You Won’t Believe What A Fortune This Man Made By Saving Pennies….

Published on August 22, 2022

Customer who caught everyone’s attention

He came into the bank with a dolly rolling around him. Everyone looked at him at once because of the squeaky sound it made. The woman at the bank counter was also shocked. She asked about the amount he had. This man has been saving pennies he found on the road for over 45 years. However, he didn’t know that he would keep himself a huge amount of money this way.

Otha Anders

Photo Credits: USA Today

Otha Anders was one of the supervisors of the Jackson School Board. He is a 73 years old man. He used to supervise the students suspended from the school. Children loved him. Anders had a loving family. His wife and children were the sources of his emotional support. However, He had a weird hobby.


Anders started the hobby of collecting pennies. Later, this hobby turned into an obsession. He preferred to break dollars rather than spend pennies on purchasing things.

Anders considered these pennies as a special reminder from God. These pennies remind him to be always grateful to God. 

Make A Wish

Many people tend to make wishes on pennies. However, this was not the case for Anders. He used to say prayers on the pennies. Anders said that his faith has increased over the years with the help of these pennies. These pennies helped him to remember to be grateful to God.

A Unique Habit

Anders didn’t know that he’d continue collecting pennies for 45 years. However, as his obsession grew over time, so as the number of pennies. He stopped utilizing the pennies because he thought of them as a sign of a gift from God.

A New Normal

He developed a weird habit of carrying four to five pennies whenever he used to buy something. But the amount he saved is shocking.


Ander’s students get to know his obsession and want to help him. But Ander had some rules. He never took a single penny even from his family until and unless he didn’t give something to them in return. So, did he pay for the pennies?

Too Difficult to Keep A Record

Anders has kept collecting pennies for 45 years. Now fifteen-gallon plastic water jugs were full of these pennies. Furthermore, it was impossible to keep a record of all the pennies. Anders made a joke that he must have collected up to thousands. But he didn’t know what was ahead of him.

Life has other plans.

Ander never thought he’d have to give up his collection of pennies away, but life had other plans. He had to cover his house insurance. However, his collection of pennies wasn’t included in the home insurance. So he had no choice but to convert his most valuable possessions into dollars. Anders had no idea how much wealth he had collected for himself.

Time is a Most Valuable thing.

According to an old proverb, time is the most valuable thing. This mainly applies to certain forms of coins.

Even though the value of coins created from precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, palladium, and copper varies over time, they often rise in value. Coins with errors fall under this category as well. Not all coins, though.

What happened to Anders’ coins then? Even though Anders did not have the benefit of time, he did have plenty. There might be a coin among the hundreds of thousands with an error that raised its value.

Help is all he needs

Photo Credits: ABC News

Anders decided to take his collection of pennies to Ruston Origina Bank, Ruston, La. But he was unable to do it on his own. So he asked for help. His friends readily came to his help. He was able to transfer fifteen-gallon plastic water jugs full of pennies from a truck to the bank. This was not an easy task. Each can was really heavy. 

They Don’t Look Happy

Anders entered the bank, rolling down his dolly full of pennies. Everyone at the bank paused their work and started looking at him. They were all confused and shocked. Anders thought they’d throw him out of the bank because they gave him strange looks. However, he went to the front desk and asked the lady to convert these pennies into cash. Did she ask how many?

About A Million Pennies

Anders said he is not sure, but it’s around half a million. The lady was surprised when she heard it and started laughing. Then she called the manager. The manager came and started smiling at Anders because he suddenly recognized Anders. He is a loyal customer of the bank who never caused any problems for them. So the manager agreed to help as much as he could.

 The Counting seems to be never-ending. 

Anders and his friends started to bring in the gallons one by one. Everyone at the bank started to look at them. They were all excited to see how much amount it was. They spent almost five hours counting the pennies. However, they used a coin counting machine.

The Total Amount Was

To Anders, his pennies were his most valuable possession. It turned out to be true. The total amount of pennies is worth an excellent $5,136.14!

If you are trying to do the math, it’s about $114.4 a year. Ander’s faith and obsession brought him incredible wealth.

Time to Enjoy the Collection

Anders used the money well. He had a recent dental bill to pay that wasn’t a problem anymore. Afterward, he had enough money to enjoy a family trip. He also made some donations to the church.

The Faith He Had

Anders wasn’t greedy. He collected pennies because he used to see them as a sign of faith he has in God. This reminder for Anders is also a reminder for us that the little things in life are important. Who knows, saving a single penny a day can turn into $5k someday.


Anders’s patience and consistency reaped the fruits. There’s a saying that nature has its own way of working mysteriously. This story of Otha Anders is a clear example of this saying!