Surprising Facts About Worlds Most Advanced Wheelchair

Published on August 12, 2022

This is the future

The technology we see today has advanced over the past decades. Before that, nobody could imagine smartphones, the internet, and other amazing inventions. We rely on technology in our daily tasks. We cannot imagine a life without these appliances because they make our lives easier and save time. Let’s just face it, do you want to live a life without an automatic washing machine or an air fryer? No, right! Because no one wants to neglect the comfort technology gives.

Technology not only made our everyday daily lives easier, but it also made new possibilities and ease for people suffering from diseases ad injuries. Such as an iconic development of a classic wheelchair. We are going to introduce an advanced wheelchair Scewo BRO to you. This wheelchair is the advanced version of a regular wheelchair. It has so many amazing features that make the lives of wheelchair users easier. We got emotional when we first saw this wheelchair because we were overwhelmed by the fact that people are doing things for people who need them. This is not just an ordinary wheelchair. It can climb stairs!

Continue reading to read more about how a wheelchair can climb stairs.


Many people have different kinds of disabilities. There is no one reason why a person cannot walk. But we were so glad when we saw this wheelchair that made the lives of people with different disabilities easier. This wheelchair is designed for many types of disabilities, like the movement of this wheelchair. It’s amazing how this wheelchair can move backward while leaning backward. Not only this, but it can also move forward by leaning forward. Isn’t it wonderful?

But this is not the only feature this advanced wheelchair has. Let’s get to know some more features of it!

Off the road you go

Yes! You read that right. If you have ever used a wheelchair temporarily or seen someone close using it, you know that wheelchairs make you go where the road goes. You cannot go off-road or up a hill in a wheelchair. But here, we are not talking about any regular wheelchair. We are talking about Scewo BRO, which enables a person to go off the road. Isn’t it amazing? The wheels of Scewo BRO are designed to handle a 10% slope. It can also easily cross any obstacles up to two inches high. So you can scale a hill even when you are in a wheelchair. It’s just like when you take a dog on walk, it can go anywhere. You don’t have to worry about losing your dog while on Scewo BRO because you can go off-road or even up a hill!

But this is not the best feature of this wheelchair. Scewo BRO can climb up the stairs. It’s true! Move on to the next page to find out.

It can climb stairs.

Yes! This is it. Regular wheelchairs cannot climb up the stairs, but Scewo BRO can. Many places are making it easier for wheelchair users to go on the top floor. But this process takes a lot of time. Scewo BRO can help you climb up the stairs. Thus it makes it easier for its users to go anywhere they want to because this wheelchair can climb stairs.

But how? Let’s get to know.

Special Tracks

This special feature of Scewo Bro allows it to climb stairs. When you turn on climb stairs mode, two special tracks appear. The large teeth on the tracks connect with the stairs. Then it pushes the wheelchair upwards. When you reach the top, the sensors of Scewo BRO pick signals and turn off the climb stairs mode, ensuring safety. So this wheelchair uses these two tracks to climb stairs rather than wheels. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

That’s not it! There are many more features in Scewo BRO.

Go high or go low

Regular wheelchairs only help their users to move forward and backward. But with this wheelchair, you can raise or lower the seat of the wheelchair. It makes shopping a lot easier. Imagine if a person wants to grab a cereal box from the top shelf. All you have to do is press the button, and the seat will move upward. People using this wheelchair do not have to wait for anyone or ask anyone to get an item from the top shelf picked up for them.

Isn’t it amazing how this advanced wheelchair gives independence to its users? Today’s advanced technology is doing wonders. We are happy to see that people are using technology for the right reasons and improving people’s lives!