You Will Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard Again

Published on July 15, 2022

You and your partner may be going to a road trip or just a grocery shopping. You are sitting in the passenger seat. The most comfortable position for you will be your feet on the dashboard and lower on the seat. No matter how much comfortable this position is it is really dangerous for you.

You’ll never want to do that again and here’s why

Putting your feet on dashboard can be of serious damage in case you meet an accident. There are three reasons why you should never do that!

Airbag Pressure

When a car meets an accident, the airbag deploys at high pressure and high speed. Airbags are made for the purpose of safety. They cushion your head and body to save you from any injuries. You might be thinking how can a safety device can be dangerous. Airbags works perfectly when you are sitting in the right posture.

What happens?

But if your legs are resting at dashboard, the airbag makes your legs throw back at the passenger at full speed causing a traumatic injury. The leg can dislocate or even  break due to this. But that’s just not it. The injury to the leg can cause damage to pelvis connected with it, leading to the damage of spine, face, jaw and forehead.

If the passenger is in motion during an accident, the leg may not be pushed back. But headed straight to the windshield. The injuries can occur during the accident even if the person is in right posture. So if a person is not sitting in a right posture, just imagine the injuries that can occur.

Rollover Accident

During a rollover accident, if your feet are resting on the dashboard, the airbag won’t be able to save your knees and chest. It can cause serious injuries.

The Seat Belt

Seat belts are designed to keep a person save during accident. But only if the person is sitting in the right position. So if you are sitting with your feet on the dash board, the seat belt won’t be able to save you.

A Real Life Example

A woman named Audra Tatum had this bad habit of always putting her feet on dashboard. Even if she just goes to a supermarket with her family. Her husband always warned her that she might break her legs someday if they ever meet an accident. But she always ignored him. One day, unfortunately Audra and her husband met an accident when she was sitting with her feet on the dashboard. After this accident, Audra’s arm, nose, ankle and femur were broken. She was unable to walk for months. She is still recovering from her other injuries. However, her husband only had few scratches and some bruises.

This is the example you should pay attention to if you are habitual of putting your feet on dashboard.

What to do if you are habitual of doing it?

  • Remind yourself of the example of Audra Tatum
  • Ask your partner or any family member to remind you to keep your feet to the floor whenever you put them up on the dash board.
  • Keep yourself busy such as reading a book or talking to someone.
  • If you are on a long trip, go to the back seat and stretch your legs there for some time. after that you can come back to the passenger seat.

The vehicles today have progressed. Engineers are doing everything to keep us safe. But  they cannot guarantee and prepare for every worst case scenario. It’s up to us to take care of ourselves. So next time when you sit in the car, get tired, want to place your feet on dashboard, just ask yourself. Do you want to risk your life for such temporary relaxation? What if an accident occurs?