Some Easy Tips To Prevent Cancer

Published on September 19, 2022

Cancer is a disease that is caused due to the uncontrollable division of cells. Whereas, there is still not any specific cause that can be identified as the root of cancer. To our knowledge, we can see scientists and researchers working on many cases. Not only, to collect information regarding the living and eating style of an individual. Which may reduce the cause of this life-taking disease but also to find an easy cure to it. Today we are about to tell you some tips which can not only reduce the chances of cancer but also give you a healthy and refreshing lifestyle. The first thing which is to be done is to reduce the taking in of some items or drinks and to also think of changing some of your habits and routines. This will help in lowering the chance of you getting some types of cancer.


1. Stock up on probiotic foods

The probiotic bacteria are good for reducing the risk of a few types of cancers, which are yet in their early stages. They play the role of finding or locating dangerous cells and stopping them to become cancerous. Eating fermented items such as kefir, and miso. Taking supplements that are a mix of different strains can help you in improving your gut muscles. Not only this but it can also build up your working immune system. Probiotic foods can lessen the risk of us getting diagnosed with colorectal cancer and bladder cancer. It further, benefits our gut health. 


2. Choose beverages rich in antioxidants

The antioxidants in drinks not only will help you in decreasing the chances of getting cancer. On the other hand, they are a delicious form of beverage too. We can take green tea as an example. Green tea does not just have many antioxidants in it, it also has been proved that it can lower the chances of breast cancer. It should be noted, that the best results can be gained by brewing the fresh green leaves in hot water to get the maximum health benefits. Secondly, taking pomegranate juice has proven to be a friendly item that can also lessen the risk of prostate cancer.


3. Swap alcohol for exercise

Who doesn’t like having their mood freshen here and then? Everyone right? Consumption of Alcohol is proven to not only reduce stress but also give your mood a boost when needed. Which is a basic need of everyone who works especially, from nine to five. On the other hand, you must keep checking and balancing your intake of alcohol. That is because the study has proven excess consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. This is an alert message for those people who have a habit of drinking these beverages after every meal or else regularly. Moreover, if you ever need to release stress now and then. You can try to go for the best science hacks. Which is none other than a simple exercise! 

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4. Keep stress at bay

Stress is just a common human reaction. When a person lands in a situation where he/she thinks that they can’t handle it. Further, it’s in a human nature to stress over from very basic things to the big events in life. However, we must have control over this emotion. In fact, the study proves that being under stress most of the time can increase your chance of having cancer. Moreover, it can even lead to heart disease. So you better keep this feeling of being stressed under control. Here are some of the tips which can help you manage your stress level on daily basis. Firstly, you can go for meditation, which not only increases your attention span but also helps in the reduction of stress. Secondly, get enough sleep, an ideal amount of sleep required for a human being is 8 to 9 hours. 

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5. Use more garlic in cooking

If we start with counting the benefits of garlic, then the list is indeed very long. To start with, the consumption of garlic proves to reduce blood pressure and has antibiotic properties which prevents cancer. Moreover, it is the cheapest ingredient that can be used while cooking your meals. It doesn’t just give flavor and a good aroma to your dishes. But has also proven to fight off some of the dangerous bacteria which are formed in the stomach. Especially, because we eat junk food. Even so, the intake of garlic helps in fighting the lung cancer. The science says that including this item in your list of food ingredients can also improve your brain functioning and will eventually improve digestion too. In addition to this, your maximum intake of garlic will help you fight colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.



6. Cut down on protein

Proteins have many building blocks of amino acids which is a basic protein requirement of our body. The human body requires a minimum of 0.83g per day depending on the weight of an individual. On the other hand, if we exceed the portion of a protein that our body is designed to digest. Then things start to go downhill. Nevertheless, the new diet plans have been including a very high amount of protein intake. This is, however, very dangerous as our digestive system as it starts to work on the proteins dissolving rather than finding and destroying cancer cells. It is suggested that we must take at least a break of twelve hours daily from the protein. 


7. Add flax seeds to your meals

Here is another ingredient we have got for you on the list. Which is affordable and is also available all around the world. Flax seed. This is indeed a nutrient-rich food. Moreover, you will find it being very underrated as this seed is overpowered by other seeds such as the chia seed. Nonetheless, flax seeds have incredible health benefits of improving the digestive system and lowering the risk of getting heart attacks. Despite, its bitter taste it is very beneficial. All you need to do is sprinkle a few of the flax seeds on your salad or you can mix it in your cake batter to get the required dose of omega-three fats, fiber, and protein of the day.


8. Quit active (and passive!) smoking

Did you know? Smoking increases your chance of developing cancer cells by ninety percent. And it also releases around five thousand chemicals that are not just harmful to you but also to the people around you. So this is the ideal time for you to seriously stop smoking. Moreover, it is proven that the people who smoke die twelve years earlier than the people who do not smoke. Not only this, the deaths which happen more frequently are caused by lung, liver, and cervix cancer. Clearly, quitting smoking will be a huge benefit to your health. So start working on it from today itself!


9. Fight chronic inflammation

It should be noted, that chronic inflammation has a great amount of impact on our immune system. It not only can cause various types of cancer but also plays a role in slowing our digestion. Whereas, the entry of a single cancer cell passing by our shield of immunity can cause us the disease. Therefore, we must keep the inflammation at arm’s length. In contrast to this, there are a few food products that can help in keeping the inflammation away. Starting with eating Fruits such as oranges, figs, cherries, and Tomatoes. You can include fatty fish along with leafy green items such as spinach and broccoli in your diet too.   


10. Maintain a healthy weight

The main factor in diagnosing cancer is overweight or obesity. You must keep a check and balance on your daily intake of calories. If more than the average percentage, it can cause breast cancer or kidney and uterine cancer. Furthermore, we know everybody is unique and it has its requirements. So we have to start working out when we feel that we have started to gain those extra kgs of weight. We have some fun tips for you to lose weight. You can start by involving yourself in dancing lessons. This will not only become a source of enjoyment for you but will also help you in losing weight. Next, add taking green tea regularly to your diet. It is proven that sipping green tea helps in burning the extra calories quickly and will be a source of relaxation for you too. 


11. Cut down on saturated fats

You can find a long list of foods that contain saturated fats. A few of them are fried foods, desserts, meat, cheese, sour cream, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, it can be a bit difficult to cut down on these food items but once done you can reduce the risk of cancer quite naturally. Besides, you can find products that are rich in healthy fats. Such as, the intake of nuts and olive oil in your cooking which will not only make it taste delicious but will also keep you fit. On the other hand, studies are showing a high rate of breast cancer in those women who tend to include foods with higher amounts of saturated fats in their diets. 

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12. Use sunscreen. Always!

This might sound odd. Like what does sunscreen have to do with cancer? However, let us tell you that the sun produces very strong UVA or UVB rays which are very dangerous for our skin. As it results in skin cancer like Melanoma. Moreover, this cancer has recently come into existence. Given the prices of sunscreens touching the sky. Another cancer is not yet known but has the same dangerous effects from the sun’s rays. It is oral cancer. In addition to this, you are suggested to buy a UV sunblock to lessen the chance of getting oral cancer. 

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13. Avoid processed meats

Deli meats, hot dogs, and bacon are some of the food which is smoked and include chemicals in them. These items get processed and are the ideal cause of cancer. Nevertheless, the meat that we purchase from the store is rich in saturated fats and sodium. These items while being cooked can further suck in the tar which causes cancer such as the stomach and colorectal. It is suggested that you try to avoid salami, sausages, and meatloaves that are directly from the industries. 

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14. Eat fresh greens

Science is going all over the place with suggestions regarding what is an ideal healthy diet. Undoubtedly, there is only one thing that people seem to agree upon. “Fresh Greens.” Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very important for a healthy diet. It does not only give you good health but it also improves your immune system. Moreover, fresh greens contain antioxidants which are a great source of blocking cancerous cells. Besides a few vegetables such as cabbage, sprouts and broccoli can be eaten raw as they are high in nutrients that prevent cancer. 

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15. Consume omega-3s

Omega-3s are nutrients that can be attained by foods as well as supplements. However, it is suggested to get omega-3s from raw food rather than supplements. Furthermore, they are essential for maintaining a healthy body. There are various ways by which you can benefit from omega-3. Along with being a protective shield from diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, it also fights inflammations. You must add foods that are rich in omega-3s into your diet. Fatty fish, flaxseeds, and chia seeds are some of the sources from which you can get omega-3s.  

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16. Get calcium daily

Taking the right amount of calcium is very important for the prevention of cancer. Moreover, the studies also show that people who drink at least six hundred grams of milk each day can have fifty percent fewer chances of getting cancer. On the other hand, if you start taking calcium more than the advised portion then you are likely to get diagnosed with lung cancer and breast cancer. So you have to be very careful with how many portions to take every day. In addition to this, it is not only milk from which you can attain the source of calcium. You can also add yogurt and low-fat cheese to your diet. 

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17. Have your genes screened

It is very important to know whether your family has a strong history of any type of cancer. If so, then talk to your family doctor immediately. In addition, to this, a family who has a history of colon cancer has a very high chance of getting this same disease by the age of forty. So it is suggested that you get an early detection so that the surgery is done to prevent any further loss. 

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18. Grill smarter

Did you know that people from early times use to be much more active and healthier than the people of this era? The main reason for such a change is the cooking pattern. Yes, you heard it right. The people of old times not only use to cook food fresh but also use to cook food on an open flame. Which along with cutting calories can reduce the chances of you getting cancer. On the other hand, you must cook food on low flame as the proteins that are essential for the body won’t get killed. Moreover, you can also wait till the coals start burning before you start your cooking. 

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19. Heap on beans

It is proven that females who eat beans thrice a week are thirty percent less likely to get breast cancer. Compare to the females who eat them less. In addition to this, The Harvard School conducted research regarding public health on 1 million people. Where the results were that consumption of legumes such as beans and chickpeas can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. This is because the enzymes that are dangerous to our bodies get killed by those legumes. 

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20. Get vaccinated

The studies show that another way to prevent getting cancer is to get yourself vaccinated against certain types of viral infections. Whereas, hepatitis B is the most important vaccine. If not jabbed by the doctors then this risks the development of liver cancer. Moreover, the people who work in health care or use an excessive amount of drugs can very easily be at risk. Another viral infection that can lead to getting genital cancers is HPV (Human papillomavirus) which is caused by being sexually active. So it is important to get the HPV vaccine for children aged from 13 years onward. 

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21. Filter your tap water

The report from the President’s Cancer Panel shows that drinking home filtered water is much safer than drinking bottled water. As the quality of the water is compromised. Furthermore, the chemicals such as BPA are released from plastic bottles. It is recommended to store water in stainless steel or in glass dishes to avoid diagnosing various types of cancer. 

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22. Caffeinate every day

A survey shows that people who drink five or more cups of caffeine every day have a very low percentage risk of getting brain cancer. In comparison to the people who drink less. These are results from the study which was conducted by the British in 2010. Additionally, the intake of five cups of coffee daily will lessen the risk of cancers of the mouth and pharynx. All credit goes to the caffeine. Whereas, coffee acts more protective against cancer than tea. 

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23. Head off cell phone risks

The usage of mobile phones must be only for short messages and calls. The reason behind this is that the energy that produces is dangerous to your brain cells. Furthermore, The President’s Cancer Panel report says that usage of mobile phones is neither consistent nor conclusive against brain cancer. Even so, there are a few reviews given by the researchers saying that there might be a linkage between the above report. 

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24. Environmental pollution

An estimated five million deaths have been caused by outdoor air pollution. Out of which seven percentage deaths happened because of lung cancer. In addition to this, at least three million people die because of the pollution caused in homes from cooking on gas. As there are harmful gases that are inhaled while cooking meals. 

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25. Get enough vitamin D

The experts in the field of nutrition suggest at least taking a minimum of nine hundred to twelve hundred IU per day. Nevertheless, this goal is very much not possible if we don’t add taking supplements side by side. Moreover, the consumption of foods with vitamin D can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and colon cancer.

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