You Probably Won’t Be Able To Get Over These 38 Mind-Blowing Views Caught On Drones

Published on September 9, 2022

We see drones everywhere today whether we are on a trip, enjoying the sea, climbing a mountain, or attending a concert. The sale rate of drones is reaching the sky every year. It wasn’t long ago when regular civilians used to fantasize about getting a drone because it was only used for military purposes. However, today, we see drones everywhere we go. We cannot deny the fact that drones capture the views no human eye can do. These views are breathtaking. They give us the idea of how beautiful the world looks to the birds. Just kidding! Drones help us to realize the beauty of mother nature. They have a high quality cameras and they give us amazing views.

Drones are now commonly used in sports organizations because they give us an aerial angle that all fans love it. Thus, this trend and love for views increased the sales of drones. We have imagined from the growing use of drones that they are going to catch some viral and unexpected moments soon. As we can see now how these drones are hovering over our heads no matter where ever we are. But we are so glad to have drones because sometimes they give us breathtaking views. It is an opportunity to appreciate and be grateful for mother nature. We have found some amazing views captured on drones and we cannot wait to share them with you! We hope you are excited to see them as much as we were excited.

 Water lilies Galore

Mother nature never fails to amaze us! We owe her a lot. Can you imagine if our Earth was all dry and patchy? What would we do? We are certain that we would never want to live in a world that is dry and dull. So we should protect her at all costs. This picture is just a small example of how beautiful our mother nature is. You can see perfect hues of pink and purple lilies all merged into deep green plants. Seems like a perfect match, right? This is a beautiful sight to look at. You must be wondering where is it? Well, this picture was shot in Vietnam. The locals of this area make their living by picking water lilies. They sell it in the local markets of Vietnam.

Photo Credits: reddit

Shadow Play

This is a beautiful view captured off the coast of an isolated beach. Two people here were walking with their dogs creating a beautiful image in the shadow. What a pleasant sight, no? However, the shadows caught our attention. This drone did an amazing job capturing this wholesome shot. We don’t know about you but it seems like a painting to us. These stretching shadows give a dreamy view along with sandy beaches and beautiful foamy water on the shore.

Photo Credits: reddit

Gulliver The Gentle Giant

A drone captured this shot while hovering over the field in Edinburgh, Scotland. You might find it disturbing but let us explain. This is a statue of Gulliver the Gentle Giant. You might know this. But did you know that this statue was created by a murderer Jimmy Boyle who was imprisoned in the Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow? This statue was released in 1976. It became a popular sight for the locals. The children fell in love at first sight and started to play around it. However, like every other thing, the Gulliver’s statue lost its charm. People forgot about it. Later in 2011, the local government of Scotland decided to remove this statue because they wanted to install a flood prevention program in its place. Thus, the government scanned it digitally before demolishing it. So now it only lives in cyberspace.

Photo Credits: tilstwra

The Silverdome

You might have heard about The Silverdome. We’d tell you if you didn’t. The Silverdome is a stadium that used to be home to the Detroit Lions football team. In 2002, the Detroit Lions moved to their home, Ford Field. However, the Silverdome remains a historical monument. Initially, it was used to host the Super Bowl host, and NBA finals also took place in it. The Silverdome also once had the privilege to host the concert of Elvis, the legendary singer of his time.

However, the Investors who bought the Silverdome in 2009 wanted to make it a football stadium. But life always has better plans. Right now the future of this Silverdome is not decided but we hope the best for it. Unfortunately, the stadium was stripped over years. what you are looking at right now is only the skeleton of the Silverdome and it tells you a sad story of how people forgot about this wonder.

Photo Credits: Icepop

Hong Kong City

What you are looking at is a beautiful bird-eye-view of Hong Kong. Do you know what Hong Kong is famous for? It is known for its breathtaking skyscrapers. We cannot take our eyes off it. They are so beautiful to look at. As everything has a positive and negative side, these breathtaking skyscrapers make a huge problem for Hong Kong’s citizens in way that they find it difficult to buy an affordable house in the expensive real estate market. However, the real estate market has the highest demands looking for living places.

Hong Kong is the 4th most populated city in the world according to statistics. More than seven million people live in a small area of Hong Kong due to the breathtaking skyscrapers. It is not easy to find and provide a home for every person looking for it in their desired area. This led to the issue that they had to convert the big apartments into smaller ones. That is not even the worst part. It is that you have to pay the amount of a full big apartment but you’ll get only the smaller one.

Photo Credits: Unsplash

Polar Bears Are So Cute

You can see a polar bear enjoying its natural habitat in the largest northern territory of Canada, Nunavut. Florian Ledoux took this photo in 2019. This photo became the runner-up in CNN 2019 Travel Photography awards. The topic was Endangered Planet. It is sad to know that global warming is causing harm to our mother nature. The Arctic ice is melting at a high pace making it difficult for the natural habitat of that area to survive. We are at risk of losing our valuable assets due to global warming. No matter how much the world gets modern, we would never be able to replace natural species. Thus, we should protect them!

Photo Credits: reddit

Morrison’s Quarry

This is a beautiful picture that any drone can take over the amazing Morrison’s Quarry in Chelsea, Quebec. It is located on the outskirts of Ottawa. It’ll only take you 25-30 minutes to reach this beautiful place. It is magical how the scenes of this place change within seconds. It gives you a feel of going to a new place. You’ll feel like you are in a tropical resort enriched with nature. This is a perfect place for you if you are a risk taker and adventure lover. You can go scuba diving. The water is as clear as crystal and gives you a refreshing vibe.

This place has the largest bungee jumping in the whole of Canada. This is a home for people who are obsessed with the adrenaline rush. Besides the plane, you’ll find several cars and tugboats in the waters too. We know what you are thinking but no. These cars are not there by accident. They are placed underwater to make things even more interesting. If we look on the bright side, you can practice saving someone from a submerged car or airplane with the help of this place.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Does Kraken Live Here?

This is a picture of a Kraken Hole. However, it also has another name the Glory Hole. We know that it sounds strange but it is what it is. Although we love natural occurrences this one here is man-made. Built on the land of a Californian reservoir, the Glory Hole or Kraken Hole works as an artificial spillway. It looks so beautiful that no one cares about the fact if it is man-made or creation of mother nature. Hats off to the drone that took this amazing picture. Creative people may look at it as a vortex that leads to another world just like we did. Or maybe this vortex may lead to the world that exists inside the core of Earth? Well, creativity has no limits, right?

Photo Credits:

Adrenaline Rush or Peace?

Where are our fellow adrenaline lovers? We have great news! Waterfall diving is now a thing. Isn’t it great? Some people get terrified just by looking at it. Others can never think about doing it. However, this photo was taken by Di Huanran, a Guinness World Record holder. He gained this reputation as he is an amazing waterfall diver. That is not all! He surprised the world with his skills while doing his work on China’s famous spots like the Yellow River and Heilongjiang province. This photo is a complete package of emotions and feels as if it gives peaceful vibes, as well as the waterfall, which makes us reach the maximum adrenaline levels.

Photo Credits: Rad season

Camels in the Desert

You must be thinking that this is not an original image but a work of animation. However, it is not true. This spectacular image was captured by renowned photographer Abdullah Alnassar. He captured this amazing shot using a Phantom 4 Advanced. This image has no props. The camels were just casually walking in the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. However, we have to appreciate the sun for making such an angle of shadow that the photographer can have the perfect view to capture. What a dramatic mirror effect! It is so beautiful to look at the whole composition. However, the camels you see in this photo are not a part of the caravan but they are free wanderers.

Photo Credits: joins

The Six Flags Theme Park

This is the photo of an abandoned Six Flags theme park located in New Orleans East. The park used to be functional before 2005 when preparations have to be made for Hurricane Katrina. It was supposed to be temporary. Sadly, it was shut down forever. The photo you see here is captured by a drone after only two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. You can see how it was still underwater at that time. No efforts were made to turn them into reality. The Six Flags has been abandoned ever since. That is not all. Its condition is getting worse as time is passing by. If you are an adrenaline lover like us, you should not be wandering around in the ghost town of Six Flags. Why? Because New Orleans Police is always patrolling the Six Flags to catch trespassers.

Photo Credits: gatag

Did You Know About The Boneyard

The whole words know how the US government spends a huge amount of money on its military and military arsenal. However, this equipment is not always functional. So did it ever cross your mind where the military equipment goes once it is no longer used? Well, we are about to tell you. A place called “The Boneyard” is located in Tucson, Arizona that works as a junkyard for all the military equipment. More than 4000 various jets and airplanes are stored in the Boneyard. This junkyard was made at end of the World War II. The Boneyard is the largest storage place for all kinds of airplanes. You must be wondering how these airplanes don’t erode? The United States has a low humidity level. Thus the metal of airplanes doesn’t erode away. This is a perfect place for people looking to preserve their airplanes for a long time.

Photo Credits: 4to40

Cute Hippos Enjoying In Serengeti

The surprising fact about this photo is that it wasn’t taken by any professional photographer. It was Yannick Wavre, a Swiss lawyer who took this photo that won the first prize in 2018’s International Drone Photography Contest. This amazing photo was captured in Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. All these hippos woke up from an afternoon nap and went right into the water to wake themselves up. It is a rare sight because hippos like to go deep into the waters during hot summer days. Wavre captured this photo while he was on his honeymoon in Tanzania. He had a drone to capture memorable moments and we can clearly see that he was successful in doing so. Good job lawyer!

Photo Credits: reddit

Scary Clowns Who Terrified Everyone

Let’s take a quick trip to the year 2016 when many strange things occurred. The most terrifying thing was the scary clowns who were reported to be seen all around the world. People were scared. This photo was taken in the fields of Huntsville, Alabama. It is a clear picture of what was the world scared about. This scary clown came out in the middle of nowhere. Some people think that this is a fake image. However, some consider it original. We are not sure if it is fake or not. However, we are sure that this is a horrifying scene. No one’s happy to look at it. Many people thought that the scary clowns are a part of some global practical joke or promotion of the movie “IT” that was to be released in 2017. As it went global, McDonald’ announced to stop displaying their mascot, Ronald McDonald.

Photo Credits: Icepop

Mir Mine in Siberia

This is Mir Mine, one of the most precious places on Earth. You must be wondering why it is so important? It is because it was the first and biggest diamond mine built in the world. For the first time, the excavations occurred in 1955 when this area was under the authority of the Soviet Union. It is functional since then. After the war, the most precious asset of the Soviet Union was this mine as it helped them make a huge profit.

Photo Credits: bright-story

Pegasus Airline Flight 8622

This is the picture of Pegasus Airline Flight 8622 located in Trabzon. This plane was used for domestic flights from Ankara to Trabzon and vice-versa. However, once this lane was landing in the city of Trabzon when it missed the runway. Luckily, it stopped before hitting the Black Sea. The investigation team revealed that the engine malfunction caused this accident. One engine of Pegasus Airline Flight 8622 tear down and went straight into the Black Sea. It was a miracle that none of the 168 passengers on the flight were hurt.

Photo Credits: ntdtv

The Lotus Temple

This beautiful Lotus Temple is situated in New Delhi, India. The Lotus Temple is in the center of the Baha’i faith. Amos Chapple-Rex, a professional photographer captured this shot on his drone. We appreciate him for capturing a beautiful shot of this Lotus Temple. Do you know why it is called Lotus Temple? Because it looks like a blooming lotus surrounded by nine pools and several gardens. It is a breathtaking view. It was built by Furiburz Sabha, an Iranian-American architect. Moreover, it is one of the famous tourist spots in New Delhi. We were amazed to know that it took 10 years to build this masterpiece.

Photo Credits: pictures dot news

Let’s Swim In Circles

People like me love to watch abandoned and mysterious places in the world. This picture captured by a drone is something that no one has imagined seeing. It is a perfect representation of how the world functions in a hierarchy. Be it marine organisms or human beings. This is an amazing view. A shark is surrounded by millions of fishes around it. These fishes are not bothering him. How can they? You can see clearly how these fishes are keeping a distance from the shark. Just in case, you know? What a great shot!

Photo Credits: bartarinha

Ever Thought of Whales

We cannot deny the fact that we all love watching a whale swimming peacefully. You’ll love that too, right? Unfortunately, not everyone can experience the luxury of watching the whales swimming so close. However, someone got lucky on their vacation in Mexico. These people were onboard a simple boat when a whale out of nowhere came to see them. They were able to touch the whale because it was so close. Surprisingly, the whale let people touch him. We are so grateful for this drone that it captured such a beautiful picture. These people onboard have proof online that they touched a whale.

Photo Credits: xinhua net

Fishing With The Talons

We never have seen a better representation of the perfect timing. This drone caught an eagle at maximum speed who was catching his prey, a fish. What an amazing photographer who captured this exceptional shot. We can see why eagles enjoy the title of being the most powerful birds in the world. You can clearly see the detailed talons and wings of a magnificent eagle. What a shot!

Photo Credits: Unsplash

The Secret

You won’t believe what this particular drone did there. On top of a Savannah, Georgia church, this drone has discovered a secret platform. However, we can see that the drone wasn’t the first one to discover it. We are not sure about what these two are doing right there and we hope they are here for good! We all can agree that drones help to see every inch of architecture like this one because it wasn’t possible from any other angle.

Photo Credits: ny daily news

The Vanuatu Volcano

This is a mind-blowing shot captured by a drone. Doesn’t it look like straight out of movies? However, we find it hard to label this shot as amazing or insane. We suppose it is a scientist who is conducting an experiment by standing on the edge. Looks like he took “living on the edge” too seriously. Furthermore, the sources told us that the high temperature of drones destroyed them. Last but not least, we should appreciate these brave scientists. We are gladly moving towards better and easier life due to their efforts and research. We wish them years of happiness, intelligence, and creativity.

Photo Credits: diariocorreo

The Best Wedding Photo Award Goes to

We cannot deny the fact that this is one of the best wedding photographs we have seen. Thanks to the drone for capturing this precious moment. We cannot get over this shot. Also, we want to appreciate the photographers for capturing such a beautiful picture. They made the best decision of not getting married on top of a skyscraper. The drone wouldn’t be able to capture this beautiful shot from such height. Thus, we all know that sky is the limit. We know the astronauts won’t agree with us and they are not here, right?

Photo Credits: 360doc