You Probably Didn’t Know About These 23 Famous Food Items That Are Banned In Different Areas of the World

Published on September 2, 2022

We are well aware of the fact that different countries around the world have a different sets of rules. Some of these rules amaze us. Just like these rules, some food items are also banned in different counties. Therefore, the food items that are heaven to us are not even seen in some countries. You must be wondering the reason why they are banned. It is because many food items consist of harmful and toxic ingredients. It can also be due to the reason that some countries have conservation issues depending on the country. Cereals, Fruit Loops, and even M&Ms are banned in some parts of the world. Let’s see what are these banned food items and why they are banned.

How Do You Like It?

You’ll find many burger fans saying “ the best way to have your meat is as bloody as you can”. While you may agree with them, New Zealand and some parts of the U.K doesn’t agree with it. All these countries have banned any meat cooked below medium rare. It is because of the fact that meat has high levels of bacteria. New Zealand and some parts of the U.K just don’t want to risk it. We cannot blame them, right? Sadly, burger lovers cannot get their favorite meat in these counties.

Kebabs Are Average

Food is an essential part of every country. Tourists wander around the world to experience different food items. Some of them get famous and others don’t. That’s why all countries are picky when it comes to food. They are conscious of the food that will be sold on their streets. That is why Venice banned selling kebabs. Because many tourists rated them overrated. Many people are of the view that kebabs are just low-quality food drowned in sauce. If you are a kebab lover, you may don’t want to go to Venice because you won’t find any kebabs there or even in some parts of Europe too.

You Can Get Behind Bars For Popping Bubbles

Chewing gum comes with many benefits. It can also help you to make a chiseled jawline too. You can always use gum before a meeting or event to breathe a nice smell. Besides all this, bubble gums are fun to chew. However, it is banned in some parts of the world. You won’t find a single bubble gum in Singapore. So you might have to switch to mouthwash to breathe a nice smell. In 1992, Singapore decided to ban chewing gums to prevent the country from getting dirty. This is not it, you also have to pay a fine of $100,000 if you chew bubble gum in Singapore. Worst, you can even get behind bars.

Who Can Say No To Mac & Cheese

We have only one question. How can you ban the popular mac and cheese? It is loved by people of every age. Just to be clear we are not talking about homemade mac and cheese here. The boxed pasta that comes with cheese sachet is banned from different European counties including Austria, Union, and Norway. If you are a true mac and cheese lover living in any of these countries, you won’t find it difficult to make homemade mac and cheese. European countries have banned it because of the coloring agents in the box that are harmful to children.

No Froze French Fries

Don’t you like crispy french fries? Who doesn’t? they are so crispy, tender, delicious, and easy to cook. Therefore, many people pile up their fridges with these frozen french fries. They remain fresh for a long time. However, you won’t find french fries in Singapore, U.K., and Austria. All these countries have banned frozen french fries. All frozen french fries consist of azodicarbonamide which is really harmful, especially for people with asthma.

Turned Out Kinder Joy Wasn’t Kind Enough

You must be familiar with Kinder Joy eggs, right? They are famous eggs that come with tasty chocolate and a toy. However, it was banned in the United States in 1933. After 50 years, the prohibition was canceled and Kinder Joy came to life again. FDA banned the eggs made by Ferrero because they were of the view that these toys inside eggs were choking hazards for children in America. Today, the popular eggs are still banned as they are considered harmful. However, some of the eggs are not banned anymore.

Horses are Friends

Once there was a world that decided to eat anything they want to. However, that world shifted and a new eco-friendly world came into being. People used to eat even horse meat back in history. Later horse meat got banned and finally, people stopped eating it. The Law of the United States and the United Kingdom states that horse meat is not for eating. You must be wondering why it got banned. Well, let us tell you. Certain drugs and medicines are given to horses. These medicines are harmful to individuals who eat horse meat.

Any Drink of Citrus Fruits Is A No

Imagine drinking a refreshing citrus juice or slush on a hot summer day. Feels heavenly, right? We cannot deny the fact that citrus fruits are healthy and they should be a part of our life. However, citrus drinks are not healthy. Many artificial citrus drinks use brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which helps to prevent the ingredients in the drink from separating. Bromine is the root cause of the problem. It harms the thyroid. Thus, these drinks are banned from the United States.

Please Eat A Simple Donut

Can you imagine what a donut would look like without any decorations? We see many donuts topped with colorful whipped cream to give them a beautiful outlook. But did you know that Great Britain has banned sprinkles? The sprinkles made in the United States contain erythrosine, commonly known as FD&C Red No.3. It causes hyperactivity in children. thus they have been banned in Great Britain.

Please Redo The Bread

The best way to fix any craving is to eat American-made white bread. Classic American white bread is the main ingredient in the famous PB&J sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich. Therefore, we are surprised to know that this amazing American white bread is banned in some counties such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Peru, and some other countries. They have banned American white bread as it contains a large amount of potassium bromate. This ingredient increases the rate of bread production. It is profitable for bread makers but unfortunately, it has negative effects on kidneys, the nervous system, and cancer.

Quit Pork, That’s It!

Pork from the United States is banned by China, Russia, European Union, and some other counties. Why? Because swine are grown in large sizes in America. It is not natural. They are given medicines and chemicals for growth such as ractopamine. It has massive side effects for human beings. This chemical also causes heart disease and hyperactivity at such a high rate that it can cause heart failure.

Skittles Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Eating Skittles is just like eating a rainbow. It has so many colors and each color has a different taste. Skittles became famous and are now the top leading candy with various flavors. Can you imagine that they are banned due to their color? Norway and Sweden have banned Skittles because of their color. These bright colors are artificial. They are called yellow 5 and yellow 6. They are harmful because they can cause hyperactivity as well as allergic reactions.

Ritz Crackers Is A No

You’ll find Ritz Crackers all over the United States but you won’t find a single one in European counties. It is because they consist of hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Just like everything in the world has its pros and cons, cottonseed oil has too. Unfortunately, the cons are more than the pros it has. Cottonseed oil consists of gossypol that can cause liver damage and infertility. Therefore, Ritz Crackers are banned in Iceland, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Norway, and Switzerland. Interestingly, you can also use unrefined cottonseed oil as a pesticide. So you can imagine how much damage it can cause even after it is refined.

We All Want Cheese

We have seen how charcuterie boards have become the latest trend. The demand for cheese has also increased with the increased popularity of these boards, especially in Europe. Thus, a large number of unpasteurized cheeses are produced which are banned from the United States because they think they make people sick. We never get to know if they are right about it. However, it proves to be harmful to pregnant women and also for lactose intolerant people. studies prove that pasteurized or unpasteurized all types of milk contain unfriendly bacteria that can cause harm to human health.

Greece Doesn’t Accept All Kinds of Meat

Do you know how people make Halal meat? It is a way of slaughtering animals before using them as food. This method is controversial in some countries. Greece has banned Halal and Kosher meat as it violates their Animal Welfare Acts. The process of making Kosher meat is similar to Halal meat except Kosher meat consumes only certain parts of the animal. However, Greece received major backlash for making this decision against Halal meat.

Let’s Switch From Past Box To Homemade Pasta

Millions of hearts were broken when a harmful ingredient has found in the box pasta of Betty Croker. Many food items utilize azodicarbonamide to make soft and colorful food but they are harmful. you may find it convenient that this pasta cooks faster than others. However, you will be shocked to know the side effects it has. It is extremely toxic. Therefore, the EU and Australia have banned boxed pasta.

Chips Lose Smile Without Salsa

Norway and Austria banned the Tostitos salsa brand because of its false appearance. Many companies add Yellow five and yellow six to dull food items to make them appealing to the eyes of consumers. While it has an amazing impact on appearance and sales, it has harmful effects on its users. These dyes have intolerance reactions which is why the EU and Austria banned Tostitos.

Something Is Not Okay With Kellogg’s 

Did you know that Kellogg’s uses medicine to make its products last longer on shelves in stores? We were surprised to find out that Kellogg’s is using a medicine called butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) for this purpose. This medicine is commonly used to treat cold sores. FDA claimed this product to be safe but still, some countries decided to ban it. BHT is harmful to human beings. Besides this, it also contains a high amount of sugar which increases its toxicity. Many EU countries and Japan banned Frosted Flakes.

M&Ms, really?

M&M’s came out first 80 years ago, and no one recognized the gem it is. However, today it is one of the most popular chocolates around the world. You’ll find M&M’s in almost every country we go to. Unfortunately, you won’t find them in Sweden. Interestingly, they have an alternative for it. Since 1957, Sweden has been selling their own chocolates. It is called “M” for Mondelez. Sweden banned M&M’s because they had a similar logo to Mondelez.

Why Does Milk Have To Be Banned?

Many countries use raw milk rather than pasteurized one. We cannot deny the fact that unpasteurized milk has amazing benefits, as it helps with digestion and enhances the performance of the immune system. However, everything has pros and cons. Raw foods have a high amount of germs and have higher chances to cause illnesses including salmonella and listeriosis. Thus, Canada and the United Kingdom have banned raw milk entirely to prevent any illness.

No, Please Not The Ketchup

You can find everyone’s favorite condiment, ketchup nearly everywhere in the world. It is a daily used item in almost every restaurant and home. people love it because it can go with everything, even Tortilla Chips. Although Ketchup has a huge fan base from all over the world, France decided to ban it. Why? It’s not because of any of its ingredients or taste but France is of the view that ketchup takes away the pure taste of food. So you won’t find ketchup in French cuisine.

We Have To Find A New Beverage

You can always have a refreshing citrus mountain dew soft drink on a hot summer day. However, you cannot have it in Japan and some parts of Europe. You must be wondering what’s not to like about this drink. Surprisingly, there’s a lot! Mountain Dew has a high amount of chemicals in it. It is so toxic that it can lead to birth defects in children if consumed during pregnancy. Studies show that Mountain Dew can also cause deafness. Moreover, it can lead to psychological issues like schizophrenia.

You Won’t Find Fish Eggs In the United States

Caviar is a luxury only some people can afford. Otherwise, it can break the bank. Caviar is always a part of elite A-List events. Beluga caviar is the most famous one because it is known as the black gold of the culinary world. Bulga caviar was added to the list of endangered animals in 2005. So America banned it to prevent their extinction. We hope that this species can survive now as they won’t be served to the rich anymore.