These Hollywood Celebrities Have Gay Parents

Published on September 6, 2022

It isn’t easy to be gay or to be raised by gay parents. These famous people who grew up with gay parents understand the struggle pretty well and know how to fight it. But despite this, they have always worked toward the top and flourished after the obstacles they survived. Celebrities, for example, Jodie Foster and Ally Sheedy share their stories of having gay parents.

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Jodie Foster

Some of us might see Jodie Foster, as the entertainer who has won an Oscar not once, yet two times! Something you might not have known is that Jodie was raised by two moms. Her biological mother named Brandy or otherwise called Evelyn was dating another lady who turned into Jodie’s second mom.
In 2013, Jodie told the world that she is gay during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Jodie made an admission to the world basically towards her mom who was experiencing dementia. Jodie announced that she is gay and reminded her mom of the amount of love she has for her in her warming speech.

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Ally Sheedy

If you think of naming one individual in the industry who has always stood up for LGBTQ, it’s Ally Sheedy. She is the star of The Breakfast Club It seems like not more than a day or two ago Sheedy was in detainment. Now she is in her ’50s and she has a lesbian mother, Charlotte. however her girl, Rebecca, similarly came out of the closet. Sheedy has seen and experienced everything with her mom and the little girl both being gay. She told how she opposes other relatives who judge their friends and family in light of their sexuality. Sheedy stands up to the world by raising a very simple question” do you love them or not?” and is it on the terms that what their sexuality is? Their sexuality shouldn’t have an effect on how to treat somebody.

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Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro made a film for his dad, Robert De Niro Sr who died in 1993. The movie was named Remembering the Artist. De Niro shared documentation from his dad and his fight with homosexuality. His dad was a renowned painter. He always talked that his art and being gay were both extremely hard times for him and that he had to be brave for it.”I am passed the point where I can walk the streets looking for a gallery or a lover”, was written in his diary.

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 Rene Russo

If not for the boldness of Rosie O’Donnell who came out of the closet as a lesbian to the world, Rene Russo could have stayed quiet about her mother’s sexuality. During an interview on Good Morning America, Russo teared up and shared that it is only because of Russo, that she will talk about her thoughts towards homosexuality. Russo told the world that when she was in her youth, her dad left her which left her and her mom. Her mom with the help of other lesbians from her community turned into her main emotionally supportive people and they raised her and really focused on her growing up.

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Dorothy Dandridge

At the point when it came to Dorothy Dandrige’s life, her mom, Ruby alongside her mom’s lesbian partner, Geneva Williams was hard on the star and her sister. From early on, her mom would push them towards a phase where Geneva would drive them to rehearse back to back. Regardless of an unpleasant youth and working on performing until dropping, Dorothy turned into the principal African-American to be designated for an Oscar as the best entertainer in the film Carmen Jones in 1954.

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Jennifer Grey

It was in 205, in an interview with People’s Magazine that the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’s star Jennifer Grey openly talked about her dad’s sexuality. Her Oscar-acclaimed dad Joel Grey came out of the closet when he was 82. Jennifer was over the moon for her father to finally accept who he was in front of the world. She said that she couldn’t be more thankful that he can now walk as a free man and love whoever he wants. Grey was glad that he could finally be himself and not be ashamed of who he really is.

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Marvin Gaye

Imagine being bullied and called out because your dad might be gay. Yes, this is what Marvin Gaye had to face as a child when his father was supposedly gay. Not only this but his mom was also asked sorts of questions about her partner’s sexuality. But on one occasion she responded to this question by saying she wasn’t sure of what to believe, because Marvin Gay Sr, did indeed enjoy wearing her clothes. It was later that due to his father’s sexuality Marvin Gaye had added the ‘e’ in his surname. Sadly enough this story came to an end when his own father shot him during a fight, 10 years later.

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Vanessa Redgrave

The 1966’s Blow up actress Vanessa Redgrave is the daughter of the famous British actor Michael Redgrave. according to reports Michael wanted to talk about his sexuality in his biography. He had also brought the matter to light with his writing partner but it never saw the light of day. Later the news was never confirmed by any family members. Though in 2011, Vanessa’s daughter was also indulged in this matter. She too happened to deny the subject and also refuted the claim that her grandfather was once seen in bed with her father.

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Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson’s dad, Tony Richardson, was married to Vanessa Redgrave. Tony had told his little girl, Natasha to always work hard in life. He taught her that it’s best to go with the hard choices to be content. Her dad, Tony, was an Oscar-winning entertainer who was bisexual. However, he never let the world know and kept his sexuality hidden. Tragically, her dad died from AIDS in 1991 and Natasha passed away 18 years later during a ski mishap.

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Alison Bechdel

Bechdel is another superstar who was raised by gay parents. According to Bechdel, her father had touched the peak of gayness. She says, he couldn’t be any more gay, even if he tried to. He was also the inspiration behind her graphic memoir “Fun Home”. Her father was the reason she also got the courage to explore her sexuality. Her father being gay and herself being lesbian made for a funny story.

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Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes’ dad, Malcolm Forbes, was purportedly gay, However, the news just emerged after he passed away in 1990. As per OutWeek Magazine, Malcolm Forbes was gay and they named their article “The Secret Gay Life of Malcolm Forbes”. After the article from OutWeek Magzine, Donald Trump too exposed him in “Trump: Surviving at the Top” while he was running for president in 1996! Steve Forbes declared his dad’s sexuality by saying that “you don’t have to approve of something that someone does to have compassion and love”.

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Anne Heche

The popular Anne Heche, also the ex of Ellen DeGeneres. She wrote in her 2001 journal named “Call Me Crazy” about her childhood with a sexually open dad. The journal was delivered a year after her separation from Ellen. The journal talked about her sexual abuse by her dad. He gave signs of being gay with his social butterfly showy character and died from AIDS in 1983. Moreover, it talks about her hatred towards her mom who opened her own advising business to fix homosexuality.

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