You’ll Never Want To Keep Your Valuables In Hotel’s Safe Again

Published on July 16, 2022

The difficult task while travelling is to keep your valuables safe. We need a safe spot for our valuables such as Phone, laptop, money and passport. All we want is to reach the hotel and put all of our valuables in the hotel safe. however, the hotel safe is not secure!

Here’s why

These hotel safes can be opened without using the combination you set for it. Thus, it is easier for theft. That is why you need to take precautions to keep your valuables in a hotel safe as secure.

Why hotel safe is not secure?

  1. Every hotel has a code for opening all of the safes present in a hotel. This is for the reason that if a guest forgets his/her code for safe. He/she won’t be able to open it. this shows us that no hotel safe is 100 percent secure.
  2. Every hotel has a reset administration combination that can even reset the combination you have set for it. this admin password is usually very simple. Such as tetra 0 or 9. If this admin combination is entered in your safe. It can be easily opened.
  3. The safes have brand’s name plates on it. these name plates come out with the help of a screwdriver. The screw comes out in like two minutes. It will be easier to open the safe then. Thus these safes are not secure.
  4. The safes have reset button. That is why they are installed in our closets so that no one can reach to the reset button. But safes are placed on shelves in a hotel room. It is easy to reset these safes. The thieves won’t have to do any struggle to open these safes. They will just press the reset button and your combination will be reset.

What are the Alternatives that can be used?

Hotel safes are not safe. But you have many other options that will help you to keep your valuables safe. these options will keep your things protected.

  • Lock your stuff in hotel’s main safe. Keep the key with yourself. Also take back the receipt that enlist your valuables too. keep it with you. Do not leave it.
  • You can bring a code briefcase with you to keep your valuable things. You will be able to keep your laptop in it too.
  • There are portable travel safes available in market. You can take this safe anywhere. Even if you are eating out in a restaurant. You have a day planned for activities. You can keep your valuables with you.

Don’t rely on the hotel’s in room safe. use the other methods as they provide better security for your precious things. They will keep you free of worrying about your things. The best tip is to keep only important valuables with you when you are travelling. Don’t take unnecessary things with you.