You Probably Didn’t Know The Reasons Why The World Is Afraid of These Strongest Militaries

Published on September 5, 2022

Every country has its own military force. Some of them are stronger than others on the bases of active and reserve soldiers, military expenditures, and military gear (including jets, boats, and tanks). We live in a world where everyone tries to maintain peace. On the other hand, militaries are expanding to safeguard the countries because war is unpredictable. It seems like human war can never stop! We have made a list of countries that have the strongest militaries in the world. Let’s take a look at them.

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The primary forces of Switzerland include the Air Force and Army that makes up Swiss Armed Forces. The soldiers make up the minor portion of the military that comes under the militia system. Interestingly, 19-34 years aged people can volunteer for the military. However, the military has limited naval warships as it is a landlocked country. Only 21,000 people are currently recruited in the Swiss Armed Forces. As this country has a long history of peacekeeping, the military still participates in peacekeeping activities around the world.

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The Norwegian Armed Forces include the Norwegian Army, the Royal Norwegian Navy, the Norwegian Army, the Home Guard, and the Norwegian Cyber Defense force. The Norwegian Army is responsible for protecting the country. The current active personnel includes over 265,000 individuals, which is a huge number according to the population of the country. The reserve personnel is 46,000 soldiers. They are ready to deploy. Additionally, the Norwegian Armed Forces have some support departments including the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Defense Logistics Organization, and Norway’s Defense Staff.

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The Royal Austrian Navy, Australian Army, and the Austrian Air Force come together to make the Austrian Defense Force (ADF). ADF consists of “tri-service” troops. It represents the transparency of the Australian Commonwealth’s concerns. People usually underestimate the strength of the Austrian Defense Force. Additionally, more than 85,000 people are serving in ADF. The active soldiers are 58,000. Their arsenal includes 52 ships, 59 tanks, and 408 fighter jets. All of this is possible because of the significant resources allocated to the military forces.

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Thai Armed Forces are under the command of the King of Thailand. However, the command is delegated to the Ministry of Defense of Thailand which supervises them. The responsibility of maintaining the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters comes under the hold of the Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces. Interestingly, Thailand has a large military force compared to the population of the country. 81 ships are on standby to defend the country as it has many islands. On the 18th of January every year, the people of Thailand hold an event to honor the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

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The military of Mexico has played an important role in the development of the nation. In the beginning, the Mexican Armed Forces were established to provide security for the United Mexican States. The military is managed by the army generals. The Mexican Army and the Mexican Navy are the two imported branches of the military. Mexican Navy has further two divisions namely Naval Aviation and Naval Infantry Force. Moreover, Mexican Air Force comes under Mexican Army. Currently, 273,000 people are on duty in Mexico and 110,000 are in the reserve military.

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The army, air force (aerobistas), and navy come together to make the military of Peru. The military is responsible for maintaining the preservation of territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence. Besides these tasks, the military also works towards enhancing the economy and standard of living in the communities. The National Police of Peru works as the law enforcement agency for civilians. This department also comes under the military. Millions of people in Peru are serving in the military. More than 268,000 soldiers are in reserve personnel. The annual military budget is $820.

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The army of the Netherlands is called the Netherlands Armed Forces. It includes the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Royal Netherlands Army, the Royal Netherlands Air Force, and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, which is the Royal Netherlands Armed Force’s maritime component. However, some service branches come under the Marine Corps and the Navy. These sub-branches are established to perform specific tasks. The annual military budget of the Netherlands is $12.6 billion. As compared to others, the Netherlands is a small country. However, it managed to build a great military arsenal including outclass fighter jet.

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Taiwan had to take its military to a huge level as it is located right next to China. They had to shift all of the country’s focus to building the armed forces. Undoubtedly, the military of China is far superior to Taiwan. However, we are surprised how Taiwan successfully built its huge military. Below 300,000 active personnel and more than 1.6 million reserve personnel makes up the armed forces of Taiwan. We can imagine how serious Taiwan was about it. Moreover, the army is sub-grouped into different organizations for front line and back line combat and support. Besides other formations, Taiwan has few infantry divisions, airborne and other special operations commands.

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The Malaysian Armed Forced includes the Royal Malaysian Air Force, the Royal Malaysian Navy, and the Malaysian Army. It is a substantial armed force. The Malaysian Armed Forces come under the hold of Malaysia’s King. The country started to grow its military in the 20th century during British colonial rule. Since then, the military is ever-growing. Now 110,000 active and 310,000 reserve personnel make up the Malaysian Armed Forces. Malaysia has a huge arsenal. The most prominent ones are the rocket launchers and combat tanks.

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Czech Republic

The Army, the Military Office of the President of the Republic, and the Castle Guard make up the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The Actual Army of the Czech Republic is mentioned in many military papers. Czech Republic’s President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The armed forces include 30000 active and 22000 reserve personnel. As compared to other countries, the human resources of the Czech Republic are lacking. The military is ready to provide a defense to its country no matter its size.

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The Myanmar military is officially referred to as Tatmadaw. It includes Myanmar Army, Myanmar Navy, and Myanmar Air Force. The whole Tatmadaw comes under the hold of the Ministry of Military. Additionally, the country has some auxiliary security forces, namely, the People’s Militia Units, the Border Guard Forces, Myanmar Coast Guard, and Myanmar Police Force. Around 406,000 soldiers are on duty in Tatmadaw. Besides this, they have 10 helicopters and 128 jet fighters. Moreover, all the reports of Tatmadaw are provided to the National Defense and Security Council managed by Myanmar President.

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Ukraine has one of the most remarkable militaries as compared to its population. The President of Ukraine commands the armed forces and is responsible for the security of the country. The army of Ukraine includes the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Operations Forces. The country’s National Guard also serves as reserve personnel. More than 3700 tanks are owned by the Ukraine military. It is more than the combined arsenal of some countries.

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Can you believe that Sweden has only 21000 active soldiers currently? It is because Sweden is a neutral country. The whole military, its assets, and the defense of the country are all directed by the government agency. It works to maintain the overall interests of the country. Like the United Kingdom, Sweden works to promote peacemaking and humanitarian efforts around the globe. The Supreme Commander is in charge of the Swedish Armed Forces. The Swedish Armed Forces include the Navy, Army, and Air Force. The military strength of Sweden includes 5 submarines, 160 tanks, and 138 planes. Most of the part of the Swedish Army comprises military reserves (112,000) and home guards (24,000).

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Greece’s combined naval, air, and ground forces come together to make The Hellenic. The Hellenic is another name for the Greek Armed Forces. It has three branches, including the Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Army, and the Hellenic Air Force. The supervisor of Hellenic is the Ministry of National Defense (MND). According to the current statistics, Greece has more than 413,000 reserve personnel and 161,000 active personnel. As Greece has many islands, more than ten submarines are always ready to safeguard the coast of the country. Interestingly, the government of Greece wants every 18-year-old-boys to serve in the military for a minimum of 9 months or a year.

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Besides, defending the country, the army of Spain has some other responsibilities. These responsibilities include maintenance of the territorial integrity of the country and constitutional order of independence and sovereignty. The armed forces include Air and Space Force, the military Emergencies Unit, the Royal Guard, Army, and Common Corps. According to the constitution of 1978, all armed forces have to do assigned tasks. It took us by surprise when we come to know that Spain has the world’s oldest permanent marine Infantry military formation. Spain is considered to be one of the most prominent militaries in Europe. The army of Spain includes over 124,000 active soldiers and 170,000 reserve personnel.

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The armed forces of Canada include the Navy (RCN), Ground Army (RCA), and Air Force (RCA). National Defense Act directs and supervises the two different departments, the Department of National Defense Act and the Armed Forces. However, the Department of National Defense Act is established to provide civilian assistance to the Armed Forces. The title of Commander-in-Chief is given to Elizabeth II and Canada’s monarch. The active personnel of the armed forces includes around 79000 soldiers.

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The people’s Democratic Republic of Algeria has an official military named The Algerian People’s National Army (APNA). National Liberation Army (ELN) has a successor which is The nationalist National Liberation Front’s armed wing. Algeria fought bravely to get independence from French oppression during Algerian War. The Algerian People’s National Army (APNA) consists of Algerian Air Defense Force, the Algerian Navy, Algerian Land Forces, and Algerian Air Force. Around 800,000 soldiers are active personnel. It is more than ten times Canada’s. The Algerian army is known to the world as one of the best military forces in the world.

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Saudi Arabia 

The armed forces of Saudi Arabia include the Royal Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force, Royal Saudi Navy, and Royal Saudi Air Defense. The military’s Commander-in-Chief is the King of the country. He holds meeting with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior to set military strategy. Saudi Arabia has a modest force of 231,000 active personnel. It is a huge rate compared to its population. Saudi Arabia is one of the best-funded armed forces in the world. Furthermore, it has the 6th largest military budget in the world.

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North Korea

The armed forces of Korea comes together to make Korean People’s Army. Its ground forces direct the land-based operations. North Korea increased the number of its forces after the Korean War in 1950. Since then, North Korea has even outgrown it’s military more than South Korea’s military. The Ground Forces of Korea have a wide range of equipment in their arsenal. However, all of these things have been bought from China and the Soviet Union before they crumbled down. We don’t know the military power of this country because of its regime’s secrecy. We all know that people have the fear of the unknown. So who knows this might be the reason behind this secrecy too.

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Can you imagine that a county like Iran spends an annual $81 million on the military? More than 930,00 soldiers are a part of the army of Iran. 534,000 out of them are active and the rest are reserve personnel. All the armed forces of Iran come together to make the Islamic Republic of Iran. It includes the Law Enforcement Force, Revolutionary Guard Corps (also called the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces), and the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. Iran purchased many weapons from America before Islamic Revolution in 1979. They used these weapons in the conflict.

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The Republic of Poland has been increasing day by day. The armed forces of Poland include the Navy, Air Force, and Ground Army including other special forces units. Its name was decided in the first decade of the 19th century. Poland’s military is considered one of the most powerful militaries in the world. After the Russian invasion of 2022, the government decided to expand its armed forces to 300,000 personnel in addition to 500,000 reserve personnel. Moreover, Russia is planning to spend 3% GDP on armed forces too.

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The armed forces of Brazil are the second largest one after the United States of America. The armed forces of Brazil include The Navy which has further two branches: Naval Aviation and Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Aerospace Operations Command. They are the largest one in Latin America. It also has 1.6 million reserve soldiers. The annual budget of Brazil’s armed forces is 27 billion dollars.

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A Central Military Commission was established by the Communist Party of Vietnam. This commission is responsible for supervising and directing the armed forces of Vietnam. Police and Law enforcement, the People’s Army of Vietnam, Vietnam Self-Defense Militia, and Vietnamese People’s Public Security are included in the armed forces of Vietnam. They have 1829 tanks, 5 warships, 189 planes, and 8 subs among other things.

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The Republic of Indonesia has three armed forces, namely the Navy, Army, and Air Force. The president of the country is the commander-in-chief and directs all armed forces. In 2021, the Indonesian army had around 395,000 soldiers. However, this number gradually increased to 476,000. Now Indonesian Marine Corps is also included in the Navy. It includes an additional 400,000. Furthermore, the People’s Security Army became the Republic of Indonesia Army. Lastly, the official name of the army was chosen as Indonesian National Army.

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Pakistan is in 6th position on the list of the largest active military forces in the world. This country has one of the most well-equipped militaries. It also has the support of numerous constitutionally-sanctioned paramilitary formations. Pakistan got its independence in 1947 from the British Empire and established its armed force. According to Global Firepower, Pakistan’s armed forces are the world’s 9th most potent one. In the whole Middle East, Pakistan has one of the largest armies. The government and politicians have little to do with the country.

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South Korea

The armed forces of South Korea are one of the most influential and essential armed forces in the world. it is also called ROK Armed Forces. According to the size and weaponry of South Korea, it is the 6th most powerful armed force in the world. The armed forces of South Korea have 650,000 active duty personnel and 3,100,00 reserve members according to estimates. In 1919, the movement for the Korean Republic establishment was going on. Thus the army of South Korea was known as Korean Liberation Army at that time. However, the clashes between North and South Korea motivated both countries to create their strong militaries. South Korea spends around $41 million on military defense.

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In Italy, the President of the Republic is the Supreme Commander in Chief who directs the armed forces of the country. Italy has the strategy to arrange frequent meetings of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. All the highest-ranked officers attend these meetings. The active soldiers in the Italian Army are 97,087, the Navy has 29,511, and the Air Force comprises 40,459 soldiers.

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Egyptian Army, Egyptian Air Force, Egyptian Air Defense Forces, and Egyptian Navy all make up the Egyptian Armed Forces. The active personnel is 438, 500 and the reserve personnel is 479,000 soldiers. The Egyptian army is considered the strongest one among all Arab countries. As Egypt has expanded the range of developed weapons, it can now be compared to the Turkish Air Force.

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Germany’s armed forces are also known as Bundeswehr. This name was given to the German military by the German government. The military forces of Germany include the German Army, German Air Force, German Navy, Joint Support Service, Joint Medical Service, and the Cyber-and-Information-Domain Service. Germany ranks 16th out of 142 countries on the list of strongest armies. In 2020, the German Army has 325,000 reserve soldiers and around 60,000 active soldiers. We are sure this number has now grown to a higher extent.

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Turkey has to build a strong army because it is located in the middle i.e. half country falls in Asia and the other half in Europe. Thus, Turkey is in the middle of a war zone. Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) is the name of Turkey’s armed forces. As time passed by, Turkey became so powerful that it is now one of the NATO member states. The General Staff supervises and directs the armed forces of the country. He is also responsible for maintaining relationships between TAF and NATO member states. The TAF comprises Naval Forces, Air Forces, and Land Forces. Currently, TAF comprises 410,000 active soldiers on a $25 billion annual budget. Interestingly, the TAF has no Commander-in-Chief. However, the President of the country appoints one during times of war.

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You may don’t know the fact that Japan doesn’t have a military. This step was taken after the Second World War. According to the norms of the country, the armed forces were named “Self-Defense Force”. Japanese Armed Forces came into existence in 1954 after all the armed forces unified. The Self-Defense Forces comprise three main divisions including, the air defense division, the maritime division, and the land defense division. The largest one is the marine division. Moreover, many peacekeeping missions were signed by both the Japan Self-Defense Force and United Nations.

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United Kingdom

The British Armed Forces are officially known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Surprisingly, it is considered one of the most fabulous things to see in the world. The British Army protects the United Kingdom as well as the royal dependencies and other overseas territories. We all know that the United Kingdom also has the responsibility of peacekeeping. So they have to work for the best interests of all nations. The United Kingdom works hard to set an example of humanity and peace. Thus, many people prefer to live in this country. The United Kingdom spends the biggest global annual budget on army forces which is around $62 billion. The money is used to purchase armed transport such as 879 airplanes, 66 ships, and 407 tanks.

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India has the world’s second-largest military force. It also has the 3rd largest budget in the world. Indian Armed Forces comprise the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army. Besides this, it also has many support units such as the Indian Coast Guard, the Special Frontier Forces, Central Armed Police Forces, and the Assam Rifles. Not every country has one of the largest military presence in the entire globe. However, India has become one. India has around 1.3 million soldiers on duty. The Minister of Defense comes under the hold of the President of the country. Thus, he is responsible for all military actions.

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China has a reserve force of 1.2 million soldiers and 2.3 million active soldiers. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) named the armed forces the People’s Liberation Army. It is a part of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The armed forces comprise five different branches including Air Force, Navy, and Ground army. In 2019, China was the world’s largest military force. China is working hard to become an economic superpower as well as expanding its military.

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Russia has exceptional military forces because it has a large area. It is the second most powerful military force in the world according to Global Firepower. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation comprises all of Russia’s armed forces. Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation consists of 900,000 active soldiers and around two million reserve forces which makes Russia the fourth largest military in the whole world. Russia has Aerospace Forces, Navy Forces, and Ground Forces. Besides these, it also has some additional support such as Special Operations Forces, Airborne Forces, and Strategic Rocket Forces. However, these three types are not connected. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation recently produced a nuclear arsenal. It consists of 350 ships and 15,000 tanks. They have the highest budget for information and communications technology as compared to any other country.

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United States of America

The United States of America spends the highest budget on its military forces as compared to any other country in the world. the armed forces of the country come under the hold of the President, just like in India. Six branches of armed forces are combined to make up its armed forces including the Air Force, the Army, the Space Force, the Coast Guard, and the Navy. Interestingly, the United States of America has established military police in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. China is one of the strongest armies that spend a huge budget on armed forces but it looks weak in front of the $682 billion spent by the United States of America. Currently, 1.4 billion soldiers are on duty and 1.1 million are in the reserve sector of the US Army.

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