You Can Still Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages with This Trick

Published on July 16, 2022

Someone deleted a WhatsApp message? Leaving you all curious and occupied thinking what they might have sent you. “This message was deleted” is all you can read on the chat. You may be thinking why they have deleted it? Well, you don’t have to keep thinking about it. We have two very simple ways on how you can restore the deleted WhatsApp messages. You can recover messages. Also, you will be able to save the message that was deleted.

The first way depends on the circumstances. But the second way is a proper tool specifically designed for you to recover and save deleted messages on WhatsApp.

  1. Recover messages using backup

This is a simple method but it depends on circumstances. Just the way you restore backup on WhatsApp, you can recover deleted message. But the deleted message has to be recorded on WhatsApp backup. Around 2 in the morning, WhatsApp makes backup every day. If the message was sent and deleted before this time, it is easy to recover it.

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps

  • Check the time of the message sent. It has to be before 2 in the morning.
  • If the message is within range of time, then delete WhatsApp from your mobile phone.
  • Then download WhatsApp again using either App Store or Play Store.
  • When data is found to be saved in the cloud, it will propose restoring the most recent backup.
  • Wait for a while. Let the messages get restored.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and you will see the deleted message is there. But it won’t say “this message was deleted”. The message will be the same as the sent message.

If you wake up in morning and see “this message was deleted” on your chat. This trick will help you to recover and read the deleted message. Even if it’s a audio message. You will be able to read it.

  1. Recover Messages using WhatisRemoved+

Don’t worry if the backup method didn’t worked for you. Just because the message was deleted before the backup. Because you have another solution for it. However, this app is only available on PlayStore. Unfortunately, iphone users cannot use this app. However, this application is not shady. It is a highly rated app. It is downloaded by over 10 million people in the world.

This application is kind of a WhatsApp monitor. It is able to recover the message whenever it detects that a message is deleted. This app takes care of everything on its own. All you have to do is to set it up. But you have to give this app all required accesses.

Just follow these simple steps to get it working:

  • Download the application from PlayStore
  • Give it access to your WhatsApp message during install.
  • Do read the privacy conditions.
  • This application can also track messages of Facebook and Instagram.
  • All you have to do is organize the app other than WhatsApp in tabs.
  • And its set. Now this app will monitor all WhatsApp messages. It will detect any deleted message and recover it.
  • You can access and save the deleted message that is now recovered in the app directory.

These are the two ways by which you can recover WhatsApp messages easily. However, there are many other apps designed for the same purpose. But they may or may not be save. So better not to use them and keep your data safe.