You Cannot Lose Weight If You Have These 10 Food Items In Your Diet

Published on July 14, 2022

Finally we are on the way of learning to love our bodies. It is important to love your body for increasing self-love. Thus, losing weight is now a matter of health only. Being healthy is important to live your life and enjoy it to its full extent. Dieting is necessary to lose weight. But it is also important to eat meals rich in proteins and other nutrients but less amount of carbs. People usually leave all carbs during dieting. But some carbs are important to keep us healthy. But there are certain foods that stops you from losing weight.

These foods should be eliminated from your diet plan so you can lose weight.

1. French fries

Potatoes are healthy to eat when they are boiled or mashed. But french fries are not healthy. It is difficult to stop eating french fries. Too many french fries seems too less. They are high in calories thus leads to weight gain. If you eat a plate of french fries and not eating anything else for a day, you can still gain weight.

Pro tip

Do not eat baked or roasted potatoes as they contain cancer causing agents.

2. Soft drinks

If you have soft drink in your diet, you cannot lose weight. you have to quit drinking soft drinks because they contain high amount of sugar. High intake of such sugary drinks can lead to many diseases. Sugary drinks are not solids. Thus your brain cannot register them as a solid food. This can make you feel like eating. Because you are not full, you didn’t have a meal. You just had a sugary drink that has more calories than a meal you eat.

Pro Tip

 Soft drinks increases the risk of diabetes and many other diseases.

3. Refined Food Items

Refined food items such as white flour and white bread are processed food items. Therefore, it contains a large amount of sugar. It can cause high blood sugar levels.  They should be eliminated from your diet if you want to lose weight. High sugar always causes weight gain.

Pro Tip

It’s better to use whole grain bread rather than white bread. It can save you from diseases as well as helps in losing weight.

4. Coffee add ons

Coffee should be a must in losing weight because it contains high levels of caffeine. Caffeine boasts your metabolism and helps your body to burn fat at a high rate. Thus coffee helps in weight loss. However, coffee shops now a days provides coffee with high added sugar and whipped cream. Both of these items can restrict weight loss. This is because of the fact that both these items have higher levels of sugar and it is way more than the level of caffeine coffee contains.

 Pro Tip

Best way is to drink black coffee. You can add some milk if you want but avoid adding sugar and whipped cream.

5. Bakery items

You love cakes and cookies? Find it hard to quit them? well you don’t have to quit them properly. The best way to have your favorite carbs should be on a cheat day. You can eat carbs on a cheat day and it can be a single day after dieting for six days of a week. It better to have the small amount of cakes and cookies on your cheat day. Cakes and cookies in a large amount should be avoided at all costs because they contain high amount of trans fats which are really unhealthy.

Pro Tip

Craving something sweet on a diet? Have a piece of dark chocolate because it is healthy.

6. Fruit juices

Fruit juices available in the market are not healthy. They have high amount of added sugar and artificial flavors. Both of the items unhealthy for everyone especially when someone wants to lose weight. you won’t be able to lose weight if you have such fruit juices from the market. Cut them off.

Pro Tip

Eat fresh fruits instead of juices. Get a fresh fruit, cut and then eat it.

7. Flavored yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy thing to eat. Many people add it in their diet meals. Greek yogurt is really healthy. But the flavored yogurts available in the market have high levels of sugar. Not only these, but fat free yogurts also contains added sugar. Thus they should be avoided.

Pro Tip

Use greek yogurt, add some nuts and berries in it and voila!

8. Processed meat

Processed meat should be avoided. All meat items such as bacon, ham, salami and hot dogs contains high amount of salt. They have very low amount of proteins. Thus they should be avoided in order to lose weight.

Pro Tip

Do not use processed meat items rather use fish, beans and poultry.

9. Dried fruits

Dried fruits seems like a healthy snack when you are on a diet. However, It’s no better than the other snacks such as potato chips. This is because of the fact that these dried fruits have high amount of sugar in them. they should not be a part of your diet if you are planning to lose weight.

Pro Tip

Eat fresh fruits instead of these sugar rich dried fruits. Or you can dry fruits at home without adding sugar.

10. Fried Items

All fried items are highly inflammatory and they causes difficulty in digesting food. If you want to lose weight, all the fried items such as fried chicken, nuggets, mozzarella sticks and waffles should be avoided


You can bake the chicken and other items instead of deep frying or you can always air fry them.

Losing weight is important for being healthy. It is important to maintain your weight near your ideal weight according to Body mass index (BMI). You should eliminate all of the listed above food items in order to lose weight. Avoiding these food items will not only help you to lose weight but also keeps you safe from risk of developing some diseases. Such as diabetes and heart diseases which are the major two diseases that can be caused by high amount of sugar intake. Be healthy so you can enjoy life and not only spend it!