difficult to get the answers to his question with time. However, he was confident about one thing. The creature needs his help!

Time For A Stroll

Jonathan had a backpack with him, so he decided to put the baby into a box and then his bag so it stay safe. Just when he started to walk towards his car where his friends were waiting he noticed the creature had stopped crying. Could it be because it was feeling safe with Jonathan now?

Rainy Weather

It was a long walk for Jonathan and the baby so he had to stop every few meters to check up on the creature. Whether it is comfortable or not. Moreover, seeing the skies it looked like it was about to rain soon. On the other hand, the weather was getting cold as well. So Jonathan had to quickly make it to his car before it starts to rain.

Uncertain About The Creature

The more Jonathan looked at the baby, the more the creature started to get irritated. Eventually, he thought of whether the animal is a monkey’s baby or not. Although, the baby’s features matched the monkey’s. He was still very small to be confirmed as a monkey.

Another Way Out

While Jonathan was walking with the creature in his backpack, he could not help but ponder that the animal wasn’t comfortable in the forest. This thought alone was enough for him to figure out that, if it was a monkey’s baby then it would have been used to the open environment. Whereas, this creature wasn’t. So how could it reach the forest, if not for another human being leaving it here?

Off To A Vet 

As it was getting late at night, Jonathan was sure to keep the animal safe. So he decides to get in his car as soon as he reaches the parking lot and drives to the vet. No matter what, he would try his best to find what the creature is. Furthermore, he had already made a road map in his mind about what will he do after getting the animal treated. He will probably send it to a shelter.

Where Is My Car?

Just when Jonathan reached the place where he had parked his car earlier, he realized something was off. Firstly, he looked around the place and found no one in sight. Could it be because of the rain? Maybe not. The second thing he did was search the parking area for his car. Unfortunately, his car was missing.

Pieces Of Glass Everywhere

Jonathan was looking around for his car when he suddenly saw broken glass pieces on the ground. It was all clear now, that someone broke into his car by the window and drove it away. On the other hand, it was about to rain so he was worried about how will he return to the city with an animal on his back.

The Car Is Important

Luckily, he had his cell phone and some cash with him. Although, he was worried for the creature in his backpack, at this point he was more concerned for his car. So he thought to go sit in the park which was opposite the parking lot. After a while, Jonathan dials the police station to file a complaint regarding his car being stolen.

Hello, Police

With only a little battery left in his cell phone. He decides to make a quick call to the police and inform them about his missing car. On the other hand, the police started to ask a line of questions, such as the license plate, model number of the automobile, and where was the last time you parked your car at. Further, the authorities told him, they will try their best to locate his car. Soon after ending the call. Jonathan was sitting puzzled with only one thought, as to what should be done next.

Time To Hail A Ride

After much consideration, Jonathan thought of catching a ride to the city to visit the vet first. As he knew the baby in his backpack needed medical attention as soon as possible. So he decides to head to a veterinarian before going back to his apartment. Besides, the vet was one hour away from the forest and there was no way he could make it on foot. Furthermore, he begins his search for a ride.

No Rides!

First Jonathan starts to search for an Uber ride. After a few tries, he gives up on the idea of booking a ride online as the drivers were canceling over and over again due to the pick-up point being too far away from the city. In addition, he started to try out local drivers who could drop him at his destination. However, they too said, “Not Possible, Bro.”

What Now?

On top of not finding any ride, it started to rain as well. Things were definitely not in Jonathan’s favor today. Nothing good was happening so far. Additionally, he was getting furious as well. Along with cold rain and no shelter, Jonathan was beginning to feel like his and the creature’s life was about to end today. However, he composed himself and decided to make a decision.


The only option left out was to request a car to stop and give him a ride to the city. So, he began walking toward the road in the hope of a car stopping by to help him complete his destination. Thankfully after five minutes a car stopped by and gave Jonathan a ride to the vet.

A Car In Sight

For getting the ride Jonathan had to stand in an ironic method, with his left thumb up to stop a car. The young lady who stopped by was friendly enough to ask the man where he wanted to go. He replied, “To the city, Ma’am.” Upon hearing this the woman gave him a sign, to get into the car.

To The City

It turns out, the lady was going to the same destination as Jonathan. So she was okay with giving him a ride too. Just when he sat in the car with his backpack still on his back did he hear a loud cry. Immediately, he realized where the sound had come from.

The Dog In The Backseat

After hearing the sound, he took the tiny creature out of his bag and into his lap. Unfortunately, there weren’t just three of them in the car. There was a dog too. Jonathan realized this after he heard someone making sounds from the backseat. He turned around and saw a dog looking directly at his lap at the poor creature and making weird sounds.

Is The Dog Just Curious?

It was time for Jonathan to let the dog get closer to the baby in his lap because the dog was very friendly. Just when he uncovered the creature, the dog reacted with an unusual reaction which surprised him as well. On the other hand, he was sure to get a reaction from the dog, but something like this one.

Dog’s Growling

It was too late when he realized what he did was wrong. As the dog started to growl after sniffing the little animal in his lap. Although, the dog came dangerously close to the monkey. The owner, on the other hand, handled the situation very well. She punished her dog and so it sat quietly in the backseat again.

Wondering About The Creature

After seeing the reaction of the dog. One thing was clear, the monkey in his lap wasn’t a monkey or even a puppy. It was something else. So, what is it? Jonathan had to wait for twenty more minutes before he can get the answer to his question. On the other hand, the dog in the back was sitting far away from the creature now. After being scolded by his owner.

First Stop

Soon after, he reached his destination. The kind woman wished him good luck and dropped him outside the vet. Now, it was time for Jonathan to wait in line for his turn to meet the doctor. This time he was very careful in keeping the tiny animal covered in a cloth so that other animals in the shop wouldn’t get disturbed. Nevertheless, the person at the counter wanted to take a look at the creature, so he showed her.

Going Into The Office 

Just when the lady at the reception saw the animal, she told Jonathan that he did not need to wait in line anymore. As she was going to let him go into the doctor’s clinic right away, so other animals don’t get upset. Perhaps, this was a good thing for him and the little guy tucked in the cloth.

Examining The Creature

At this point, Jonathan was feeling very nervous. He had almost forgotten all the questions that he wanted to ask the veterinarian. However, the veterinarian was kind enough to see that Jonathan was feeling nervous. So she gave him some water and a chair to sit on. After some time he started to relax and speak out all of his concerns regarding the animal in hand. On the other hand, the doctor was carefully listening and making notes. 

Follow-Up On The Complain

The doctor told him to go and take a seat in the waiting area. However, she was calling him on and off for questioning. Meanwhile, he could focus more on the issue of getting his car back. So he dialed the police officer’s number again and requested the status of the complaint. Unfortunately, the policeman said that you need to move the complaint to another station.



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