You Should Try These Ten Crazy and Fun Things Before You Die

Published on August 19, 2022

You must have heard of an ancient saying, “All humans die, but some never begin to live.” This saying is for people who never get out of their comfort zones. They just stick to a secure place they find where they spend the rest of their lives. But there is no fun in a life like this. People should get out of their comfort zones and try new and amazing things to help them find happiness. I think everyone must live a life full of adventures so one day you can tell your grandchildren how to live a life full of fun and crazy experiences.

So if you are a person who never had the chance to go, have fun. This is your sign to make your life full of crazy experiences and adventures. Take a trip, go bungee jumping, make a bucket list, and just start your journey to complete it. To help you make your bucket list, we have made a list of 10 crazy and fun things for you to try. You don’t have to include all these places or things on your bucket list. Just add the ones that suit your taste. Make your list, pack your bags, and get ready to have some crazy and fun experiences!

CN Tower Walk

Photo Credits: CN Tower

Do you have Acrophobia (fear of heights)? Do you want to overcome this fear? In a fun and crazy way? Then you should walk on the edge of the CN Tower in Canada. CN tower is the tallest building in the whole of Toronto. Specialists specifically designed it to help people overcome the fear of heights in a fun and thrilling way. Don’t worry, you’ll not fall down. The security team on CN tower will strap you up so you can walk easily around the edge of the building. You can also try out and visit many places in Toronto because it’s a low-cost city. You can enjoy beautiful places in Toronto after getting rid of Acrophobia.

Deep Blue Sea Time

Photo Credits: The Guardian

Earth has a frontier that we call an ocean. Many mysteries reside in the depths of oceans that are still unknown. Many explorations are made in the depths of Earth’s waters, but many remain untouched by human beings. However, we know that sharks rule the sea. They are giant predators that still haunt the survivors. Maybe that’s what makes human beings curious. They are spending a lot of money to get into a shark cage just to get a closer look at these terrifying predators. These cages are secure. Sharks can never get ahead of them, but we can bet that your heart will go pounding when you see a magnificent shark, even if you are perfectly secure in a cage.

Quit Your Job

Photo Credits: iStock

If you want to change your life and make it fun. You have to make some hard choices. But believe me when I say these hard choices are going to be worth it! Getting out of one’s comfort zone is not easy. But once you do, you’ll see how it was one of your best decisions. You’ll be able to find your true self when you make these decisions. Many people find a job and then spend the rest of their lives doing it. They don’t even realize that this decision is making them miserable. People should get a job for a living. But don’t forget that you owe to yourself to live a life full of fun. You should give a shot to different things to know yourself and where your heart finds its home.

Go inside the Gruselkabinett in Berlin, Germany

Photo Credits: ViaTravelers

Are you obsessed with haunted houses like me? Then you should add Gruselkabinett to your bucket list for sure. This is the only World War II air raid shelter open to the public. You can still see the era’s trappings on this building in Berlin, Germany. However, it turned into one of the scariest haunted houses on Earth. This building consists of three floors. All floors have a different tale to tell.

Wander in the Sewers of Paris

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Paris Sewer Museum is located in Paris, France. The underground sewers are connected throughout the whole of Paris. It gives the vibes of 19th-century Paris that you have never seen before. This is like looking into the history of Paris, giving a unique look. The inner kid in you would be filled with joy looking at this wonder. However, it feels a little weird, but this is what makes it on the bucket list of many people around the world. Many people who visit Paris have the Paris Sewer Museum on their list. If you decide to visit it, go for a shower and fine dining experiences in the streets of Paris afterward.

Don’t go to Movies. Act in Movies

Photo Credits: Stage Milk

You should get in front of the camera whenever you get a chance in life. Give your best performance whenever you are in front of the camera. Even if it’s only college film students who are looking for actors. This is the best way to get into the media field. Who knows if your heart finds its home there? What if you have a hidden talent for acting on screen? If none is the case, you can have a fun time performing in front of the camera and make yourself feel young. You’ll always have a cool memory to show your children or grandchildren.

A Digital Traveler 

Photo Credits: Inc. Magazine

Are you crazy about traveling like me? Are you a person who loves to explore different cultures around the world? Then pack your bags, buy tickets and go anywhere you want to in the world. Take your laptop with you and give it a shot working from a different country. In the new era of entrepreneurs, digital travelers are becoming the next big sensation. Digital traveling is about having fun and working whenever you have free time. I know it’s a huge shift in life, but there is only one life to live. Give it a try, even just for one Summer. Who knows, this is what you have been looking for all your life.

Top 100 IMDB Movies 

Photo Credits: Seventeen Magazine

Movies are amazing means of entertainment for daily life. It feels good to watch a movie after a long working day. It is one of the most amazing feeling when you are immersed in a movie, feeling every bit of it. Movies are so intense that they can make you feel love, laugh, and cry at the same time. So if you are a movie lover, this is your sign to watch all top 100 IMBD movies. Just write them all in the notes on your phone or a piece of paper and tick one when you watch it. These movies are from different genres, including horror, fantasy, rom-com, classics, drama, and foreign language films. You will be missing so much if you don’t watch them.

Go To The Island of Dolls

Photo Credits: Atlas Obscura

Are you a fan of macabre? Do you love visiting places full of folklore and history? Then you should see Islas de Las Munecas, located south of Mexico City. Don Julian Santana used to live on this island to hide from the people of the society. It was because he had a drinking problem, which was unacceptable to society. Julian told people that he saw visions of dead children in the woods of this island. So Julian started to buy damaged old dolls and used to hang them up in the trees. Thanks to him, the island is filled with thousands of scary dolls. Afterward, this island became a big tourist attraction for horror lovers.

The Meteor Shower

Photo Credits: CBS News

The meteor shower is one of the most phenomenal things you’ll ever witness on this planet. It’s a natural phenomenon that has the power to touch your soul. You’ll be in awe when you see it. However, these meteors are bright flaming rocks that we see in the sky. You’ll have enough time to plan to go for a meteor shower because, luckily, scientists are able to forecast them. They can tell when are where these meteor showers are going to occur. The best way is to go camping and look up at the sky. Speaking from personal experience, this is the view you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

If you have read this article, pack your bags and give yourself a break. This can be your breakthrough in life! Who knows who might find what you have been looking for? Isn’t it best when you find something you love to do for a living?