The Biggest And Richest Bodyguards Of Hollywood Celebrities

Published on August 26, 2022

Celebrities enjoy immense wealth and fame. But it costs celebrities to give up their freedom. The famous stars have not only fans from all over the world but also haters. Thus, they need protection from these haters. Sometimes, celebrities also need protection from crazy fans who cross the limits of privacy and start being creepy. For these reasons, all celebrities need bodyguards. All celebrities have an expensive bodyguard. Stars don’t mind paying them a huge amount of money because of the skills and quality protection they provide to them. So we have made a list of the most expensive bodyguards for Hollywood stars. 

26. Taylor Swift

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million

Annual Protection Cost: $400,000

Taylor Swift won the hearts of many people around the globe who call themselves “Swifties.” It’s a whole army of her fans who fell in love with her voice and her aura. Swift, being fearless, does not mind getting into feuds on social media. For this reason, she needs high protection. That is why she goes out everywhere with her two bodyguards. She even likes to take them on Rollercoaster rides and shopping sprees. 

25. Katy Perry

Photo Credits: Twitter

Star’s Net Worth: $330 million

Annual Protection Cost: $350,000

Katy Perry decided to increase security after giving birth to her first child in 2020. Katy is always seen out and about with her bodyguard who is famous to the public for his resemblance to a star of Hollywood, Hugh Jackson. 

24. Daniel Radcliffe

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $106 million

Annual Protection Cost: $50,000

Of course, Harry Potter needs protection from Voldemort. Just kidding. The world-famous star child Radcliffe hires bodyguards when he feels it’s important. Otherwise, he usually goes out on his own. But he always keeps a bodyguard by his side whenever he is traveling. 

23. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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Star’s Net Worth: $180 million (combined)

Annual Protection Cost: $125,000

Security is much needed when you are one of the most adorable power couples. Blake and Ryan keep up the safety not only for themselves but especially for their three kids. They are always seen in public with their bodyguards. 

22. Kesha

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $10 million

Annual Protection Cost: $75,000

Kesha is unable to keep a bodyguard permanently as she is not at the peak of her career anymore. So she only hires a bodyguard when it’s important. However, Kesha seems to be friendly and down to earth with her bodyguards. That is why they love working for her. 

21. Adele

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $220 million

Annual Protection Cost: $75,000

Adele is one of the huge names in today’s music industry, and thus she needs protection. Pete Van Der used to be the bodyguard of Lady Gaga in 2017, who is currently working for Adele. He charges $70,000 for his services. She has a high net worth and thus hired a bodyguard who follows her the whole time she needs. She has many fans from all over the world. They love her for not only her melodious voice but also her humble personality. 

20. Jason Momoa 

Photo Credits: Laughing Colours

Star’s Net Worth: $14 million

Annual Protection Cost: $125,000

Jason Momoa became famous after becoming a superhero in the Marvel movie “Aquaman.” Since then, his fan following has been increasing. He is such an intimidating man that no one thinks he needs protection. But he does. He is often seen with two bodyguards beside him. 

19. Selena Gomez

Photo Credits: Dogfoodmanager

Star’s Net Worth: $85 million

Annual Protection Cost: $65,000

Selena Gomez is a star child who started to win people’s hearts since her first appearance in the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Today, she is not only a successful singer but also an actress, producer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. She owns the makeup brand “Rare” and is part owner of the world-famous ice-cream company in the US, “Serendipity.” However, Gomez has the biggest fan following for her work and her down-to-earth personality. She makes huge charities every year. She treats her bodyguard just like a friend. He even invited Selena Gomez to her wedding in 2019. Her bodyguard also asked her to make a toast, to which she said, “it’s so special” that she was a part of his wedding. They are usually seen spending time together. 

18. Jennifer Aniston

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $300 million

Annual Protection Cost: $240,000

Jennifer Aniston gained popularity known to the world as Rachel of the world-famous series Friends. She gained immense popularity when she hired the famous bodyguard of that time named Sheldon. Jennifer hired him because he has worked for many stars before. Thus she knew she had to hire him for his skills and expertise. 

17. Jennifer Lopez

Photo Credits: India Today

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million

Annual Protection Cost: $500,000

Jennifer needs protection as a world-famous dancer, singer, and actress because she has many fans and haters too. She has a huge net worth, so she can easily spend money on her security purposes. No one has seen her without her bodyguards on her side. 

16. Beyoncé

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Star’s Net Worth: $440 million

Annual Protection Cost: $2-4 million

Fans are always eager to meet their favorite star, Beyoncé. She is the most famous celebrity in the whole world. She needed security on her own. 

But she needs even more protection after marrying a famous star, Jay-Z. Now she needs security even more. They have a high net worth and can easily ensure their security and spend on it. 

15. Angelina Jolie

Photo Credits: Spin 1038

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hired a bodyguard Billy Billingham as they were both concerned about the safety of their children. But after they got divorced, she changed her bodyguards. Her previous bodyguard used to say that Angelina Jolie has the time management skills out of this world. 

14. Kylie Jenner

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Star’s Net Worth: $1 billion

Annual Protection Cost: $4.8 million

The Kardashian-Jenner family includes the most famous women celebrities in the world. Kylie Jenner is one of them. All of the family have to maintain tight security. So Kylie spends almost $300,000-$400,00 a month on her safety. Kylie is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. She rose to the level of fame more than any other Kardashian-Jenner family member. 

13. David and Victoria Beckham

Photo Credits: HuffPost

Star’s Net Worth: $900 million (combined)

Annual Protection Cost: $1 million+

The Beckhams are one of the most famous power couples around the world. They gained popularity on their own. Victoria was a member of the Spice Girls, and David was a super talented soccer player. They spend a huge amount of money on their security. Victoria and David Beckham have also installed guardhouses in their home. They keep their security team close whenever they are traveling. 

12. Barbra Streisand

Photo Credits: OK Magazine

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million

Annual Protection Cost: $125,000

Barbara always keeps a bodyguard around her. No matter if it’s award shows or public events. She is a bona fide star. She even takes her bodyguard to groceries. Barbra is aware that she has to keep tight security around herself. This is the price fame makes one pay!

11. Britney Spears

Photo Credits: CelebDirtyLaundry

Star’s Net Worth: $70 million

Annual Protection Cost: $600,000

Britney Spears has been a focus of media since she was a teen. She spends so much on security because the paparazzi have always been violent to her. So we understand that Britney keeps tight security around her. She spent $400,000 per year on her security back in 2009. This figure must have been raised. 

10. Rihanna

Photo Credits: Vogue

Star’s Net Worth: $1.7 billion

 Annual Protection Cost: $500,000

Rihanna has a huge fan base from all over the world. Thus she needs to keep tight security around her. She is friendly with her bodyguards. There are many pictures where she is being carried around by her bodyguards. She spends at least half a million dollars on security. Rihanna’s bodyguards are always around her, even if she goes running. 

9. Halle Berry

Photo Credits: Marie Claire Australia

Star’s Net Worth: $90 million

Annual Protection Cost: $300,000

Paparazzi maintained its focus on Halle Berry from the beginning of her career. It’s been more than 30 years. The Academy Award Winner hires different bodyguards from time to time. They are with her even if she goes for a hike

8. Bella Hadid

Photo Credits: The Week UK

Star’s Net Worth: $25 million

Annual Protection Cost: $250,000

Bella Hadid hired a bodyguard when she became famous. However, she needs security more than ever as she is a top model now. The paparazzi are always there to photograph her whenever she goes outside. Many people say that her bodyguard looks like Jason Statham. 

7. Amy Adams

NEW YORK – MARCH 20: Amy Adams seen at the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Premiere at Radio City on March 20, 2016 in New York, New York. (Photo by Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images)

Star’s Net Worth: $60 million

Annual Protection Cost: $75,000

Amy likes to live a low-key life. That is why she doesn’t need to have security around her all the time. However, she wants to keep the security team around on red carpet events. Many of her bodyguards are usually the ones who have worked for other celebrities previously. 

6. Meghan Markle

Photo Credits: Harper’s Bazaar

Star’s Net Worth: $5 million

Annual Protection Cost: $20 million

Megan gained popularity after working in the famous TV series Suits. She is known for her acting. But she became super renowned even in the corners of the world after she married Prince Harry. They need high security being from the Royals. They spend about $20 million on security. 

5. Kate Middleton

Photo Credits: Daily Record

Star’s Net Worth: $8.2 million

Annual Protection Cost: $20 million+

Kate knows how important it is to prioritize the Royal family’s safety. The Future Queen consort of England Kate spends millions on security to keep her children and husband, Prince William, protected. The Crown pays for their protection. 

4. Floyd Mayweather

Photo Credits: Daily Record

Star’s Net Worth: $450 million

Annual Protection Cost: $750,000

Mayweather is the most famous and richest boxer in the world. But being a boxer doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need any protection. People know that Mayweather likes to keep huge cash whenever he is out. For this purpose, he needs to keep tight security around him. Floyd calls his security team “The Money Team.” Besides $150,000 a year, Floyd’s bodyguards get perks like Rolex watches and Mercedes cars. 

3. Lady Gaga

Photo Credits: Popsugar

Star’s Net Worth: $320 million

Annual Protection Cost: $125,000

Lady Gaga hired many bodyguards from time to time. Adele’s current bodyguard, Pete Van Der Veen, was her previous bodyguard. One thing about Gaga’s bodyguards is that they all look so intimidating.  

2. Madonna

Photo Credits: Twitter

Star’s Net Worth: $850 million

Annual Protection Cost: $500,000

Madonna is one of the biggest names in the music industry because she was the one who changed pop music and music videos. She spends a huge amount of money on her bodyguards. We have never seen Madonna out without them. 

1. Kim Kardashian

Photo Credits: Bravo TV

Star’s Net Worth: $1.8 billion

Annual Protection Cost: $7 million

Kim is the most famous Kardashian family member and is possessive about security. However, she increased security after a robbery incident she faced in Paris in 2018. $7 million per year is spent by Kim on security. She keeps tight security measures for her kids.