This Is What Your Air Conditioner Is Doing To You

Published on July 14, 2022

Air Conditioner is of daily use nowadays. This heat is too much to handle. It is important to keep our cool because this heat not making us calm. Rather it be a home, office or supermarket. AC is used everywhere. I helps us to deal with the heat. Everyone wants to just skip to the end of the day where they can relax in AC after a long day of work and exercise.

However, AC has negative effect on our health too. It is important to know what your AC is causing you…..

Air Conditioning Sickness

Have you ever got that cold, flaky, weak feeling you get when you stay too long in the AC. It is called air conditioning sickness. However, it doesn’t cause any disease but it can make us sick.

Difficulty breathing and sore throat

The cold air of AC is not harmful. It is actually beneficial for the people having respiratory issues such as asthma. The issue begins when the AC is unable to prevent the bacteria, fungi, mold present in the air. This will make your AC throw around infected air that can make you sick. This can lead to difficulty in breathing, sore throat and stuffy nose.

Dry Skin and Common Cold

Do not keep your AC constantly at low level. A cold environment occurs as a result of it which causes cold at a faster rate. Viruses multiply in cold environment thus staying longer in AC makes you vulnerable to them. Our skin is also effected as a result of staying longer in AC. It can make the arteries of the skin constrict. It lowers the white blood cells which protects our body. Thus, it makes our body vulnerable to viruses. AC also makes the moisture in our body and skin evaporate. It makes our skin and nose dry.

Fatigue and Nausea

Living in AC for too long can cause weakness, nausea and fatigue. It makes your body weak and makes you feel tired all day.


What can you do to prevent the air conditioner sickness?

There are several ways to prevent it.

  • Keep a regular schedule for the maintenance of your AC once every month.
  • Stay hydrated. Because you cannot skip office where there are ACs everywhere. Thus it is important to keep yourself hydrated that will help you to prevent cold and dry skin.
  • Change the filters of AC every next season
  • Keep your home clean of any fungi, bacteria and molds. Take care of the cleanliness.
  • Keep your AC at a certain room temperature. Keep it low so you don’t have to feel cold but maintain a certain cool temperature.