Unbelievable Creature Found Underwater By A Diver

Published on August 30, 2022

It is the least to say that the adventure which awaited the diver was anything less than a one-of-a-lifetime experience. It is when she talked through to get to swim just some meters down the surface of the sea off the coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. She was unaware of the fact the danger it holds. Along with, putting on her swimsuit and the scuba tank beside her cameraman she went ahead into the deep wild ocean. The dive which she planned to make for the point of exploring the underlive bought her to the point where she got to meet a humongous underwater creature. On the contrary, all thanks are to the cameraman who recorded the fearlessness and courage of the duo. No matter what kept their cool in a place where they were not meant to be from the beginning. 

Nevertheless, the wandering of the team took them to some biggest specie who is never to be sighted in their entire life.

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A woman out there to achieve her goals

The Marine Biologist Lizzie Daly’ was destined to become an adventurer. Following, from a very young age, Lizzie was always fascinated by the life underneath. The aquatic life holds immense beauty and mysteries. It was from the very beginning of her childhood did her parents gave her exposure to nature. On the other hand, when it the age a child to play with dolls and toys Lizzie use to enjoy listening to stories of wildlife. When she was just a little girl she uses to watch videos of animals living in the sea, oceans, and lakes. This had always amazed her, watching the beauty of those animals swimming in the water, some living in pacts and some living a lonely life.

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With hard work and dedication, Lizzie achieved her dream job but that wasn’t the end

At the time of Lizzie’s school life, she came upon a decision. To spend her time exploring the life beneath the water. She was a very dedicated student who spent hours and hours studying for years. Moreover, she use to dwell in books to ensure she has all the facts and figures memorized so she can pass her exams. That all paid off when she fulfilled her goal of becoming a marine biologist while she was just twenty-three years old. Besides, her being all prepped up for the real-time experience she was out there to explore all the animals living in the seas, oceans, and lakes. But her hunt for those animals didn’t just stop here. She wanted to explore all of them!

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This Marine and Wildlife Biologist Is Working Hard to Save Lives All Over the World

Lizzie loves animals, besides being a wildlife biologist she records different animals such as elephants, and penguins in the form of film making which she later studies. That is not it, she is a broadcaster, a filmmaker, and a conservationist too. The love she holds for animals also means she works to protect them. With the Earth getting more and more populated by humans, animals are getting into danger. That is why Lizzie has the job of spreading knowledge about these much-neglected issues. 

She is out there educating people who watch her about plastic pollution. The danger it has upon the animals is not discussed, the love she has for animals and the future they hold is immense. Her Instagram and Facebook account has thousands of people following her who are always eager to see what videos she has in store for them. Apart from this, Lizzie feels prideful about the work she does and takes great responsibility to help the species as much as she can.

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Lizzie On Camera

The Marine Biologist has worked with many channels as a presenter. For channels like BBC Two in the UK and National Geographic. The photos and videos that she captures have different animals who live in water and on land. You can find Lizzie taking her camera to all the places she travels to. That is because of the studies that she does about rare creatures and doesn’t want to miss any chance of capturing them. She loves what she does in addition to studying sea mammals Lizzie takes an extreme amount of pride in her work. 

She was quite fortunate to have a camera alongside her when she came across the unbelievably huge creature or else no man would have to accept the amazing incident if there was no proof of it. Her encounter with the specie made up for the headlines on TV around the world as it was nothing like she has ever seen before.

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A secret location can lead to a discovery.

Just like Lizzie’s other videos, this video starts with her wearing her swimsuit and scuba tank. She selects Falmouth Bay in Cornwall for her dive. In contrast, to her diving in a secret location, she has heard some talk about not going there as some creature might be roaming in the depths of the bay. Nonetheless, Lizzie says she had no plan of going to the place. As the initial plan was to go offshore to take a look at the blue sharks. However, plans changed as it started to get windy and so they decided to go for a dive on the Cornish coast. This decision alone was about to change everything for them.

Being underwater made Lizzie at home. It’s just the feeling of being underneath and touching the sea animals, that brings so much peace. She began to listen to some sounds clicking around her which were coming from the fish around her. Her companion started to record and they went far into the bay.

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The Explorers went into the unknown and were about to get the surprise of their lives

The talk going around was very true. They were at a place full of jellyfish. At first glance, they came across the small jellyfish that they had recorded many times over the years however, as they dived further into the bay she saw bigger ones. Lizzie had spent many years learning about the jellyfish she knew a lot about them to stay away at a safer distance. She alongside her cameraman, Dan Abbot, was completely relaxed around these amazing beings. Having enough knowledge about the creatures gave them the benefit of staying away from those who are harmful and touching those who are friendly. Even so, they hadn’t known the size they can grow to in this particular bay. A surprise was awaiting them.

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The first meet-up – was her life in danger?

It was just after a short period at the bay, that Lizzie sees a slow-moving jellyfish. She immediately uses her knowledge to identify it. And realizes it is a ‘barrel jellyfish’, which doesn’t bring any harm to humans. There are other kinds too which give a dangerous sting if come any closer. The sting can paralyze and kill the person it contacts with. Despite this, the barrel jellyfish doesn’t use any of these tools, so Lizzie and Dan went on exploring the underwater life.

They, however, mentioned the distance as they didn’t want to scare the barrel jellyfish. In the meantime, she carried on capturing as many pictures and videos of the amazing and graceful sea creatures. It was for the fundraising event the name Wild Ocean Week. 

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The Moment the Cameraman Spotted a Sea Monster

It is in the moments as such, that a person becomes still. Despite the fact, that Dan already quite experienced in the field of filmmaking underwater for years. He wasn’t prepared for what he was about to witness. As he was slowly diving around his camera caught something which took his breath away. Lizzie on the other hand was confidently diving deep underneath and reached the bottom of the ocean. She was not up for what was coming her way next. Whereas Dan tried to warn her by shouting but that all went in vain as they were underwater and so his voice came out muffled. His heartbeat went up high as he was witnessing the scene unfold.

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The monster weighing over seventy pounds who gets to meet Lizzie

Now Dan and Lizzie were in the company of the largest barrel jellyfish they have ever come across. For some time, she thought she was imagining it all. Due to the size of it being incomprehensible which completely dwarfed her small frame. Differing from most divers who would have left the place after coming across such a humongous creature. Lizzie knew exactly what should be done. She was making small movements which were to not scare the jellyfish away. Moreover, she was keeping a safe distance so it doesn’t get alert and goes away. Dan was all the way filming the scenes of the marine biologist following the jellyfish wherever it went.


The Cameraman Describes the Magical Moments as He Filmed Lizzie

Dan continued to record Lizzie going around the giant creature. Her heart was running at a marathon speed as she was following the jellyfish. It wasn’t until later that Lizzie told about her time spent in the presence of the creature as ‘calming’. For over a decade, Lizzie spent time underwater. Whereas, this was the most different yet amazing experience of her life. On the other hand, Dan was facing the same emotions. In an interview, he describes it as ‘the three craziest days of my life with Lizzie. Especially, their filming experience with the giant creature for the Wild. 

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