Man Who Went Viral For Predicting Future and Exposing Government’s Top Secret Experiment

Published on September 8, 2022

What would you do if someone come and tell you that they are a time traveler? Would you run away from them or ask them to take you with them? Al Bielek was the man who claimed that he is a time traveler but no one believed him. He said that it is not by accident that he is a time traveler. He is a time traveler because he is a part of a government operation. No one gave him attention unless his future predictions became true. It was frightening for the whole world. He also claimed that he has discovered an existing government experiment. Afterward, people started to listen and pay attention to him. The world became obsessed and frightened by Al Bielek. Let’s get started with the story of the man who made frightening predictions about the future. 

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 It All Started with a Government Mission

It was stated during World War II when the American government was conducting secret fringe experiments. Do you know why these experiments started during World War II? It was because the government wanted to win the war using these experiments. However, these experiments went brutal as the USS Eldridge test was pushed to the limits. This test is commonly known as “The Philadelphia Experiment”.

So many scandals and conspiracy theories about it are still continuing today. All these conspiracy theories include time travel, conspiracy, and teleportation. This test turned into one of the most controversial experiments in the history of American controversial studies. Why? Because everything that happened in this experiment was a mystery for years. Later, the mystery was no more when a man came out and the curtains were drawn from the experiment. 

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The Unconventional Child

A child was born in 1927 to an average family. He was named Al Bielek who wasn’t an ordinary child. He was loved by everyone in his family and had a childhood like every other child. However, his family started to notice that there is something odd with him. Can you imagine that this child can recall the memory even before he started to walk? That’s not all. Al Bielek started to recall hearing too. He even began to understand adult conversation like a pro. Al Bielek becomes self-conscious at the age when children find it difficult to recognize even basic things. However, he was unable to recognize a particular event in his life. It was a significant event but he was unable to recall it. 

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He’s Sick

As Al Bielek grew up, he started to go to school and got the nickname “walking encyclopedia”. He carried this name all his life. Sometimes even he was unable to understand how he know it all and where he learned all information. He spent decades figuring this out. It was his 60th birthday when he was finally able to connect the dots. 

“The Philadelphia Experiment” is a science-fiction movie that was based on a true story. However, the scenes in the movie were gross. People were unable to imagine that the scenes occurred in real life. This movie was aired in 1988. Al and his family watched this movie and they felt horrible. However, Al Bielek had a Deja-vu when he was watching this movie. He was there. 

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No One Should Be Able To Detect It

As stated above, the American government started some experiments during World War II to win the war. The Philadelphia Experiment took place during this time. U.S. Navy did everything in its power to make their ships undetectable by any radar transmissions, especially other governments. The American scientists, government officials, and Marines tested the transmissions to make their ships untraceable. All of this was shown in the movie. The experiment took place on a ship named USS Eldridge. However, this device wasn’t successful enough. It actually brought something else with it. Something frightening. 

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The Failed Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was initiated on 28th October 1943. As we can see in the movie, many conspiracy theories state that many people were there to witness this historic day. Various eyewitnesses stated that when the device was activated, the whole ship was covered in a “strange green-colored fog”. A few minutes later, a flash of blue light became visible and vanished in a blink of an eye. The light took all the whole USS Eldridge and everyone boarded it. The whole ship with its passengers disappeared. No sign of the USS Eldridge was left. People started to think that the experiment didn’t only make the ship undetectable to radar but also to the human eye. However, the ship reappeared after some time but it was not in the same condition before disappearing. 

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Dreadful USS Eldridge 

The eyewitnesses present on the site stated that USS Eldridge was looking dreadful when it reappeared. The consequences of activating the device were horrible. Some people had to face worse consequences than others. Few sailors reported intense nausea. These sailors were among the few lucky people. Unfortunately, all the other people had some serious injuries. That’s not it! some of the sailors went insane. Others fell prey to mysterious illnesses. A body was found on the bottom deck of the ship. It was reported that this ship was fallen from the top deck to the bottom one. All family members of Al Bielek felt terrible and disturbed watching this movie. However, Al was feeling some kind of familiarity with the movie. 

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The Flashbacks Didn’t Stop

The movie was of an hour and 42 minutes long. However, it left a lasting impression on Al Bielek that could alter his entire life. he tried to take his mind off it but he couldn’t help. He had nightmares and flashbacks for months. These flashbacks were so intense that Al felt like he lived these memories. He was getting worried that he will go insane so he decided to seek help. 

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The Flashbacks Turned Into Nightmares

The flashbacks turned into a nightmare for Al Bielek as they started to get frequent. Al felt the need to seek help to understand why he has so vivid memories of The Philadelphia Experiment. So he started to find ways to go deep into these memories. During his research, he gets to know about New Age ways of recalling the memory. So Al Bielek went to see several psychics and even therapists. Al started to investigate and understand why he has vivid flashbacks with the help of different therapists and psychics. He started to solve this jigsaw puzzle and finally was able to solve it. But you won’t be able to believe what he discovered. Even the people of his time couldn’t. 

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He wasn’t Al Bielek Anymore

He started to share everything he had in his mind after watching “The Philadelphia Experiment” movie for the first time. Al said that it was back in 1990 when his name wasn’t Al Bielek and he wasn’t even the same person. He claimed that he was Edward Cameron and not Al Bielek. Can you believe it? You must be thinking that he was insane. That is what people of his time thought too. However, he wasn’t insane.

Al Bielek said that Edward Cameron was born in 1916 and not in 1927. That’s not it! You won’t believe what Al Bielek said next. He told everyone that he was placed in the Bielek family as a part of the U.S. government’s secret plan. What’s more? This is just the beginning. This story is about to blow your mind. 

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Time To Reveal The Past Life

We are going to talk about Al Bielek as now Edward Cameron who was a part of the U.S. government’s one-of-a-kind secret experiment. He stated that the conspiracy theories about The Philadelphia Experiment were not stories, they are true. The whole experiment took place like in the movie and the results were horrible. 

You must be thinking how did Al Bielek or Edward Cameron know so much about this top secret experiment. Why does he have the details? Was he really a part of this experiment? If he is, how is he alive and alright right now.? Al Bielek said that he knows about it all because he is an eyewitness. Later he even made some public statements that left the world in shock. 

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The Pivotal Conference

Mutual UFO Network Conference (MUFON) was held in Texas in the year 1990 which surprised everyone. We know that you are connecting the dots between this “UFO” and “AL Bielek” but we want you to stop because he wasn’t an alien. This story has nothing to do with UFOs and aliens. This story is far more unimaginable and mysterious.

He begins the story from the start. It was the year 1939 when Edward Cameron and his brother, Duncan Cameron were selected for U.S. Navy. All the best scientists like Nikola Tesla, John Hutchinson, and Neumann were all working on government experiments. Later in 1943, the Cameron brothers were appointed to be on board USS Eldridge. They wished they weren’t on the ship because this one duty changed their lives. 

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The Duty That Changed Lives

Edward Cameron or Al Bielek claimed that The Philadelphia Experiment was a true story. It was a top-secret U.S. government experiment to make a ship, USS Eldridge undetectable on the radars of all other governments, especially the German government. Al Bielek was on this ship when the experiment took place. He stated that when the device was activated, the sailors became sick, some started to shriek and act crazy, and others died.

In the middle of this chaos, the Cameron brothers decided that it was better to jump off the ship. They jumped expecting that they will fall into the water. However, what they expected never happened. Something unimaginable happened. The Cameron brothers didn’t land in the water. They were stuck mid-air in time. Afterward, the brothers fell into darkness. This is the last thing that Edward remembered. 

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This Is Not The World We Lived In

The Cameron brothers didn’t land in the water. They were stuck mid-air in time. Afterward, the brothers fell into darkness. However, the brothers woke up and found themselves in a completely different time zone. They looked around and couldn’t understand what world was that. It was certainly not the one they used to live in. The brothers were shocked to find out that this was not the year 1943, it was 2137.

Can you imagine? How did this happen? The brothers were unable to move to hear this. They thought it was a joke but when they looked around it was surely not the world they left. They have somehow traveled through time physically. Later, both brothers were admitted to the hospital for at least a month. During this time, Edward Cameron found some mind-blowing discoveries. 

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A Whole New World

Al Bielek was asking many questions. It is justified to ask so many questions when you wake up in some other world. He had a right to ask a good amount of questions. The doctors were understanding and they asked the Cameron brothers what happened in the past. They also showed the brothers new and changed maps of the United States. It was evident from the maps that the world has much changed between World War II and 2137.

They were in the United States but were unable to recognize it because it didn’t look the same. The United States turned unrecognizable for them. Some parts of the West Coast and Southeast were merged. Florida drowned in water completely. It was so difficult for the brothers to digest all of this when Edward found himself time traveling again. It was now six centuries after he woke up in hospital. 

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Another Round of Time Traveling 

Al Bielek wanted to know how he managed to time travel but he didn’t know how he did it. This time Al Bielek sounded himself in the year 2749. He was again in the hospital when he woke up. However, all of the things around him looked much different from the world he time traveled last. The technology is way too advanced. He was sure he was in the future now. Al Bielek stated in his interviews that he saw “advanced surgical materials” when he time traveled in the year 2749.

He also said that “vibrational and light treatment therapies” were used to treat the injuries he got from time traveling. He told the sources that no soap operas were available on the TV. The only news, history, and geography were broadcasted. The whole experience was weird and disturbing for Al Bielek as he was unable to digest that he “time traveled in the future”. 

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It Was the Year 2749

In the year 2137, when Al Bielek time traveled for the first time, he estimated that he has lived almost two years working as a tour guide. However, the year 2749 was way too different from 2137. It took him much time to digest the reality of this world. He said that it was an unrecognizable world for him. No synthetic computer was there anymore. A giant crystal was responsible for controlling the globe. This system was linked with every living human being in the world. Messages were sent to every single human being telepathically through this system. However, this wasn’t the only change Al Bielek witnessed. 

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The New World

Al Bielek flet like an alien in year 2749. It was six centuries from the year 2137, his first-time traveling. The Earth was unrecognizable to him. However, he also came to know that the wars were taking place on a large scale between Russia and China and also between Americans and Europeans. Al Bielek also so many drastic changes in the world made because of wars. The towns became uninhabited, no sign of centralized government was seen, and the cities are desolated. The population of Earth that was once 7.7 billion is now only 300 million people. He couldn’t believe the changes made to this future world. 

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The Advanced Technology

Al Bielek states all the changes he saw in the future world. Florida was drowned in water, many governments were no more, and no signs of centralized government are to be seen in the United States. Surprisingly, no paper money was visible in the year 2749. A whole credit system took place of money for purchasing or exchanging goods. The technological advancements were mind-blowing. Al Bielek was shaken to the core to see that human beings have mastered the art of anti-gravity. Can you imagine how impressive this would be? 

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The Hovering Lands 

The anti-gravity technology made humans superior. No more limits were there. Thus, human beings started to live in floating cities. To his surprise, some cities were high as two miles above the ground. The floating cities have no limits. How would you feel if you feel a city hovering over your head? Sound exciting, right? Al Bielek added that these floating cities were controlled by a huge central computer. Furthermore, the people from the lower social class were living in houses established on the land. 

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How Did We Get Here?

Al Bielek was curious about how this world changed into an advanced technology-based world. So he started asking questions from different people living in that era. He wanted to know how Earth is now functioning on a computer system? He was surprised when people told him that they cannot imagine living in a world other than this one. We can assume that people living in 2749 didn’t even think about Al Bielek’s question. It can be due to the fact that they had been living and got used to Artificial Intelligence so much that they couldn’t even remember a world without it. He was surprised to know how much people have become dependent on this technology. 

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All Set For The New Mission

The Cameron brothers became well aware of the fact that time travel isn’t something you can control. They experienced another time travel before getting alarmed about it. however, they didn’t travel into the future now. rather they found themselves back in the year 1983. They claimed to have met high officials of government to explain their experience of time traveling. The government officials advised them not to tell any more about what they have experienced and found out in the future. Moreover, the officials also told them they’d be time-traveling again because their work is not completed yet. However, the brothers were surprised to find out where they traveled to. They were not expecting this….

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They Told Us Not To Talk

We don’t know why but the American scientists working on these experiments started to see Al Bielek as a threat. They felt so threatened that they wanted to get rid of him by tampering with his time travel. Al told in interviews that he got used to time traveling by now. Furthermore, he states that “when you go in space-time, you get a nauseous feeling. The first time is the most nauseating. Afterwards, you get used to it”. All was ready to time travel now because he got used to it. However, he didn’t know that government has other plans for him. 

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Bielek Aged

The government sent Al Bielek back to the time where he was rather than sending him to the future. Al stated that something unimaginable happened through his journey back to the present. On his way back to the present, his age regressed with each passing year until he reached the year of his birth. This is how Edward Cameron turned into Al Bielek’s body.

On the other hand, the time-traveling experience was different for Edward’s brother, Duncan Cameron. Unlike Edward whose age regressed, Duncan aged at a fast rate and was unable to survive the journey. As Edward was now birthed as Al, all his memories faded away. he forgot everything about his brother, the whole time traveling experience, the government experiment, and everything else related to his past life. This was exactly like the government planned. However, life had different plans. 

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A Time Traveler

The government thought that sending Al Bielek back in time will solve their problems and their secret will remain unrevealed. The government couldn’t imagine that Al would recall everything with a single link. The minute Al saw The Philadelphia Experiment movie, his former self, Edward Cameron opened his eyes. It took Al years to recall every single memory of his former life as Edward Cameron, the Philadelphia Experiment, Government’s plans all came back. Afterward, he became popular as a time traveler. He contributed to government conspiracy theories and matters of space-time travel. 

Al Bielek felt the urge to share all his memories of his former life with the world. He wanted to alert people about the importance of artificial intelligence in the future and what it would be like. He said that he came in public because he felt he owed it to the world to give details about what actually happened the night USS Eldridge disappeared. For a few years, Al Bielek was called on different shows and interviews to share more about The Philadelphia Experiment and USS Eldridge. Unfortunately, the calamity was bound to happen. 

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This Is Not The End

In 2007, Al Bielek died. No more speeches or interviews would occur anymore. No one was there to say anything about The Philadelphia Experiment anymore. However, his claims would live forever. Government officials, scientists, and historians all tried to label Al Bielek as fake but some people in the world still believe in him. They believe that he was a time traveler. He was the only person living who experienced how life is in the future. However, we have to wait for centuries to see if any of Al Bielek’s predictions were even true or not. 

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